Quick Tip: 6 Useful and Informative Photography Podcasts


Although photography is a very visual medium, podcasts can be a great way to pick up new tips, techniques, and news while you're on-the-go. In today's Quick Tip, I'll be recommending six different podcasts that offer really interesting, high-quality information for photographers.

1. This Week in Photography

When I asked for podcast recommendations on Twitter, this one came out on top - and I completely agree with you! The two hosts - Alex and Frederick - discuss the latest technology changes and news, along with offering tips on camera technique. Shows usually last around an hour, and cover a range of topics.

photography podcasts

2. The Candid Frame

The Candid Frame is based around a regular interview theme, talking to professional photographers and those just getting started in the career. If you like gleaning advice from a wide range of different people, this is highly recommended.

photography podcasts

3. Tips from the Top Floor

Hosted by Chris Marquardt, Tips from the Top Floor doesn't get too technical and is suitable for beginners and pros alike. There's a mix of audio and video, though emphasis is mainly on the audio podcast - shows are quite a bit shorter than This Week in Photography - perfect if you just want a quick snippet of advice.

photography podcasts

4. The Digital Photography Show

A fun, friendly podcast with plenty of banter between the two lively hosts. You'll find interviews, news, and - although you may need to suffer a little general conversation before the show progresses to photography tips - it's a popular podcast for "prosumers".

photography podcasts

5. Martin Bailey Photography

Hosted by, as the name suggestions, Martin Bailey, I like this podcast for the laid back tone and simple explanation. The enhanced podcast contains the accompanying images that go along with Martin's commentary. It's predominantly audio, with the occasional video show or feature.

photography podcasts

6. Photography 101

The final podcast is an entirely video-based show - not quite so great in the car, but good for when you're sitting at home or on the train. Hosted by Scott Wittenburg, it covers tips on a huge range of topics and themes. The occasional Photoshop walkthrough is also a welcome addition, and don't be put off by the (fairly dire) preview graphic!

photography podcasts

Share Your Favourite Podcast

Is there a particular podcast or show that you think we should have included? Feel free to share a link in the comments - I'm always looking for new places to find inspiration!

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