• Lighting
    Using Flags to Control Reflections in the StudioFlagtutorialpreview2 lg
    In this video, you'll get a first hand look at how flags work. Flags are simple dark or light pieces of cardboard or plastic that are used to control the reflections on shiny objects. I'll be photographing some custom jewelry provided by Nikki Zehler to showcase how your photos can be improved by the use of flags.Read More…
  • Lighting
    Three Different Portraits Shot with Three LightsThreelights1 preview retina
    Wondering why you should add more lights when you like the images you get with one or two? Are you trying to figure out if you can justify the expense of more lights? In this article, I should hopefully be able to help you with those questions; I'm going over three of my shots, shot with three lights.Read More…
  • Shooting
    How to Shoot Pizza So It Looks Good Instead of GrossPizzazach07 prelg
    It's often said that the best photographs evoke emotion. If this is the case, what could possibly make me more emotional than an image of a pizza that's been lovingly handcrafted to mouthwatering perfection? Unfortunately, I found out the answer to this question first hand when I was hired by a local pizzeria. To my heartbreak, I was getting paid to photograph it, not to eat it.Read More…
  • Shooting
    How to Achieve Simple, Dramatic Portrait LightingDramtic lighting portrait final soneprelg
    There are a million ways to light a portrait and the way you light it will convey something about your style and your subject. In this article, we'll focus on achieving dramatic lighting. This kind of lighting is very popular because it is attention-grabbing and has more "weight" to it than other forms such as open shade or very diffused types of lighting.Read More…
  • Speedlights
    Using LumiQuest's Fold Flat Softbox Preview
    The power of small flash units is really remarkable. From battery powered flash units, we can pull enough light for portraits, wildlife, and lighting entire scenes. However, sometimes that light can be harsh and unflattering to subjects. Modifiers are a fantastic way to soften the light and spread it more evenly, and today we'll be looking at one of the best ones out there, the LumiQuest Softbox III.Read More…
  • Lighting
    10 Ways to Effectively Light a Portrait ShootPreview
    As a photographer, it's essential that you understand how the light is working within your shots. Contrary to popular belief, lighting a portrait shot doesn't have to be tricky or complicated. You don't need a wealth of expensive equipment and it doesn't take an expert to understand which lighting scenarios work and which don't.Read More…
  • Lighting
    A Beginner’s Introduction To Flash ModifiersPreview
    Modern Digital SLR flashes do a wonderful job of putting out a large punch of light in a specific direction. Nowadays they even zoom with the lens for more directed light. But what happens when that direct light is too harsh, casting ridged shadows? This happens often in an indoor setting, especially with groups of people, such as at a party. Flash modifiers to the rescue!Read More…
  • Lighting
    A Fundamental Introduction to Studio Lighting EquipmentPhotography
    Whether you want to get more serious about professional studio photography or you want to expand your current lighting setup, this tutorial is meant to give you an introduction to the different types of basic lighting equipment. Hopefully you'll come away with enough knowledge to aid you when shopping for new gear.Read More…
  • Lighting
    DIY: How To Make a Professional Softbox for Under $20Preview
    Nowadays a softbox needn't be all that expensive - you can get nice results for $100 or even less. But what if there's a way of making it much cheaper, with the same results? That's what we'll be explaining in this DIY tutorial; how to make a softbox with professional results for less than $20.Read More…
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