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Collections of posts that take you through a particular topic or project.
  • Wedding photography

    Wedding photography is an exciting and diverse photographic niché. Photographing weddings is also a great way to get started in professional photography. There's nothing like photographing weddings to sharpen your skills. In this series, we explore how to get prepared for the big day, cover all your bases, and even work in a little fun and creativity along the way.

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  • Compositing image manipulation

    This series explores the limits and potentials of image manipulation and compositing.

    Image manipulation is, and always has been, a part of the photographic process. The difference between the way the camera records an image and the way we see the world means that some image correction and manipulation is a normal part of creating a convincing photograph.

    There are many kinds of image manipulation, from subtle and benign, to beautiful and incredible, to the downright deceitful. In this series, you'll learn how to use compositing and manipulation techniques to enhance your vision and unlock new creative potentials in your post-production process.

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  • Democratic camera thumb

    The photographer David Hurn said that the practice of photography comes down to two fundamental decisions: "where do you stand, and when do you press the shutter?" Where you stand is, by far, the more interesting question. 

    This series will help understand where you are standing in regards to your subject, why to move, when, and how. It is about physical decisions, creative identity, and interacting with the world with a photographic eye. It is about how to do photography with a sense of purpose, play, and engagement with the world.

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  • Photograph ceramics postitioning a ceramice mug thumbnail

    Product photography is a very important genre of commercial photography: making products look attractive. It's not hard to get started with product photography and it can be very rewarding, and even a fascinating thing to do.

    There are all kinds of clients and purposes for product photography, from the mom-and-pop workshop putting up their first ecommerce store to the catalogues of multi-national retailers. There is also a great variety of styles of product photography, and productions can range in complexity from object-on-white to elaborate scenes. 

    This series is all about the many kinds of product photography you can do, how to get the best photos for your customers (or yourself) and how to have fun doing it. Best of all, product photography isn't about the latest and greatest technology. All you need is a camera (and just about any old camera will do), a little bit of light, a quiet place to work, and your eye.

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  • Nr finished product series thumb

    Sometimes, when underexposed or made at high ISO, our pictures can have unwanted random texture in the image. We call this texture "noise."

    Noise can add to a photo, but often it's a distraction we'd prefer to get rid of it. In this series, we'll explore why noise happens, how you can avoid it, and what you can do to make the best of the noise you have.

    All pictures contain some degree of noise. This series isn't about eliminating noise, it's about understanding the limits of our technologies and pushing them to their limits.

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  • Intervalometer thumbnail

    Time-lapse videography is a great way to make motion recordings with your stills camera. Though making time-lapse sequences seems a bit a complicated, in this series you'll learn tips, tricks and techniques to make capturing stunning scenes easy. You'll learn about tim-lapse gear, configuring your camera, shooting on location, and processing your time lapse sequences. If you enjoy this series, check out our course, Time-Lapse Video for Photographers. With this course, creating professional-looking time lapse videos is a process that's completely within your reach.

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