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  • Smartphone
    How to Use Your iPhone Like A Pro: Manual Photo & VideoPreview
    The iPhone is the most popular camera in the world. Using third party apps, you can get total control over how it captures photo and video. In this tutorial I'll get you started using your iPhone like a pro.Read More…
  • Documentary
    How To Find and Choose a Documentary SubjectFinding doc subjects target preview
    Skillful editing can make any documentary video better, but starting out with a great subject is what elevates a good video to a memorable, meaningful story. How do you find a willing participant locally or even thousands of miles away? What qualities do you look for? How do you contact them?Read More…
  • Video
    5 Essential Projects To Get You Started as a Weekend FilmmakerWeekend film maker thumbnail
    You've heard the advice many times: forget the excuses, just go out and shoot! It's the only way to learn! Sounds great! But what to shoot? Many filmmakers default to narrative or fiction short films, but there are many, many barriers to making a decent short narrative film, such as scripts, actors, locations, crew.... it's way more complicated than just "go shoot."Read More…
  • Shooting
    Mind the Gaps: Creating Convincing Crowd ScenesCrowd
    Shooting convincing crowd scenes is difficult when you only have a few actors. This tutorial shows how to create a the appearance of a huge crowd with a small group.Read More…
  • Composition
    Sight Lines and Framing for Dynamic Video CompositionFraming277b
    Get your subjects eyelines right and camera positioning becomes simple. This video tutorial will show you how to split the frame into thirds, in your imagination, so the eyes are always aligned the right place.Read More…
  • Video
    Creative Aspect Ratio TechniquesAspect ratio
    In this tutorial, you discover why certain aspect ratios work well and how to shoot for a particular framing style.Read More…
  • Shooting
    How to Shoot an Intense Fight ScenePreview
    In this tutorial we are going to look at how to shoot an intense fight scene, different camera shots, and realism tips.Read More…
  • Video
    Advanced Handheld Camera TechniquesCamera techniques
    In this tutorial, you'll learn how to hold and move your camera, and replicate the shots achieved with complex gear such as cranes and dollies.Read More…
  • Video
    Cinematic Shooting Principles: Handheld ShootingTuts thumbnail handheld shooting
    Shooting handheld frees up your shooting style, but getting handheld footage to look good requires extra skills. This lesson shows you how to position the camera and follow your subject to make handheld shots work.Read More…
  • Post-Processing
    Adding Drama, Grit and Atmosphere to a Warrior Photo600px dramascene pre
    In this tutorial, I'll show you how to transform an image of a spear-wielding Spartan by using a variety of Photoshop techniques.Read More…
  • Video
    Shooting a Helicopter Search and Rescue Mission TeamPreview
    Behind the scenes look at how to work with a first responder team and their helicopter to create a promotion for a search and rescue team.Read More…
  • Video
    Cinematic Shooting Principles: Motionless Camera MovesTuts  thumbnail motionless moves
    Camera moves add meaning and emotion to a scene, but sometimes there's no room to move the camera. The solution is to combine clever use of camera height with actor movement. Your pans, tilts and actor blocking can make simple setups look like complex camera moves.Read More…