• Plugins
    Plug-ins Add New Features to LightroomLr plugin preview
    Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is an amazing piece of software that can be made even more powerful by adding third-party plug-ins. In this quick tip I introduce plug-ins and show how they can be added to Lightroom.Read More…
  • Audio Production
    Studio Headphones for Recording Live SoundPreview
    Many people concentrate on getting the visuals right when filming and forget that audio is just as important. A good pair of studio headphones can make the movie, or let it down. In this quick tip I’ll explain what studio headphones are and why we use them.Read More…
  • Macro
    Focus Stacking for Extended Depth of FieldPreview image
    Using focus stacking to overcome shallow depth of field in close up photographyRead More…
  • Portrait
    6 Creative Ways to Shoot Portraits in a Tunnel6 ways tunnel
    Tunnels are great landscape features with a lot of photographic potential. In this tutorial, you'll learn different ways to take advantage of this setting for your next portrait shoot.Read More…
  • Photo Editing
    Shooting Stars: Rating and Filtering Pictures in LightroomPreview stars
    Lightroom's power to organize your image collection grows with each bit of data you add to the images. In this tutorial, you'll learn creative ways to apply the stars system to rate and rank your images.Read More…
  • White Balance
    Hot Pictures: Better White Balance With the Kelvin SystemAnvil
    Photographers know "Kelvin" as the system of arbitrary numbers we change in camera to correct our white balance. In this article, you'll find out what it all means and how to use it for better photos.Read More…
  • Nature
    Todd Amacker: Go Exploring in Your Own BackyardZebra thumbnail
    Todd Amacker is a conservation photographer and member of the Meet Your Neighbours project. Birds, people, fish and small creatures are some of the interests of this photographer. He uses a small kit of lenses and has a huge fascination for the biodiversity around us.Read More…
  • Portrait
    Shooting Portraits in Bright SunlightEd400px
    Warm summer days, deep blue skies, the sun's blinding rays pounding down like a blazing hot hammer on an anvil. Without help, the light in the middle of the day is simply not flattering for shooting most subjects: it creates dark pockets of shadows in the eye sockets and the light can be very contrasty and hard to control. In this tutorial we present some practical solutions for shooting portraits in bright sunlight.Read More…
  • Photo Editing
    Unlocking the Power of Lightroom Color LabelsPreview image
    Color labels help you organize your images and tag your images with meaningful labels. Find out how to power up your Lightroom workflow in this tutorial.Read More…
  • Long Exposure
    Time-lapse and Long Exposure Control With Your SmartphoneTriggertrapshotpreview
    The TriggerTrap mobile dongle and app let you use your smartphone to control your camera. With them, you can explore the worlds of long exposure and timelapse photography and expand your creativity.Read More…
  • Macro
    Finding Macro Inspiration at HomePreview
    You don't need to go far to find inspiration for macro photography. Take a closer look at these simple household objects, and turn the everyday into something new. Read More…
  • News
    Tuts+ is Hiring a Copy EditorUnknown
    We're excited to announce that Tuts+ is currently looking for a copy editor to join our team. If you've got a love for language and written word, excellent communication skills, and a passion for teaching, this might be the job for you!Read More…
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  • Guide to camera raw

    When the Adobe Camera Raw plugin was released back in February of 2003, it instantly became a must-have tool for photographers. Since then, the plugin has been frequently updated to support more cameras and more features. Adobe Camera Raw is available as part of Photoshop CC and is built upon the same powerful raw processing technology as Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. In this series, we will explain everything you need to know about working with Adobe Camera Raw.

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  • Composite preview

    From the incredible imaginations of sci-fi movie directors to the impactful stills of photographers like Joel Grimes, composite imaging is used for making the impossible look plausible. In most implementations, it has a look, a captivating, ethereally futuristic, effortlessly cool look. Most of this is down to the use of HDR backgrounds and atmospheric effects. But what about capturing the image to begin with? For that, we need two (or more) plates.

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  • Viewfinder autofocuspresm

    Autofocus is easily one of the most useful advances in modern photography. In the majority of current camera systems, not having autofocus is nearly inconceivable. Learning to control this technology is a crucial skill for any photographer.

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  • Sharppreview

    Sharpening photos seems to be one of those subjects which has no real agreed-upon standards. It’s mostly a personal thing, depending upon one’s abilities, tastes and equipment. Some people either don’t know how or just use their processing software’s built-in “sharpen” function, others have complete multi-stage workflows for various display sizes and uses.

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