• Video
    Quiz: Are You Ready to Go On-Camera?On camera 1
    A quick quiz to see whether you're ready to go on-camera, based on the course Improve Your On-Camera Performance. Read More…
  • Lighting
    Video Lights For All: How to Build a Complete 3 Head Kit on a $100 BudgetDiy utility light for video
    Create a super useful and versatile lighting kit with parts from your local hardware store! The best part is you can get all the parts for about $130.Read More…
  • Lighting
    How to Make Your Own Desktop V-Card Video LightsDiy%20desktop%20video%20lighting%20setup 400x277px
    Need an affordable lighting setup for Skype, live streams, or video podcasts? Check out this easy to build solution!Read More…
  • Portrait
    Create a Spooky High-Contrast Halloween Portrait Look With Just One LightPtuts carnivalmasks thumb ja
    Carnival and Halloween are special moments for photographers, as these celebrations offer a multicolored experience of masks and costumes that allows to create unique photographic documents. It’s a good time to set up a simple take anywhere studio to photograph the participants. One flash is all you need!Read More…
  • Photography
    New Course on Still Life and Product PhotographyFunstilllifeproductphoto 1
    Photography plays a vital role in selling products in print, video, and on the web. Mastering lighting and the setup is the key to producing great-looking images. In this course you will learn how to create a beautiful product photo from a concept illustration. Read More…
  • Portrait Photography
    No Light, Low Light, No Problem: Environmental Portraiture at NightBen lucas night portrait preview
    Image making at night can be very difficult. If you photograph weddings, news, documentary, or creative portraits, these tips on how to make portraits at night are essential for your toolkit.Read More…
  • Photography
    Polarized Reflections in Theory and PracticePolarized reflection
    Have you ever wondered how a polarizing filter works? In this short video tutorial from my recent course on light in photography, I explain what causes polarized reflections and how they affect your images.Read More…
  • Quiz
    Quiz: Do You Understand Light?Photographers guide to light small
    A quick quiz to test your knowledge of light, based on the course A Photographer's Guide to Light. Read More…
  • Portrait
    The Ideal Studio Lighting Setup for Headshot PhotographyHeadshot photography
    Sometimes shooting with natural light is not an option, or maybe you want a lighting setup that doesn’t change with the time of day and the weather. If that’s the case then you will need to create artificial light. In this short video tutorial, you'll learn how to create a mobile studio that you can use to get great headshots.Read More…
  • Lighting
    How to Photograph Your Everyday EssentialsEveryday essentials preview
    Photographing a collection of personal items is a great way to visually share your personality and lifestyle. Getting the right background and lighting for your objects can really enhance the photograph and give it the right vibe. Images that look stunning get shared over and over, being seen by thousands of people. All it takes is some forethought when it comes to background and set up and some simple lighting.Read More…
  • Light Meter
    How to Use Your Smartphone as a Light MeterPreview
    A smartphone is a powerful tool for any photographer, whether you’re using it to take pictures or make shoots easier. There are countless different apps that can make your phone into almost any photo-gadget imaginable. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to turn your phone into a reliable light meter.Read More…
  • Portrait
    New Course: Headshot PhotographyHeadshot photography
    Headshot Photography is a great way to get started as a people photographer. In this course you will learn how to find clients, take great photos of them and deliver amazing product to them. Whether you want to photograph actors, CEOs, or just regular people who need a profile photo, this course will lay out the knowledge and skills you will need to be successful as a headshot photographer.Read More…
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