• Equipment Selection
    The Photographer's Go Bag: Building Your Everyday, Everywhere Camera KitTinybag
    Make sure you're always prepared by keeping some gear ready to go. Advice on bags, lenses, flashes, filters, and various other things you should make sure to have handy.Read More…
  • Lighting
    Three Different Portraits Shot with Three LightsThreelights1 preview retina
    Wondering why you should add more lights when you like the images you get with one or two? Are you trying to figure out if you can justify the expense of more lights? In this article, I should hopefully be able to help you with those questions; I'm going over three of my shots, shot with three lights.Read More…
  • Shooting
    Shooting a Red Hot Chili Pepper: Flaming Food PhotographyDaniels chili prelg
    In this tutorial, I'll show you how to do some commercial food photography and set it on fire! I'm going to take you through a step-by-step process of food photography, setting it ablaze, and all the lessons learned. So, get your camera, lights, and flammable fluids ready!Read More…
  • Shooting
    Shooting a Sunset Wedding on a Hot Air BalloonBenlucas hotair pre lg
    As a wedding photographer, you only have one chance for every moment. We all have to handle curveballs on the big day from the florist running late to the brides dress ripping. But when the biggest challenge is an extreme location, it is best to be as prepared as possible.Read More…
  • Shooting
    Photographing a Band for Their Album Cover400x400 2
    Photographing a band or artist can be a tricky process. There are often lots of people involved in creative decisions. As a result, it can end up being a combination of ideas rather than the photographer's creative vision for the image. However, this tutorial will take you through each element of the process and hopefully enable you to take eye catching images for a band’s album cover.Read More…
  • Reflector
    Quick Tip: 8 Reflectors You Already Have in Your HomeHomereflectors preview
    Reflectors are the simplest way to soften, diffuse or redirect light. You may not think about it, but there are reflectors all around us, from the clouds in the sky to a model's white shirt. We've assembled a list of reflectors you can have for free, or almost. And they might already be in your home!Read More…
  • Reflector
    Quick Tip: Using a Simple Portable ReflectorPreview
    Over the next month I plan to write about various items photographers often forget about taking on a shoot. These gadgets can often make all the difference, and make your life much easier! This week we look at the simple portable reflector and how it can save you the problem of harsh shadows on a subject.Read More…
  • Shooting
    A In-Depth Walkthrough of a Family Portrait ShootFpsw preview
    Instead of the usual theory articles out there on how to shoot a family portrait, this is a walk through of my own experience. It's like a highlight reel of the many 'oh why?!' moments I experienced as well as the one and only single moment of success.Read More…
  • Reflector
    Quick Tip: Constructing Your Own Freestanding ReflectorReflectorpreview
    Table-top photography is a great way to learn about lighting. You don't need expensive lighting gear since natural lighting from a window or the artificial illumination from a lamp or flashlight works just fine. Working with a single light source lets you experiment with the angle and the quality of the light, but it does leave you with a problem. One side of your subject will be in shadow. You don't need extra lights to fix this. All you need is a reflector on the opposite side to the light source to bounce light back into the shadows.Read More…
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