Introduction to Flash Photography


Learning how to properly use a flash is a skill that will drastically change your photography for the better. In this flash photography introductory course, you’ll have the chance to learn what a flash is, how flashes work with your camera, what types of flashes are available, how to use flash accessories, and more. You’ll also gain lots of practical tips and tricks for using your flash both on and off your camera. Stop being a slave to natural light and start creating your own light today!

Part of the Hands-On Photography bundle

Includes 6 courses: Introduction to Flash Photography, Lightroom for Photographers, Photoshop for Photographers, Manipulating Color For Photography, Family Photo Chop-Shopping Course, Introduction to Light Painting

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Free Preview: Introduction to Flash Photography


Scott Chanson is a photographer from Phoenix, Arizona. Together with his wife Breanna, Scott runs Radiant Photography, and is committed to telling stories through his photographs.
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