• Post-Processing
    Next Level Lightroom: Using Photoshop & Lightroom in TandemPreview
    Stuck between choosing Lightroom and Photoshop? Don't let your photos suffer in image-processing limbo, use both!Read More…
  • Post-Processing
    Recreating the Lith Printing Look for Black and White Photos400px fin preview image
    One of the most beautiful print processes in black and white photography is lithographic printing. This tutorial recreates the "Lith" look using Adobe Photoshop.Read More…
  • Adobe Photoshop
    How to Use Focus Area Selection in Adobe PhotoshopFocusselectpreview
    Using the new Focus Area selection feature in Adobe Photoshop CC 2014Read More…
  • Post-Processing
    Meet Lightroom MobilePreview ipad
    Adobe brings Lightroom to iPad, photographers everywhere rejoice. Thoughts from a frequent Lightroom user on Adobe's latest innovation.Read More…
  • Post-Processing
    Selling Your Photos With SquarespaceSquarespace preview
    In this tutorial, I'll show you how to sell prints and digital downloads of your photos through Squarespace.Read More…
  • Post-Processing
    Adding Drama, Grit and Atmosphere to a Warrior Photo600px dramascene pre
    In this tutorial, I'll show you how to transform an image of a spear-wielding Spartan by using a variety of Photoshop techniques.Read More…
  • Post-Processing
    Finding and Fixing Invisible BlemishesBen lucas album pre
    Sometimes when you are editing, you can't see all the imperfections in an image. That doesn't mean they aren't there, nor does it mean it's not worth taking time to fix them. If you are doing an image that requires perfection, like something destined to be printed large or displayed on a high resolution screen, here is a great technique for finding blemishes you may have missed. This tutorial will show you how to use a curves adjustment layer to double check your work.Read More…
  • Post-Processing
    Restoring Old Photos Using Channels in PhotoshopRepairchannels pre
    Some recent unfortunately events have led to me inheriting many old family photos, some dating back to before World War II. Many of these photos are damaged, and I'm slowly digitizing them and restoring them when possible. In this video, I'll be using channels to get donor information to repair a light damage on an image. I'll then continue the repair by adding in some color where it's needed.Read More…
  • Post-Processing
    Quick Tip: Applying Actions With the Image ProcessorPsbr2x prenew
    If you need to resize a load of images at once, Adobe's Bridge image processor has long been the way to go. The image processor, however, is capable of much more than just resizing photos. In this quick tip, I will show you how to apply Adobe Photoshop actions alongside the output settings.Read More…
  • Post-Processing
    Correction and Creativity With the Perspective Warp FilterPrespectivewarp sp prelg
    Adobe recently updated the Perspective Warp filter in Photoshop, I'll show you how the basic ways this tool can help correct your images, and also how I'm fitting it into my workflow. There are a variety of creative uses for the tool, and you're bound to come across some ways to improve your images with it.Read More…
  • Post-Processing
    Learn 3 Great Ways to Dodge and Burn in PhotoshopShah hg prelg
    Dodging and burning, the selective brightening and darkening of areas of an image, is one of the oldest forms of image manipulation. While analogue photographers would have to carefully spend hours printing and reprinting each photograph to get the effect they desired, Adobe Photoshop allows us to use the same effect quickly and easily. In this tutorial, I’ll show you three ways to dodge and burn in Photoshop.Read More…
  • Post-Processing
    Take Your Composites to the Next Level With These Finishing TouchesFinals composite sp prelg
    In this short video, I'll explain two quick tips for adding finishing touches to composite images. We'll explore when these techniques should be used and why working at such a high level of detail matters.Read More…