Photo News Roundup - Dec. 9-15


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Technology: Capturing the Movement of Light

M.I.T.'s Media Lab have produced an ultra-fast imaging system capable of capturing one trillion frames per second. This is fast enough to capture a pulse of light traveling through the air. While the clips in this video are made up of many captures (a sort of layering of video), the result is amazing. This technology will lead to a lot new information. I want to see a video of light traveling through a lens! You can read more about this incredible technology at The Week Magazine.

Product: Camera Obscura

The world renowned pinhole photography Justin Quinnell has release a very cool product just in time for the holidays. For just 25 Euro, you can get your very own camera obscura kit complete with lens and projection screen. This will allow you to turn any room with a window into the very foundation of photography and allow you to see the outside world upside down. You can learn more about that package at

Professional: New York Times to NYPD

Photo by Joe Shlabotnik

A freelance photographer was attempting to cover the arrests of Occupy Wall Street protesters, and was apparently blocked by police from covering the scene. The situation was captured on video. This prompted the rare event of the New York Times sending a letter to the New York Police Department. This came after other media outlets had expressed their concerns to the NYPD as well. The police have been receptive, but it will be interesting to watch the coverage in the coming days. You can read a full account of the story by The Huffington Post.

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