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  • Photography
    Polarized Reflections in Theory and PracticePolarized reflection
    Have you ever wondered how a polarizing filter works? In this short video tutorial from my recent course on light in photography, I explain what causes polarized reflections and how they affect your images.Read More…
  • Equipment Selection
    The Photographer's Go Bag: Building Your Everyday, Everywhere Camera KitTinybag
    Make sure you're always prepared by keeping some gear ready to go. Advice on bags, lenses, flashes, filters, and various other things you should make sure to have handy.Read More…
  • Polarizing Filter
    Quick Tip: Kill Reflections and Enhance Colors with a PolarizerPreview.1
    We mostly think of using polarizing filters to get saturated skies, but in fact they also work in the deep forest, to add pop to your pictures by eliminating reflections and enhancing colors.Read More…
  • Polarizing Filter
    A Beginner's Guide to Using Filters - Part 1Preview
    Filters are a lens add-on that are interesting to many photographers. Providing a number of different of effects and options, filters can either protect your lens investments or add value to your quality optics by improving their performance. Today, we're going to take a look at the use of filters.Read More…
  • Shooting
    Quick Tip: Learning to Shoot WaterfallsPreview
    I find waterfalls fascinating. I'm not sure whether it's the wonder at the sheer force power of the falling water or the thought that this natural phenomenon has been carving it's way through the rock for thousands of years, but I can't help but be captivated by them. I can never resist photographing them! Hopefully guide and equip you to making a start in waterfall photography.Read More…
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    How to Photograph Stunning WaterfallsPreview200square
    Twice a month we revisit some of our reader favorite posts from throughout the history of Phototuts+. This tutorial was first published in September, 2009. Waterfalls are some of the most beautiful natural features you will ever get the opportunity to photograph. But though they can look simply stunning, photographing waterfalls is not easy to do well. How do you avoid your photos being too dark? How do you deal with clipping in the water? How do you compose your photos to capture the authentic beauty of the scene? In this tutorial, nature photography expert Steve Berardi shares his best tips for photographing waterfalls.Read More…
  • Polarizing Filter
    Quick Tip: An Introduction to Polarizing FiltersPreview
    Over the next month we are going to take in depth look at different photography filters. We will find out what each one does and then how to use them. We start with a common filter used by beginners - the polarizing filter. We'll take a look at what polarizing filters do, how they help your photography, and where you can get one from!Read More…
  • Filters
    How, When, and Why to Use a Polarizing FilterPreview
    Polarization filters are specially adapted glass that, when turned at an angle to a light source, will reduce glare from reflected surfaces. The most popular type of polarizing filter is circular to fit easily on the end of almost any lens, containing a free spinning element for quick adjustment. In this article we'll take a look at how a polarizing filter can improve a number of photographic scenes, along with a few unexpected results it can have.Read More…
  • Lighting
    Create a Vibrant Lighting Effect With Cross PolarizationPreview
    Light has the ability to create many different types of dramatic effect, though there is none as vivid as cross polarization. It awakens the imagination with its vibrance of colors. Though this technique was popular 20+ years ago, it seems to have been lost in the digital shuffle. This tutorial will walk you through the process and equipment to experiment with cross polarization.Read More…
  • Shooting
    7 Tips for Taking Travel Photos Like a Pro1
    St George's Church, Venice. One of the iconic views from the famous Italian city. If you'd like to know how to take travel photos like this, then read on. Travel photography seems so simple. What could be easier than traveling to an exotic location in a beautiful country with a camera and a handful of memory cards and taking some amazing photos? But, when you arrive at your location, you find that it's a lot harder to take a decent travel photo than it looks. In this tutorial I'll be sharing seven key tips for taking professional-looking travel photos you will appreciate for years to come.Read More…