50 Breathtaking Action Photos


Taking action shots can be much more difficult than shooting inanimate objects. Practice makes perfect as does having the right equipment for the job and waiting patiently for the right moment. This collection features some terrific and awe inspiring moments in time, which if you blinked, you might have missed them if it were not for these quick thinking photographers.

Levitation Copyright R’eyes

Running through the gate Copyright Sukanto Debnath

Double action Copyright Mike Baird

Catching a wave Copyright Taro Taylor

Tennis anyone? Copyright Misty

Death of a lightbulb Copyright Laszlo Ilyes

Duck, Duck, Goose! Copyright Steve-h

Love on the move Copyright Vinoth Chandar

Air time Copyright *sean

Mini avalanche Copyright *~Dawn~*

Elite pond diving team Copyright carterse

Spinning wheel Copyright Rick Flores

Swinging carousel Copyright Stig Nygaard

That’s fast Copyright John Talbot

Fly like an eagle Copyright Steve Jurvetson

Speeding cyclist Copyright Mariano Kamp

From the window Copyright Ernest

In the clouds Copyright Shane Gorski

Interception Copyright Emery Way

Water boarding Copyright Arturo Donate

Burning rubber Copyright Fabio Aro

Kneeling into home Copyright Scott Ableman

Great Gizmo Race Copyright Steve Jurvetson