Christmas Presents for Photographers: 20 Great Ideas


Christmas is coming up soon, so I thought it would be fun to create a collection of gift ideas to buy for the photographer in your life (or even to treat yourself to)! From the plain to the bizarre, this collection contains something that matches everyone's price range. Read on for some holiday inspiration!


If you have ever read any of my articles before, you'll know I am a massive fan of the Joby Gorillapod. What's not to like? A flexible lightweight tripod that you can wrap around almost anything.

For more information about the Gorillapod check out my other Phototuts+ article: Quick Tip: Try a Tripod Alternative or alternatively see a few product examples through the image below:

photography christmas gifts

Digital Photo Frame

An simple, fun way of showcasing your best photography in your own home. You can also purchase digital photo frames with built in Wi-Fi for easier updating of photos. You can usually purchase a decent digital photo frame from as little as $50.

photography christmas gifts

Camera Cufflinks

For the well-dressed male photographer, how about a set of these camera cufflinks? They offer a little bit of fun to any shirt, and each cufflink is hand made.

photography christmas gifts

Diana Mini Lomography Film Kit

Lomography is really fun type of photography. The images produced are unique, colourful, and often blurry, but despite this the little Russian camera is still very popular. You can pick up this modern day version from only $90, rather having to purchase a classic lomography camera which could can set you back several hundred dollars.

photography christmas gifts

Wacom Tablet

Tablets allow you to control your image editing with the precision of your own hand. It makes editing photos much easier and often much more enjoyable. Prices start from around $67 for a small Bamboo tablet, ranging up to a Cintiq at around $2000.

photography christmas gifts

Canon or Nikon Coffee Lens Mug

Canon released the 70-200mm coffee mug lens a couple of years ago and since then Nikon have also released their version. You or your friend can amaze on-lookers when you take a sip of coffee out of your $1000+ camera lens.

Priced at around $30-40, they are a fun novelty item to own.

photography christmas gifts

Pelican Secure Digital Memory Card Case

Memory cards are getting ever-smaller, and are extremely easy to lose once you take them out of your camera. Placing them all in this secure memory case is one way to help prevent this problem. Pelican memory cases are available from $16, but you can find other cheaper cases from about $5.

photography christmas gifts

Stuffed Pillow Applications

If you are a true nerd, or know of a friend who just loves Photoshop, then you can buy a pillow at $15. Check them out at My Suite Stuff.

Currently they are in the middle of revamping their shop, so orders cannot be placed for the next few weeks. There are plenty of these funky pillows to be found with a quick eBay search, so don't despair!

photography christmas gifts

Eye-Fi Wireless SD card

The Eye-Fi Pro wireless memory cards provide fast, wireless photo and video transfer from your camera to your computer and an online site of your choice. It works with most cameras including Canon, Nikon, Casio, Sanyos and more. It also saves the location of every photo you have taken.

The card is very impressive, but also quite expensive as a result. For an 8Gb card you will have to pay around $135.

photography christmas gifts

Battery Grip

A simple accessory to increase the battery life of your camera. Disadvantages include the weight and size, but these are brilliant on longer shoots. They come in all different sizes for all different types of cameras and therefore range in price a fair amount.

photography christmas gifts

Bush Hawk Shoulder Mount

Bush Hawk have created this awesome shoulder mount for use on digital SLR's in order to allow users to capture smoother and stunning video. They also allow for perfect support of telephoto lenses.

Ranging from $150 to $250 for the premium package, these mounts are a decent price compared to their rivals over at Steadicam which often start at over $1000.

photography christmas gifts


Binoculars are a perfect accessory for those who do wildlife photography. Often lighter and easier to see through than a telephoto lens, they make a sensible purchase. Prices range dramatically from $50 to over $1000.

photography christmas gifts

Sandisk All-in-One Reader/Writer

Check out this stylish all-in-one reader and writer for most forms of memory. If you don't already have an in-built card reader, or you know your friend doesn't, then I would highly suggest it. It can be bought at an awesome price of $22.

photography christmas gifts

The Digital Photography Book

Scott Kelby tackles the most important side of digital photography - How to take professional quality shots using the same tricks as pro photographers. His book is easy to read and not full of the jargon that you often find in other books, perfect for someone interested in getting into photography. Currently Amazon are selling it at $16.49.

photography christmas gifts

Tuts+ Membership

How about purchasing a Tuts+ Premium membership for a friend? One payment of $180 for the whole year gets you access to all the Premium sites, tutorials and articles on photography, Photoshop, web development, motion graphics, vectors, music, computer graphics and flash.

Alternatively you can purchase Premium at $19 a month or $22 for 3 months.

photography christmas gifts

A Brand New Lens

Every photographer loves getting a new lens. If your budget can afford it then go ahead, with thousands to choose from at least one will make a nice gift. If you're on a smaller budget, how about picking up a fixed focal length lens?

photography christmas gifts

Flash Guns

Ranging from around $20 to $1000, flash guns come in all shapes and sizes. They are extremely useful for portrait photography.

photography christmas gifts

Focalware iPhone application

Focalware calculates the sun and moon position for any given location and date. Use the interactive compass to determine the path and height of the sun or moon. Photographers and film makers who are always asked by their clients for the sun, moon and stars, can now deliver. Focalware is only $5 and can be gifted to friend.

photography christmas gifts


Why not print your friend a canvas, mouse mat or even a calendar? Various websites offer this service, but you could try Mpix, Truprint, or make use of the service built into iPhoto and Aperture.

photography christmas gifts

CyberShot Digital Camera TX9

How about a digital compact camera that can shoot 3D photos using just one lens? At just under $400, it is pretty expensive for a compact but the price is well justified due to sheer range of unique features.

photography christmas gifts

Not Sold? A Few More Ideas...

  • Film camera - You can pick up old film cameras for as little as $30
  • Film scanner - To scan your old film slides into your computer
  • Subscription to a photography magazine
  • Memory - A tad dull but important nevertheless.
  • Filters - How about a set of creative filters?
  • Wireless Triggers - If they own a flashgun, a wireless trigger is always handy.
  • Remote - A timer remote is handy for anyone doing long exposures.
  • Light meter - Helpful for any photographer to use.
  • Reflector - Used to reflect light onto a subject

photography christmas gifts

Good Luck!

Hopefully, these ideas will help you to pick the perfect gift for the camera-lover in your life. Fortunately, it's a gadget-heavy hobby, with plenty of different presents to choose from!

Are you hoping for a particular photography-related Christmas present? Let us know in the comments!

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