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  • Video
    The DSLR Revolution: No Longer Just About the CameraDslr revolution cameras preview
    When the DSLR video camera came along, the dream of making beautiful, cinematic films became an affordable reality. While it's easy to get hung up on the camera and gear (and many do), today the DSLR revolution is much bigger than that. Read More…
  • Film
    The Comprehensive Guide to Vintage Film and CamerasThumbnail
    So you've dug through your parents' basement, pulled out their vinyl album of Michael Jackson's Thriller and bought yourself an old record player. And for the last three weddings you've attended, you found the perfect outfit at that great vintage clothing shop downtown. Old is the new "new." These days you're just as likely to find the freshest fashion statement in your grandparents' closet as you are on the runways at Fashion Week in Paris. The same goes for your photography. Retro, vintage and old school chic are trying to revolutionize the digital revolution. Analogue gears are using their teeth to chop those chintzy computer chips to pieces. And this is your guide to it all... film that is. From what rolls to buy, what cameras to shoot with and what to do with it all when you're done.Read More…
  • Film
    How to Choose the Right Photographic FilmPreview
    Today we will look at different films types made for different purposes and effects from black and white negatives, to color negatives, to slides and transparencies.Read More…
  • Film
    An Introduction to Holga PhotographyPreview
    The Holga is a camera, first manufactured in China in 1981, made almost entirely of plastic, some even have plastic lenses. It was an invention intended for the Chinese consumer as a low-budget, everyday kind of camera for capturing family photos and portraits, but has since gathered a cult following.Read More…
  • Film
    A Complete Beginner's Guide to Photographic FilmPreview
    The vast majority of photographer's nowadays use digital cameras due to the ease of use, instant preview gratification, straight forward storage, the ease of making many copies and sharing, and many other reasons. But even so, many remain faithful to film and swear by it mainly because of its high quality and dynamic range, nostalgic and true feeling, as well as lower equipment cost.Read More…
  • News
    Quick Tip: 5 Tips for Shooting Medium FormatPreview
    With the resurgence of film photography and the flood of affordable used cameras, many photographers are itching to dive into medium format photography. In today's quick tip, you'll learn five things about medium format photography that you may not have known.Read More…
  • Photography Fundamentals
    A Beginner's Guide to Film PhotographyPreview
    It was only about 15 years ago that camera manufacturers brought us the dawn of digital photography. Rumors spread that film was dead. Although the majority of professionals have made the transition from film to digital, film remains an extremely popular format, which we can all still learn from.Read More…
  • Medium Format Camera
    The Medium Format AdvantagePreview
    This article will dive head-first into the world of medium format photography. We'll take you through a basic introduction, then look at different cameras, film, scanners and processing techniques to give this type of photography a try!Read More…
  • Photography Fundamentals
    The Complete Beginner’s Guide to LomographyPreview
    The digital camera has revolutionized photography. More people have embraced a passion for photography than ever before. So, is film photography dying? Lomographic Society would beg to differ. It can be argued that this organization has done more to keep film alive than any other. This tutorial will guide you through the complexities of becoming a Lomographer using their ten rules as a guide.Read More…
  • Shooting
    The Ultimate Guide to Create Your Own 35mm Pinhole CameraPreview
    Why spend $3,000 on the newest and greatest camera when you can make one at home and at the same time participate in a centuries old tradition of image making? Well, you can, and to start you should ask yourself one question. What is a camera? At the most basic level, a camera is a light-tight box with the means of transferring light in a controlled manner from the outside world to a light-sensitive medium producing an image. That sounds like a bit of a complex definition, but when you break it down, its pretty simple. In this tutorial, you'll learn what pinhole photography is, the history that led up to pinhole photography, differences between lens photography and pinhole photography, and you'll be shown how to make your own pinhole camera!Read More…