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  • DIY
    Essential Supplies for Photo and Video Gear Hacking Essential hacking thumbnail
    Gear hacking and quick fixes are an essential skill for photographers and videographers. In this article, we cover basic and not-so-basic equipment for the resourceful hackerRead More…
  • Promotion
    Get a Free Year of Learning With Your Hosting Plan400x277 v2
    Take out a hosting plan with InMotion from 20 October to 31 October and you'll get a free yearly subscription to Tuts+.Read More…
  • Documentary
    How To Find and Choose a Documentary SubjectFinding doc subjects target preview
    Skillful editing can make any documentary video better, but starting out with a great subject is what elevates a good video to a memorable, meaningful story. How do you find a willing participant locally or even thousands of miles away? What qualities do you look for? How do you contact them?Read More…
  • Portrait
    What We Expect to See: When to Crop Limbs in a PortraitCropping
    Deciding where to crop a portrait can be a challenge. This quick tip explains how we see and how those principles can help us make good cropping decisions.Read More…
  • Equipment Selection
    Inside the Camera Bag: Wedding and Commercial Photography Kit Ben lucas gear bag preview
    In this video tutorial we take a look in my commercial and wedding photography gear bag and examine the reasons why I have each piece of equipmentRead More…
  • Scanner
    Scanography: Cameraless Pictures With Your ScannerPreview
    Scanner art, or scanography, is a fun and ethereal method of creating photograph-like art with your scanner. Read More…
  • Workflow
    Lightroom Workflow: Data Setup & Import EssentialsData setup thumb
    We continue our Adobe Lightroom workflow series with a complete look at how to setup your data and import images.Read More…
  • Retouching
    3 Techniques for Retouching SkinPerfectskin previewimage
    Beautiful skin is a sign of excellence in portrait photography. Makeup and good lighting are the foundation for beautiful skin, but retouching is the polish. In this tutorial, you'll learn three Adobe Photoshop techniques for achieving beautiful skin that retains its natural qualities. We'll also teach you which technique is best in different situations, and give two quick tips to put a final finish on retouched skin.Read More…
  • Night Photography
    Film vs. Digital Cameras for Night Photography Seascape at night thumbnail
    Photographers have traditionally relied on film for image acquisition, but all that has changed with the advent of digital imaging technology. So does film still have a place for the modern photographer in today's brave new world of binary realms and digital frontiers? Read More…
  • Photo Albums
    Fast, Fun, Professional Album Design With SmartAlbumsAlbums thumbnail
    For many photographers album design was a tedious drudgery that would take hours and even days to complete with cumbersome tools. This tutorial show how to use SmartAlbums to make album design fun and fast. Read More…
  • Event Photography
    10 Tips on How to Photograph a Business ConferenceBusiness conference thumb
    The sound of working a business conference may not fill you with excitement, but if you do it well, they can become a solid line of work and you may even learn a thing or twoRead More…
  • Video
    5 Essential Projects To Get You Started as a Weekend FilmmakerWeekend film maker thumbnail
    You've heard the advice many times: forget the excuses, just go out and shoot! It's the only way to learn! Sounds great! But what to shoot? Many filmmakers default to narrative or fiction short films, but there are many, many barriers to making a decent short narrative film, such as scripts, actors, locations, crew.... it's way more complicated than just "go shoot."Read More…
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  • Weekend filmmaker

    "Stop making excuses, just go out and shoot!" That's the mantra of countless teachers, well-wishers, and more-experienced filmmakers, but is it good advice? What does it actually take to become a filmmaker?

    You have a camera that records video, you have some free time, and you want to teach yourself how to shoot like a pro. This series will show you how to really get started, highlight common pitfalls to watch out for, and suggest some great film making opportunities to explore this weekend.

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  • Macro series thumb

    Back in the days of film cameras, macro (or micro) photography referred to an image magnification that was 1:1 or greater in relation to the 35mm film frame. Today, most of compact cameras, bridge cameras and DSLRs (entry level to intermediate) have a macro mode.

    Macro photography is a set of techniques that let you focus a little bit closer than usual. Close-up and macro photography is achievable in many ways, even without a dedicated macro lens. In this series of tutorials and articles we explore some of the most popular macro-photography lenses and methods for close-up photography.

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  • Travel photography series

    The prospect of travelling with heavy and valuable photography equipment can be daunting, but the rewards of photographing while you travel are just too much to resist. In this series we explore how to travel smartly and safely, and how to get the most when you're on the road, whether it's for work or for play.

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