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  • Guide to camera raw

    When the Adobe Camera Raw plugin was released back in February of 2003, it instantly became a must-have tool for photographers. Since then, the plugin has been frequently updated to support more cameras and more features. Adobe Camera Raw is available as part of Photoshop CC and is built upon the same powerful raw processing technology as Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. In this series, we will explain everything you need to know about working with Adobe Camera Raw.

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  • Composite preview

    From the incredible imaginations of sci-fi movie directors to the impactful stills of photographers like Joel Grimes, composite imaging is used for making the impossible look plausible. In most implementations, it has a look, a captivating, ethereally futuristic, effortlessly cool look. Most of this is down to the use of HDR backgrounds and atmospheric effects. But what about capturing the image to begin with? For that, we need two (or more) plates.

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  • Viewfinder autofocuspresm

    Autofocus is easily one of the most useful advances in modern photography. In the majority of current camera systems, not having autofocus is nearly inconceivable. Learning to control this technology is a crucial skill for any photographer.

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  • Sharppreview

    Sharpening photos seems to be one of those subjects which has no real agreed-upon standards. It’s mostly a personal thing, depending upon one’s abilities, tastes and equipment. Some people either don’t know how or just use their processing software’s built-in “sharpen” function, others have complete multi-stage workflows for various display sizes and uses.

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