50 Magnificent Male Portraits


Over a year ago, we featured a collection of beautiful female portraits. Today, we flip the switch and showcase some striking male portraits. Hopefully they will inspire you to go out and shoot your own portrait or those of other people. Feel free to share your photos in the comments!

Portrait photography can be difficult, but very rewarding. The great thing is that you can experiment with long exposure, short exposures, different apertures, lighting and much more. In today's roundup, I have found images from many different photographers each with very different styles, enjoy!

Before we start, you make sure you check out last year's collection of female portraits here.

50 Magnificent Male Portraits

My Own Personal Maze Of Torment

Crouching Tiger

Bulgarian Male Portrait

Portrait #124

Ski Jump

Tombstone BASE jump


Radio Alegria

Self Portrait


Burn The Sky

Ricci - Shelter From The Storm

Football Portrait

Paul: Maniacal


Smoke Ghost

Amon Amarth IV

Self Portrait

BMX rider

Portrait by Daniel Sadlowski

Self Portrait

Self portrait - Speed Photo



Self Portrait

Whats Next?


Brady Kiesel

The Hunter




Apart from the expression, another thing what makes this shot stand out is that you can clearly see the reflection of the photographer standing on a boat.

Portrait in B&W

Down the line

The Wizard

My Flickr Face

The Usual Suspects


Mr Robert

Band of Horses


Lomo Portrait

Construction Worker Portrait

Hide Face


3-spoked love [24/365]

Rett, as the Dude Weather guy


Self Portrait - High Key

Self portrait in metal

More Examples from previous roundups

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100 Seriously Cool Self-Portraits (And Tips to Shoot Your Own!)


Quick Tip: Simple Portrait Photography Tricks

Well Thanks For Reading!

I hope you enjoyed looking through these images, and please make sure you comment on the original photographer's photos as well!

Feel free to share links to other inspiring images - your own, or other's - in the comments.

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