• Digital Asset Management
    The Digital Shoebox: Minimum Viable Digital Asset ManagementDigitalshoebox preview
    Digital asset management must become a normal way of doing things, not an exception, for every person who touches a camera or video cam. To make DAM as easy as possible, we’ve created a digital shoebox: the most accessible, least boring, and most minimal DAM system our team could imagine.Read More…
  • Image Making
    Diving In: How To Get Started With Underwater PhotographyPreview2
    Underwater photography is a fun but challenging area of photography. In this tutorial I look at how to get started with it and how to overcome some of the unique issues you will face.Read More…
  • Photography
    New Course on Still Life and Product PhotographyFunstilllifeproductphoto 1
    Photography plays a vital role in selling products in print, video, and on the web. Mastering lighting and the setup is the key to producing great-looking images. In this course you will learn how to create a beautiful product photo from a concept illustration. Read More…
  • Blog
    An Interview With Tuts+ Reader Lucy StanfordLucy preview
    What makes Tuts+ so special is our community. At a meetup of Tuts+ readers and contributors in London, I had the chance to speak to some of our readers about how they used Tuts+ and what it means to them. Here's Lucy Stanford talking about what she's learned from Tuts+, how it's helped her career, and the best and worst parts of running a digital marketing agency.Read More…
  • Music
    Score! How to Use Background Music in Your VideosSoundtrack
    Background score is the music you are using in a film. It's so important, and choosing the right music, when to add it, how to edit it are all very important things to think about. Hopefully this tutorial will help! Read More…
  • Panorama
    Create a Photo Sphere With Your DSLR CameraPhoto sphere dslr preview
    With your own DSLR camera, you can create immersive photo spheres just like the ones you see when using Google Maps’ Street View function. This will allow people to see the world from your perspective as if they were standing in the place where the photo was taken. You can pan left and right and up and down as if you were actually there looking around. With a few easy techniques and tips, you will be on your way to making stunning photo spheres with your own DSLR camera. Read More…
  • Framing
    Visual Expression: The 8 Basic Ways to Frame Shots in Your Videos8 basic frames video
    In filmmaking, framing refers to how you choose to compose a shot for a specific scene. Framing is the essential expressive tool in filmmaking. Framing allows you to emphasize or show emotions, thoughts, sensations and ideas. It is the ingredient that adds weight and feeling to the moment. In this tutorial you'll learn about the eight key ways to frame your shots and how to use them.Read More…
  • Portrait Photography
    No Light, Low Light, No Problem: Environmental Portraiture at NightBen lucas night portrait preview
    Image making at night can be very difficult. If you photograph weddings, news, documentary, or creative portraits, these tips on how to make portraits at night are essential for your toolkit.Read More…
  • RAW Processing
    Creative Cloud Raining On Your Parade? 10 Alternative RAW Image Processors to Try10 raw processors
    If you are looking for an alternative to Adobe’s Creative Cloud for your RAW processing needs, there are a healthy handful of options available for you to select from. It all comes down to your level of experience and individual RAW workflow needs. Read More…
  • Color Theory
    Seeing in Colour: How Our Eyes Sense and Cameras RecordColour part 1 preview 1
    Digital photography has provided us with an opportunity to manipulate colour in a new way, and has also introduced technical variations that impact what we see and reproduce. By understanding how colour works, we can improve the emotional impact of our images and our technical approach for colour accuracy.Read More…
  • Photo Editing
    How to Assess and Edit Your PhotographsDeveloping project marshall 04preview
    Being able to find the best pictures among your outtakes and understand what links them is one of the key skills that distinguishes photographers from people who take pictures. Here are ways you can become a better editor of your own photography, and refine your personal vision as a result.Read More…
  • Creativity
    Stuck in a Creative Rut? 13 Ways to Energise Your Photography PracticePreview
    Sometimes it can feel like you’re stuck in a creative rut and it’s hard to know how to get out of it. We all feel like this from time to time so this article will help you find ways of moving your creative personal development forwards.Read More…
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  • Enviro portraiture

    Environmental portraiture is a the practice of making pictures of people out in the world, in uncontrolled situations. It is a naturalistic, engaging, contextual way of portraying people. In this learning guide you'll learn how to make portraits in a natural environment.

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  • Everything colour

    Photography is the art of light, and light is a composite of colours.

    A deeper understanding of colour and colour management results in better photography. Images will better capture what you perceived and felt when you took the photograph, and your ability to use colour to your advantage will improve the emotional impact of, and interest in, the photograph.

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  • Pv open assignments

    Open Assignments are learning exercises inspired by our courses

    There's a bit of a chicken-and-egg scenario with creative work: in order to get work (or better work) you have to prove that you are reliable. To prove you are reliable you have to have made creative work. These assignments will help you build up that critical photography and video experience. 

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