• Photo Editing
    How to Assess and Edit Your PhotographsDeveloping project marshall 04preview
    Being able to find the best pictures among your outtakes and understand what links them is one of the key skills that distinguishes photographers from people who take pictures. Here are ways you can become a better editor of your own photography, and refine your personal vision as a result.Read More…
  • Interviews
    Myriam Abdelaziz: Passion, Presence, and Creative Adaptation in Pursuit of the ImageMyriam abdelaziz menya's kids 45 preview
    Photographer Myriam Abdelaziz is a cultural chameleon, shaped by living in different places, able to slip between worlds and identities as the situation requires. In this interview, Myriam discusses her drive to expose social injustice and her goals in fine art photography.Read More…
  • Fashion
    Lindsay Adler: Bending the Line Between Fashion and Fine Art La profile preview
    On International Women’s Day, I considered the role women occupy in photography. Inspired by the women I profiled, I wanted to share more. In this article, meet Lindsay Adler, a woman making it happen in fashion photography and photography education.Read More…
  • Interviews
    Craig Oldham, Designer: Idea, Intention, and ImageScreenshot%202014 05 15%2011
    We wanted to give you an insight into how those in creative industries other than photography view and engage with your work. In this short series of interviews, we caught up with a few professionals who work with photography every day and decide how and where your imagery will be used. We chatted with Manchester based designer, Craig Oldham, whose work is extremely highly regarded within the design industry, and has been recognised accordingly by the likes of Art Directors Club, D&AD, Design Week Awards, Creative Review, New York Festivals and Type Directors Club. Read More…
  • Photography
    Richard Pearson, Art Director: Creativity, Trust and Building a Shared Vision Cover 1
    In our ongoing series, conversations with creative collaborators, we continue looking at the way in which photography is used and exploited across many creative platforms. We caught up with Richard Pearson, Art Director at Manchester based creative communications agency BJL to chat about the challenges of working in commercial photography to create campaigns for internationally known brands.Read More…
  • Photobooks
    Conversations with Creative Collaborators: Dewi Lewis, Photo Book Publisher2.%20on%20press%20with%20john%20blakemore.%20copy
    In this series we look into how people in creative industries view and engage with your work. I had the pleasure of spending an hour with highly regarded book publisher Dewi Lewis at his home in Manchester. Recognised by the Royal Photographic Society for his Outstanding Contributions to Photography, Dewi's own publishing house has published the work of photographers such as Martin Parr, Simon Norfolk and William Klein. We sat down to discuss the role of the publisher and the processes of constructing a photobook.Read More…
  • Architectural Photography
    James Kerwin, Urban Explorer: Go Slow and Respect Your SubjectUrban exploration thumbnail
    Urban Exploration, or "urbex" is the investigation of lesser seen or abandoned urban areas. With the accessibility of digital cameras, the urbex movement is increasingly being documented and shared online. Whilst often the subject of debate, no-one can deny the fascination these shots hold and how they give us an insight into another world.Read More…
  • Interviews
    James Gerrard-Jones, Photo Agent: Finding a Visual Voice31jb thumbnail
    In this series we look into how people in creative industries view and engage with your work. In this interview we catch up with James Gerrard-Jones, a founding partner of London-based commercial photographic agency, Wyatt-Clarke & Jones.Read More…
  • Blog
    The Life of a Tuts+ Editor: Meet Sharon MilneSharon milne thumbnail
    What's it like to work remotely as a Tuts+ Editor? The latest Envato Stories is all about the life of Sharon Milne, Design & Illustration Editor for Tuts+. She lives in Newcastle upon Tyne in the United Kingdom and has been obsessed with vector for over 14 years. Sharon works remotely most of the time, but recently visited the Envato headquarters in Melbourne, Australia.Read More…
  • Interviews
    Another Escape Magazine: Building A Holistic Body of WorkAnother escape
    In this interview series we've asked creative professionals who work with photography - editors, designers, advertisers, and directors - how they view and engage with pictures. These are people who use photography every day and decide how your imagery will be used. We caught up with Rachel and Jody from Another Escape Magazine, an independent print journal based in Bristol, UK, that aims to inspire ambition and creativity with it's readers, by encouraging them to explore their own aspirations.Read More…
  • Nature
    Stéphane de Greef: Combining Nature Photography With DocumentaryStephanegreefthumbnail
    Inspired by Don McCullin and Piotr Naskrecki, Stéphane de Greef is a forest engineer, cartographer and photographer with a long career in humanitarian work and a passion for bugs and archaeology. He talks to us about his nature photography and documentary work in Cambodia.Read More…
  • Photo Editing
    Matt Lacey: Pictures Play on a Psychological LevelLonger days are back
    Matt Lacey, Head of Optimisation at PRWD in Manchester, UK, specialises in working with brands and e-commerce to improve customer experience. We ask how he works with photography.Read More…