100 Fantastic Photos of Reptiles and Amphibians


Today's photo collection is a tribute to all things scaly, slimy, or perhaps even both. We have gathered one hundred impeccable examples of reptile and amphibian photography. Whether these creatures are swimming in ponds or slithering underfoot, numerous talented photographers have found them to be the perfect subjects for many beautiful compositions.

As you enjoy each of the following eye-catching photos, make sure that you also take note of a few quick tips that will help you as you endeavor to photograph any reptiles and amphibians that may cross your path.

Tips for Shooting Reptiles and Amphibians

The photos in this post are some of my favorite from any collection that we've done. Some are funny, others are frightening, all are simply amazing to look at. These creatures are so fascinating that I can almost guarantee that you'll want to consider taking some similar shots after seeing them. Here are a few quick tips for accomplishing that goal.

Location, Location, Location

Obviously, the first thing you'll need to get right is just where to go to find these guys. You might be tempted to think that you live in the wrong type of area, but you're likely mistaken. Reptiles and amphibians can be found all over the world in a number of different climates. Whether you're in the arid desert or fertile farmland, you're likely to find all types of amazing creatures right in your area.

Run a quick Google search for the types of reptiles and amphibians most commonly found in your area. This information is typically very easy to find, usually along with some suggestions for the best places to spot each type.

Look for a Human Element


One of the craziest things that I notice about the images below is how human some of them seem in their actions or poses. Check out how the frog above covers his face with his hands (in either vanity or terror depending on who you ask).

The advice here is that if you're shooting a series of images and need to choose a favorite, the photo that will get the most attention is the one with the greatest sense of anthropomorphism. We simply can't help admiring our own characteristics in other species!

Look Close


Another popular trend that I see in the images below is to tightly crop on unexpected but remarkably interesting portions of your subject. Reptiles specifically have an insane amount of detail and texture almost everywhere you look and it's fascinating to see that up close.

The close-up above looks like nothing less than the scaly hide of a terrifying dragon. Check out those spikes!

Watch Your Focus


Though some are massive, the type of reptiles and amphibians you're likely to come across in a nature walk tend to be quite small, even tiny. Photographers often push this effect further by using a very shallow depth of field while shooting, which blurs out everything unimportant and highlights the subject extremely well.

With this in mind, you'll have to be very careful when you focus to make sure you're hitting the right spot. Use the same trick as shooting a person: focus on the eyes. This tends to be the most visually engaging part of any living thing so if you focus anywhere else it can often seem odd.

Onto the Images!

Now that you've read through our quick tips on shooting your own amazing reptile and amphibian photos, take in some incredible inspiration with the 100 photos below. We've attempted to classify each image by the family it belongs to according to photographer descriptions (if you spot something out of place, blame the photographer!), but ultimately they're all fascinating so be sure to take your time and scroll through slowly to take them all in.


Paulo Brandao



Nick Harris



Jeff Kubina



Frank Vassen



Geoff Gallice















Heather Katsoulis






John B.



Martin Fisch



Minette Layne






Carlos Luna



Minette Layne






Tom Thai



Stephen Michael Barnett



Minette Layne



Rosan Nepal









Yankech gary



Chris Willis



Rego Korosi



arvind grover



Jez Elliott




Tad Arensmeier



Matt Reinbold



Billy Lindblom






Geoff Gallice



Matthew Hunt



Hannes Steyn






Geoff Gallice



Richard Taylor







Brian Gratwicke






Brian Gratwicke






Daniel Lombraña González




Josie Hill



Tambako the Jaguar



Nicolas Lannuzel






Basheer Tome



Park Street Pro




Tambako the Jaguar



Nimesh Madhavan



Umberto Salvagnin



Mrs Logic



Ajith Kumar









Ben Fredericson (xjrlokix)



Jay Iwasaki




Roy Niswanger



Roy Niswanger






Roy Niswanger



L Church



Roy Niswanger



patti haskins






Crocodiles and Alligators

Tambako the Jaguar






Turtles and Tortoises

Ibrahim Iujaz



Lali Masriera



Susan E Adams



Tambako the Jaguar






Jason Scragz




Tambako the Jaguar



Vladimir Petkov



Kev Chapman






Enrique Dans









Turi Scandurra









Jens karlsson




Silvain de Munck



Alan Huett



Silvain de Munck



Dominik Bartsch



Bearded Dragons




Jeff Nelson



Alex Bartok



Jason Scragz






Water Dragons

Alex Lomas



Sam Fraser-Smith



Derek Thomas






Show Us Yours!

As always, thanks for checking out our photo collections! Check back soon for another awesome gathering of images from extremely talented photographers. In the mean time, leave a comment below and show us your best photos of reptiles and amphibians. Also be sure to point out your favorites from the collection above!

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