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12 Top Retro Video Templates for Premiere Pro and After Effects (Create Vintage Looks)

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Flickers, dust and earthy tones, everyone loves a touch of vintage or retro in their filmmaking. We’ve put together some of the best video assets with an old film twist to give your project the vintage look you want, while keeping it fresh and modern.

Top Old-School Video Templates From Envato Elements

All assets are from Envato Elements, where you can download unlimited resources for a monthly subscription

Your subscription lets you get unlimited downloads of old-school vintage video templates, but it also includes custom fonts, stock videos and photos, music tracks, and sound effects. No caps, no limits. Just you and your creativity and all the assets you need.

Old School Vintage Video Templates Envato ElementsOld School Vintage Video Templates Envato ElementsOld School Vintage Video Templates Envato Elements
These are just some of the hundreds of old school video templates available on Envato Elements.

Let's have a look at what Envato Elements has to offer. Time to dive into the best templates to give your videos a retro feel.

Note, this article is updated periodically by Envato Tuts+ staff with new and notable templates.

1. Film Roll Promo

This Premiere Pro video template uses simple effects to create a classic style. Film Roll Promo mimics is easily customizable and works without plugins.

Film Roll Promo Premiere Pro Video TemplateFilm Roll Promo Premiere Pro Video TemplateFilm Roll Promo Premiere Pro Video Template
Film Roll Promo

2. Grunge Old Poster Opener

Keep it old school with Grunge Old Poster Opener. It's a dynamic Premiere Pro video template with a vintage grunge feel. Try it for advertisements, slideshows, or other creative projects.

3. New Old School

New Old School is an Adobe After Effects template that's perfect to be used as an opener or a presentation all on its own. It has a retro look and colouring with a grunge style that’s subtle enough not to overwhelm or distract from your project.

New Old SchoolNew Old SchoolNew Old School
New Old School

4. Cinematic Title Sequence

Great for presentations, promotions, documentaries and more, the Cinematic Title Sequence for After Effects is a gentle, old-school opener with bags of style and charm.

Cinematic Title SequenceCinematic Title SequenceCinematic Title Sequence
Cinematic Title Sequence

5. Funky Intro

Don your flares and perfect your Farrah Fawcett flick – you’re ready for the 70s, but is it ready for you? Try Funky Intro, a template for After Effects, to add some retro funk to your video project. You won’t want to come back to the future.

Funky IntroFunky IntroFunky Intro
Funky Intro

6. Super 8 Bundle

Super 8 cameras and films were at the height of their popularity in the late 60s and early 70s and the love for that particular cinematic style has lingered in the hearts of sentimental filmmakers. Get the look once again with the Super 8 Bundle for After Effects.

Super 8 BundleSuper 8 BundleSuper 8 Bundle
Super 8 Bundle

7. Old Cinema

Remember old inter-titles? Of course you don’t, me either. We’ve all seen them though and can appreciate their retro quality. You can include that lovely sense of nostalgia in your video project now, with Old Cinema for After Effects.

Old CinemaOld CinemaOld Cinema
Old Cinema

8. Old Cinema Memories

A lovely vintage slideshow for After Effects, Old Cinema Memories is perfect for sharing photographs of special occasions or events.

Old Cinema MemoriesOld Cinema MemoriesOld Cinema Memories
Old Cinema Memories

9. Silent Movie

Why say it with words when you can say it with inter-titles and lively piano music. The Silent Movie After Effects template is a great old movie effect, complete with scratches, film damage and hair effects.


10. Grave Encounters: The Living Dead Bundle

Prepare to terrify your audience with Grave Encounters for After Effects. The pack contains 50 compositions, 50 graveyard shots and a credit bundle.

GRAVE ENCOUNTERS The Living Dead BundleGRAVE ENCOUNTERS The Living Dead BundleGRAVE ENCOUNTERS The Living Dead Bundle
GRAVE ENCOUNTERS: The Living Dead Bundle

11. Favorite Memories

Favorite Memories for Adobe Premiere Pro is an elegant project to show off photos in a slideshow with a vintage twist. Matte colouring and spots and scratches help to add atmosphere, and the template is perfectly suited to weddings, events or as an opener to your film.

Favorite MemoriesFavorite MemoriesFavorite Memories
Favorite Memories

12. Retro Slideshow

Retro Slideshow is another option for sharing your photos. This Premiere Pro video template has vintage image masks. The dynamic background adds to the old-school retro vibe. Your audience can take a trip down memory lane in style with this template. 

Retro Slideshow Premiere Pro Video TemplateRetro Slideshow Premiere Pro Video TemplateRetro Slideshow Premiere Pro Video Template
Retro Slideshow

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