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10 Top Bokeh Effects to Add Beautiful Blur to Photos in Photoshop

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Bokeh is a bit hard to describe, but you know it when you see it. Good bokeh, and the volume it creates in an image, is one hallmark of quality lenses and a creative photographer.

The way lenses work, when a part of a scene is not in focus it creates a not-sharp image. Depending on a number of factors, the way these areas present can be very aesthetically pleasing. While it’s not always possible to create bokeh in-camera, there’s no reason why you can’t add some in post-production!

Here are our ten favourite bokeh effects for Adobe Photoshop from Envato Elements, where you can download unlimited resources for a monthly subscription – go get creative!

10 Top Bokeh Effects for Adobe Photoshop

1. Bokeh Photoshop Action

From phone selfies to professional DSLR photographs, you can add beautiful bokeh effects with the Bokeh Photoshop Action. There are ten colour effects to choose from and it works from Photoshop version CS3 and above.

Bokeh Photoshop ActionBokeh Photoshop ActionBokeh Photoshop Action
Bokeh Photoshop Action

2. Circles Animation Photoshop Action

If regular bokeh isn’t enough for you, try the Circles Animation Photoshop Action and create bokeh… that moves!

Circles Animation Photoshop ActionCircles Animation Photoshop ActionCircles Animation Photoshop Action
Circles Animation Photoshop Action

3. Aesthete Collection

The Aesthete Collection is a set of 140 actions that uses a gentle blend of colours and tones to create intricate moods and atmosphere for your photographs. Get the perfect soft-focus blur to blend with your backgrounds including some added light effects like moon glow and back-light.

Aesthete CollectionAesthete CollectionAesthete Collection
Aesthete Collection

4. Brightum - Soft Focus Photoshop Action

Brush over the area you want to create soft focus on, and click! It’s as simple as that with the Brightum Soft Focus Action. There are 10 options to choose from and layers are fully editable.

Brightum - Soft Focus Photoshop ActionBrightum - Soft Focus Photoshop ActionBrightum - Soft Focus Photoshop Action
Brightum - Soft Focus Photoshop Action

5. Lightum - Light Effects Photoshop Action

We had Brightum, now it’s time for Lightum! Create light effects and soft focus around your subject, with ten options to choose from. The action breaks down into fully editable, well-organised layers.

Lightum - Light Effects Photoshop ActionLightum - Light Effects Photoshop ActionLightum - Light Effects Photoshop Action
Lightum - Light Effects Photoshop Action

6. Star Filters Pro

Bokeh doesn’t have to be soft blur or circles; try stars! Star Filters Pro is an action set that includes eight different styles of star filter: from large to small, with a variety of points to each shape. These will work particularly well on scenes with road traffic or street lighting.

Star Filters ProStar Filters ProStar Filters Pro
Star Filters Pro

7. Lotus Action Collection

The Lotus Action Collection is filled with 56 gorgeous actions to let you make subtle adjustments to your images, or completely change the look! The set includes some lovely bokeh options in a variety of colours.

Lotus Action CollectionLotus Action CollectionLotus Action Collection
Lotus Action Collection

8. Soft Focus Photoshop Action

Brush over the area you want to remain in focus, and play the action to create stunning soft focus over the rest of your image. You can customise to get the right look for your photographs.

Soft Focus Photoshop ActionSoft Focus Photoshop ActionSoft Focus Photoshop Action
Soft Focus Photoshop Action

9. Bokeh Bomb Creation Kit

If you like bokeh, you’ll love Bokeh Bomb Creation Kit. Actions, brushes, gradients and overlays are bundled together into one useful package so you can create some stunning results with your photographs.

Bokeh Bomb Creation KitBokeh Bomb Creation KitBokeh Bomb Creation Kit
Bokeh Bomb Creation Kit

10. Boke-Aji – 80 Large Bokeh Brushes

Boke-Aji is a brush set of 80 for Photoshop. Each is 2500 pixels, so you can comfortably use them on high-resolution images without distortion.

Boke-Aji  80 Large Bokeh BrushesBoke-Aji  80 Large Bokeh BrushesBoke-Aji  80 Large Bokeh Brushes
Boke-Aji – 80 Large Bokeh Brushes

More Beautiful Bokeh Resources

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