• DSLR
    DSLR Video in 60 Seconds60 4
    Do you wonder whether to choose a camcorder or DSLR when filming? Maybe a professional camcorder is out of your budget and you're wondering if a DSLR will do the job. I'll let you know the ups and downs of DSLR filming, in 60 seconds.Read More…
  • Video
    Quiz: Are You Ready to Go On-Camera?On camera 1
    A quick quiz to see whether you're ready to go on-camera, based on the course Improve Your On-Camera Performance. Read More…
  • Lighting
    How to Make Your Own Desktop V-Card Video LightsDiy%20desktop%20video%20lighting%20setup 400x277px
    Need an affordable lighting setup for Skype, live streams, or video podcasts? Check out this easy to build solution!Read More…
  • Video Editing
    New Course: Video Editing in Adobe PhotoshopVideo in photoshop small
    To expand your mastery of the vast array of features in Adobe Photoshop, this course delves into what Photoshop can and can’t do with video editing. While the capabilities are comparatively limited, the features it does have are rather impressive. Knowing how to use these features can simplify the workflow of video projects that don’t need to be ported to the other heftier video editing applications.Read More…
  • Music
    Score! How to Use Background Music in Your VideosSoundtrack
    Background score is the music you are using in a film. It's so important, and choosing the right music, when to add it, how to edit it are all very important things to think about. Hopefully this tutorial will help! Read More…
  • Framing
    Visual Expression: The 8 Basic Ways to Frame Shots in Your Videos8 basic frames video
    In filmmaking, framing refers to how you choose to compose a shot for a specific scene. Framing is the essential expressive tool in filmmaking. Framing allows you to emphasize or show emotions, thoughts, sensations and ideas. It is the ingredient that adds weight and feeling to the moment. In this tutorial you'll learn about the eight key ways to frame your shots and how to use them.Read More…
  • Digital Asset Management
    The Digital Pipeline: How to Safely Manage Images and Video from Capture to ArchiveDam pipeline preview 1
    A DAM workflow manages your assets from the moment you click your shutter through to archiving your finished work. Use this six stage workflow to minimize the opportunity for errors and loss, and maximize your data safety.Read More…
  • Video
    How to Pick Good-Looking Titles for Your VideosHow to pick titles
    How do you decide on the titles for your video? It can be a difficult task! With these steps you'll be on your way to picking the right titles for your videos. Read More…
  • Drones
    How to Choose a Camera Drone for Aerial PhotographyIntrodution%20to%20quadcopter%20drones%20 %20thumbnail
    In this tutorial we look at quadcopter drones for aerial videography & photography. We examine if drones are a good fit for your project and give some general information about drones and best practices.Read More…
  • Video
    New Course: Introduction to Video Editing in Adobe Premiere ProVid premcc%20(1)
    This course will get you up and running with one of the most popular video editing applications today: Adobe Premiere Pro. You will learn how to organize your files outside Premiere, import your assets, and set up your project. You will also learn editing essentials like how to make cuts, the basics of editing, audio and video effects, titles, how to export your project, and more!Read More…
  • Adobe Lightroom
    How to Review, Edit, and Export Video with Adobe LightroomThumbnail video lr
    Adobe's flagship image editor for photographers has some video power too. Learn how to use it in this tutorial.Read More…
  • Video
    New Course: The Instructional VideoInstructionalvideo small
    As companies work to build brand loyalty, product awareness, and cut down on support calls, instructional videos are becoming very popular. With the right personality, instructional videos can become entertainment! In this course, you will learn how to put a high quality, multi-camera instructional video.Read More…
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