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  • Documentary Photography
    Photographing the Local: How to See the Spirit of a Place and Show It in a Photo EssayPreview%20image
    How to see the spirit of a place and accept it's influence on what you photograph, where you photograph, and how you photograph.Read More…
  • Product Photography
    Photograph on a Purely White BackgroundCreating a white background final image preview
    Photographing your product on a purely white background enables you to create great catalogs and submit your product to magazines for a feature. This technique demonstrates how you can create a light-box for photographing objects on top of an illuminated surface, which makes the objects appear to be floating weightlessly in a white space.Read More…
  • Sharpening
    Selective Sharpening Using High Pass in Adobe PhotoshopHigh pass sharpening preview
    Most digital images need sharpening; however, the amount of sharpening needed varies image to image and even area to area within an image. This tutorial explains why sharpening is needed and how to selectively apply sharpening exactly where it is needed using a high pass sharpening layer with a mask.Read More…
  • Equipment Selection
    The Photographer's Go Bag: Building Your Everyday, Everywhere Camera KitTinybag
    Make sure you're always prepared by keeping some gear ready to go. Advice on bags, lenses, flashes, filters, and various other things you should make sure to have handy.Read More…
  • Retouching
    3 (and a Half) Uses for Content Aware in Adobe PhotoshopAdobe photoshop content aware
    Since CS5, Adobe Photoshop has included a tool called Content Aware. It’s been described as magical and a life-saver but what exactly is it and how can we best use it? In this tutorial I’ll take you through three (and a half) of the most advantageous uses of this revolutionary tool.Read More…
  • Adobe Lightroom
    How to Add Adobe Lightroom Mobile's Superpowers to Your Post-Production Workflow Lr mobile preview
    Disconnect from your desk and integrate Adobe's Lightroom Mobile in your workflow away from home.Read More…
  • Night Photography
    How To Make a Light and Portable Battery for Night PhotographyImpactpreview
    Advanced night photography requires a combination of specialised equipment, strategic planning and a little luck. To really push the envelope you will need lots of power—not just for your cameras but also for a host of other devices—and this means modifying or building some of these components yourself. While this may seem a daunting task, help is at hand. This article guides you through the process of making these specialised parts and informs you about some of the gear you need to invest in to take your photography to the next level.Read More…
  • Blog
    Envato in 2014Unipen
    Tuts+'s parent company Envato just put together a roundup of what happened in 2014, and here are some of the highlights. Read More…
  • Business
    6 Practical Ways to Boost Your Photography Business This YearBen lucas boost your business preview
    Any one, small change could end up having a significant positive impact on your business. What one thing are you going to do boost your business this year?Read More…
  • News
    Tuts+ Survey Prize WinnersTuts 2014 survey
    We've made our way through all of your fantastic responses and we're ready to announce the 2014 Survey Prize Winners!Read More…
  • Video
    New Course: Creating Custom Music Cues for VideoMusiccues
    In video production, the process of selecting music for projects can be tedious and time consuming. You have to sift through thousands of generic tracks to find something uniquely suited to your project that hasn't been used in thousands of other projects. Sometimes, however, it can be just as fast to create a simple track that is 100% yours. This course will teach you to create simple, effective cues in a short amount of time.Read More…
  • Weddings
    Stealth Mode: How to Take Wedding Pictures Like a Reportage PhotographerCover 1
    To get the best reportage-style wedding photographs, you need to blend in and work unobtrusively. For the reportage wedding photographer, being told that the couple felt like they barely saw you all day is the perfect compliment. In this article we’ll work through some strategies and tactics for working unobtrusively at a wedding while still making great pictures.Read More…
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  • Wedding photography

    Wedding photography is an exciting and diverse photographic niché. Photographing weddings is also a great way to get started in professional photography. There's nothing like photographing weddings to sharpen your skills. In this series, we explore how to get prepared for the big day, cover all your bases, and even work in a little fun and creativity along the way.

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  • Compositing image manipulation

    This series explores the limits and potentials of image manipulation and compositing.

    Image manipulation is, and always has been, a part of the photographic process. The difference between the way the camera records an image and the way we see the world means that some image correction and manipulation is a normal part of creating a convincing photograph.

    There are many kinds of image manipulation, from subtle and benign, to beautiful and incredible, to the downright deceitful. In this series, you'll learn how to use compositing and manipulation techniques to enhance your vision and unlock new creative potentials in your post-production process.

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  • Democratic camera thumb

    The photographer David Hurn said that the practice of photography comes down to two fundamental decisions: "where do you stand, and when do you press the shutter?" Where you stand is, by far, the more interesting question. 

    This series will help understand where you are standing in regards to your subject, why to move, when, and how. It is about physical decisions, creative identity, and interacting with the world with a photographic eye. It is about how to do photography with a sense of purpose, play, and engagement with the world.

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