Video Introduction to Digital Photography - Part 1


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In this three part series of videos, we are going to look at the fundamentals of photography. These videos will endevour not only to explain what various camera functions do, but also illustrate them clearly and explain how we can use them creatively in a real world situation.

Video Outline

Here's a quick look at what to expect in the first instalment of this series. If you're relatively new to photography, or just want to hone your basic skills once again, it should offer a brilliant place to start.

We'll be exploring the basic functions of a camera (shutter speed, aperture, etc), explaining them in real-life examples, and taking a look at how to minimise camera shake.

  • Why Use Manual Settings?
  • Shutter Speeds Explained
  • Shutter Speed Demonstrated (Visual Effects Of Shutter Speed)
  • Creative Use Of Shutter Speeds Demonstrated
  • Aperture Explained
  • Aperture Demonstrated
  • Creative Use Of Aperture (Depth of Field Demonstrated)
  • Shutter Speed and Aperture Together
  • Camera Shake Explained & Guide To Avoiding It

Watch the Video