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    How to Translate Tuts+ TutorialsPreview
    We recently pushed out some big changes to the Tuts+ Translation Project, making the process easier and quicker for everyone involved. Read on to find out how you can take part and exactly how the new translation tools work!Read More…
  • Adobe Lightroom
    How to Create High Dynamic Range and Panoramic Images in Adobe LightroomPhoto merge preview image
    Adobe adds two long-awaited features to Lightroom in the form of HDR and panorama merging.Read More…
  • Video
    New Course: The Instructional VideoInstructionalvideo small
    As companies work to build brand loyalty, product awareness, and cut down on support calls, instructional videos are becoming very popular. With the right personality, instructional videos can become entertainment! In this course, you will learn how to put a high quality, multi-camera instructional video.Read More…
  • Noise Reduction
    How to Use Imagenomic Noiseware for Next-Level Noise Reduction on PhotosPreview
    This tutorial looks at the effectiveness of noise suppression software tool, Noiseware; specifically the Photoshop Plugin version.Read More…
  • Photography
    Octavia Lamb, Picture Editor: Be a Champion for Great Images and PhotographersBook%20cover%20with%20vd%20photo
    Continuing our series of conversations with creative professionals who engage with photography, we speak with picture editor Octavia Lamb about finding imagery to suit the purposes of her clients, from book publishers to new web projects.Read More…
  • Promotion
    Get a Free Year on Tuts+400x277
    Purchase a hosting plan from Siteground this month and get a bonus free year of learning on Tuts+.Read More…
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    Have a Photo or Video Question?Experts
    Meet the Tuts+ Experts in Photo & Video. They're ready to answer all your questions with a one-to-one training session.Read More…
  • Product Photography
    How to Get Started with Collections Photography for Fun and ProfitPtuts collections thumb ja
    Extending photography to the things you love is a great way to find more subjects to photograph. Maybe you have a collection, be it stamps or sea shells that you love and want to share with friends. Photography opens new ways to do it. And maybe, somewhere along the road, find a way to earn some money.Read More…
  • Adobe Slate
    How to Publish Slick and Stylized Visual Stories in Minutes with Adobe SlateSlate preview
    In this tutorial, you'll learn how to publish visual stories directly from your iPad using Adobe's brand new Slate app.Read More…
  • Photoshop Actions
    How to Speed Up Your Adobe Photoshop Workflow With Custom Built ActionsCustom photoshop action
    Actions are a great way to speed up your Photoshop workflow. If you rely on other people's actions you'll get mixed results, however, if you build your own you'll have total control. In this tutorial I show you how.Read More…
  • Photobooks
    How to Create an On-Demand Photo Book in Adobe LightroomCreating an on demand photo book in adobe lightroom cover layout final preview
    Creating your own photo book has never been more convenient thanks to the rise of on-demand book printers. Now anyone can create, share, and even sell their photo book. This tutorial will walk you through the step-by-step process of creating a custom photobook.Read More…
  • Smart Objects
    How to Create Flexible, Updatable Composite Images using Smart Objects in Adobe PhotoshopBen lucas job hunters preview
    Watch a real world example of how you can make major changes to a composite with minimal effort using Smart Objects.Read More…
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  • Making it happen

    In our article for International Women’s Day we looked at the contributions women have made to photography and how they’ve shaped photography for their own goals. Inspired by the women we profiled, we're continuing with the 2015 theme for International Women’s Day and, over the year, will profile women who are currently “making it happen” in photography and video.

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  • Street photography guide

    Street photographers use the general public and public spaces as their subject matter. Street photography is closely tied to the spontaneous and unpredictable. It requires more improvisation and intuition to execute than many other types of photography.

    This series will to help you decide who you are as a street photographer, what you want, and how you plan to get it. How you handle yourself on the street, your methodologies for taking photographs, and your motives for being there are unique. We encourage you to experiment with a variety of approaches, equipment, and settings until you find what works best for you.

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  • Digital asset managment everyone

    The great thing about digital photography is you can take lots of photographs without worrying about costs. The challenging thing about digital photography is you can take lots of photographs. Instead of boxes, filing cabinets, and binders spilling a chaos of negatives and prints, we have computers, memory cards, and external hard drives packed full of image bits and bytes.

    Organization and sanity are possible. This series will guide you in building and using a powerful system to manage your digital chaos.

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