• Drones
    Do You Need a Drone? How to Choose Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Photo and VideoIntrodution%20to%20quadcopter%20drones%20 %20thumbnail
    In this tutorial we look at quadcopter drones for aerial videography & photography. We examine if drones are a good fit for your project and give some general information about drones and best practices.Read More…
  • Shooting
    Video for Photographers Part 1: Shot Types and Moving the CameraPreview
    With the growing number of DSLRs that shoot video, we are launching a three-part series to help you adapt your photography skills to video production. Today, we are going to look at the standard video shots and camera movement so you can also create hollywood style shots using your DSLR!Read More…
  • Dolly
    How to Build Your Own Digital SLR Video Dolly for Under $20Preview
    With video capability in Digital SLRs becoming ever-more pervasive, there's an increasing demand for accessories and gadgets to help produce fantastic video footage with your camera. A "dolly" is a gadget designed to make smooth camera movements in video. The common way to use it is raising it on a track, creating tracking shots on the horizontal axis. Today we're going to walk through the process of creating your own Digital SLR dolly, to add a fantastic element to your video footage!Read More…
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