Adobe Photoshop

  • Post-Processing
    Balancing Skin Tone and Creating Skin Tone References skintone preview
    Skin tone varies widely between ethnicities and individuals. This tutorial teaches you how to use a precise method of colour management in Adobe Photoshop to reproduce beautiful, accurate skin tones, then use that corrected skin tone to create an index for future reference.Read More…
  • Split Toning
    Split Toning Colour Pictures in Photoshop: Theory and PracticePreview
    Split toning involves tinting the shadows of an image in one colour and the highlights in another. Although mostly applied to black and white images, this method can quite successfully be used on colour images. Before you decide to use this technique though, knowing a little colour theory is helpfulRead More…
  • Adobe Photoshop
    How to Fix Unwanted Hotspots on PortraitsUnwanted hotspot
    Bright light can sometimes cause unwanted glare on the skin. This tutorial shows how to compensate and fix those unseemly highlights.Read More…
  • Retouching
    3 Techniques for Retouching SkinPerfectskin previewimage
    Beautiful skin is a sign of excellence in portrait photography. Makeup and good lighting are the foundation for beautiful skin, but retouching is the polish. In this tutorial, you'll learn three Adobe Photoshop techniques for achieving beautiful skin that retains its natural qualities. We'll also teach you which technique is best in different situations, and give two quick tips to put a final finish on retouched skin.Read More…
  • Post-Processing
    Big Beautiful Grain Adds Atmosphere to Images400px image
    This tutorial turn the common wisdom about noise on its head and show you why we should show noise in images some love.Read More…
  • Post-Processing
    Super Fast Clipping Previews%20400px%20image
    A super simple super quick and super powerful tip for controlling highlight and shadows in your pictures. Small things can often make a huge difference and once tried this technique you will use on just about every image.Read More…
  • Photo Effects
    Creating The Orton Effect in PhotoshopOrton effect
    Create the stylised watercolour effect made famous by Michael Orton: an out-of-focus, highly saturated look with detail around the edges Read More…
  • News
    Get Started as a Photographer With Our New BundleHands on photographyb
    Do you want to get started as a photographer? This new bundle, Hands-On Photography, gives you everything you need in one convenient place. Across six courses with 11 hours of video, you'll learn everything from how to get started using a flash, through to the essentials of Lightroom and Photoshop.Read More…
  • Post-Processing
    Next Level Lightroom: Using Photoshop & Lightroom in TandemPreview
    Stuck between choosing Lightroom and Photoshop? Don't let your photos suffer in image-processing limbo, use both!Read More…
  • Macro
    Focus Stacking for Extended Depth of FieldPreview image
    Using focus stacking to overcome shallow depth of field in close up photographyRead More…
  • Post-Processing
    Recreating the Lith Printing Look for Black and White Photos400px fin%20preview%20image
    One of the most beautiful print processes in black and white photography is lithographic printing. This tutorial recreates the "Lith" look using Adobe Photoshop.Read More…
  • Compositing
    Creating a Realistic Composite Photo with Displacement Mapping Ben lucas helicopter tutorial preview
    Photographing people on location sometimes just isn't possible. In this example, I'll show you how to get your subject realistically composited into a landscape scene.Read More…