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Shooting an Incredible Moon Photograph


In today’s Premium tutorial, we’re going to show you how to turn your telephoto zoom lens into ultra zoom lens. This is a fantastic technique for shooting photographs of the moon, and it can give you a result that you never thought possible (at least not without a telescope). We’ll walk you through the whole process, and explain the tips and tricks we picked up when working on the project!

Equipment Needed

As with any unique photography project, you’ll need a few specific pieces of kit in order to re-create the fantastic effect we’re demonstrating. These are:

  • A Video-Equipped Digital SLR with a Crop Mode (Canon 7D, 550D, or 60D are ideal)
  • A Telephoto Zoom Lens (55-250mm or greater)
  • A Solid Tripod

You’ll also need to choose the right place for shooting – somewhere outside the city where the air is clear – and arrange to head out on a day when the moon is really full in the sky!

The Process

Here is a short list of the topics that we’re going to cover in the tutorial:

  • Listing the required equipment
  • Choosing the right place, day and time for shooting
  • Setting up the tripod and the camera
  • Adjusting and explaining the camera settings
  • Perfecting your focus, and shooting
  • Post processing the video footage

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