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Photo & Video Learning Guides

Collections of posts that take you through a particular topic or project.
  • Infrared series

    Infrared photography uses wavelengths of light that are usually not part of the visual spectrum. In this series you’ll learn about the infrared choices available, how to take infrared photographs using a filter, how to process your photographs to a high standard and how avoid common mistakes along the way.

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  • Community projects

    If you make photos and video, you're part of a big, rich, complex global conversation about images. Community Projects and Open Assignments are a challenge and a chance to share your work, ideas, and perspectives with the community of learners at Tuts+.

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  • Smartphone photography series

    Whether you want to use your DSLR exclusively or are open to taking spontaneous photos with your phone's camera, sharing pictures on platforms like Instagram is a useful tool for building community, taking inspiration, and promoting your photography.

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  • Photo editing series

    Photo editing is the art of reviewing, selecting, and working with photographs after the photoshoot. Editing is the final creative step of the photographic process.

    Because it is invisible to the viewer, editing is often misunderstood or overlooked by new photographers. The ability to see good pictures in the editing stage is, however, an essential part of the photographic process.

    This series will help you see your best images.

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  • Compression comparison series

    Saving images for the web is a compromise: wou want your image to load quickly, not take up too much space (this is particularly a consideration for third party websites like Facebook and Twitter who simply don’t allow large sizes) and still look great. This series explores the options and shows how to get the best, smallest images online.

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  • Documentary series

    This series explores the tools and techniques documentarians use to overcome technological, social, and narrative challenges and tell a good story.

    Making documentary work means adopting a special stance toward the world: a way of seeing, a disposition, and a consciousness. This series will help you reach the documentary state of mind.

    It also covers visual storytelling. Whereas other forms of photography draw from traditions of graphic design and painting, documentary photography is a branch of drama and storytelling. The power of documentary story isn't in the pictures themselves, it's in the combination of pictures, text, sound and context that creates a compelling, and often emotional, story. This series will help you craft your story.

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