50 Dynamic Shots from a Distance


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Grabbing a good distance shot is not always easy. Be it wide angle or telephoto, any number of objects can jump into the frame and ruin a great shot. It also takes good positioning to obtain the shot you have in mind. While I often expound on the virtue of "get closer" to help enhance subjects, there is something to be said for taking a step back. Way back.

Distance shots serve a particular purpose. They set the scene. Watch a movie and see if they don't show a wide, environmental shot almost every time the location changes. They put things in context, both literally and metaphorically. If you see a basketball player on a court, you know where his is. If the shot is wide and he's the only person there, it means something different. Maybe it means dedication, maybe recovery from an injury.

Enjoy these inspirational images taken from more than a few steps away from their subjects.

Dover, England Copyright mendhak

Portoholland, England Copyright Johan J. Ingles-Le Nobel

Sundarijal, Nepal Copyright Dhilung Kirat

Location unknown Copyright Lida

Around my neighborhood Copyright Mike Pedroncelli

New Boultham, England Copyright Brian

Hang Glider Copyright Steve-h

Rocky Mountains, CO Copyright Zach Dischner

Chicago Skyline from Buffalo, Michigan Copyright Kevin Dooley

Viewpoint Copyright Alan L

Dark city Copyright nosha

Mont St. Michel – Normandy, FranceCopyright Mike Cattell

Scroby Seals Copyright john47kent

Star Birth in active galaxy Centaurus ACopyright NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Chitown from 40km Copyright Kevin Dooley

Manali India Copyright Balaji.B

Fields of Mexico Copyright wonderlane

Ladakh Monastery Copyright Koshy Koshy

Bickerton Lighthouse – Novia Scotia Copyright Dennis Jarvis

Lunar Eclipse Copyright Noel Feans

The Great wall of china 1907 Copyright alph repo

Black River Valley, NY Copyright Lida

Arlington National Cemetary Copyright Beverly & Pack

Snowdon Mountain Railway Copyright Denis Egan

Former Rusiian Wedding Palace Copyright Vladimer shioshvili

Santa Cruz Island Copyright Mike Baird

San Gregorio, CA Copyright Wonderlane

Ship Canal Sunrise Copyright Ian Carroll

Lake Mead, NV Copyright Chuck Coker

Muscat International Airport Copyright Unknown

New Orleans Street 1935 Copyright Infrogmation of new Orleans

Miami Skyline Copyright Christopher

Portage Lake, Alaska Copyright Frank Kovalchek

1954 Duboce Triangle – San Francisco, CA Copyright Eric Fischer

Johnsonburg Swamp Preserve Copyright Nicholas

Mt Cook in the distance Copyright Gopal Vjayaraghavan

The greatest road in the world Copyright Horia Varlan

Sicily, Italy Copyright gnuckx

Canary Islands, Estonia Copyright blinking idiot