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10 Fun Photo Effects and Look Presets for Photoshop

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Every now and then it’s great to just have some fun with Adobe Photoshop and there’s no easier way than with pre-made actions designed to add cool, entertaining effects to your photographs. Here are our favourite ten from Envato Elements, where you can download unlimited resources for a monthly subscription—go get creative!

1. 10 Special Effects

Play just one action and all ten  are generated, meaning you can switch between the snapshots easily. Each effect is non-destructive, so it won’t touch your original image. 10 Special Effects includes a dot grid effect, halftone pop art style and stained glass.

10 Special Effects10 Special Effects10 Special Effects
10 Special Effects

2. Aquarium — Underwater Photoshop Action

An elephant? Underwater? Yup, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you, the Aquarium Underwater action set will plunge absolutely any object you like into the murky depths of the sea.

Aquarium - Underwater Photoshop ActionAquarium - Underwater Photoshop ActionAquarium - Underwater Photoshop Action
Aquarium - Underwater Photoshop Action

3. KolourPro Action Collection

Kolourpro is a one stop digital beauty salon! Add great colour to hair, including bleaching and ombre effects. Each design is professionally blended to give it true tones and accurate effects, no matter what the original hair colour.

KolourPro Action CollectionKolourPro Action CollectionKolourPro Action Collection
KolourPro Action Collection

4. PolyEx Photoshop Action

Fill your subject with colour and run the PolyEx Photoshop Action to create a cool, poly effect, covering your image in funky, geometric shapes. Fun and funky, this action will add immediate interest to your photographs.

PolyEx Photoshop ActionPolyEx Photoshop ActionPolyEx Photoshop Action
PolyEx Photoshop Action

5. Type01 Photoshop Action

The Type01 Photoshop Action is a little different to other font-based double exposure effects. It combines strong colour and a pleasing, curvy font to make something that looks like a piece of art in its own right.

Type01 Photoshop ActionType01 Photoshop ActionType01 Photoshop Action
Type01 Photoshop Action

6. Toy Camera Photography Actions for Adobe Photoshop

Toy Camera Photography Actions includes 16 entertaining versions to use with your photograph. Control everything from colour, to texture, and distortion. There’s a PDF ‘handbook’ included so you can work out what everything does before you run it!

Toy Camera Photography Actions for Adobe PhotoshopToy Camera Photography Actions for Adobe PhotoshopToy Camera Photography Actions for Adobe Photoshop
Toy Camera Photography Actions for Adobe Photoshop

7. Winter Photoshop Actions

Turn summer to winter, or even just accentuate your own winter photographs with the Winter Photoshop Actions. The set includes 21 colour actions, 44 brushes with a mix of cloud, fog and mist, and  a variety of effects like snow, rain and day to night.

Winter Photoshop ActionsWinter Photoshop ActionsWinter Photoshop Actions
Winter Photoshop Actions

8. Valentinum — Sweethearts Photoshop Action

Love is in the air with Valentinum for Photoshop. Create a greeting-card-style photograph complete with watercolour, heart detail and light effects. There are 20 options to choose from.

Valentinum - Sweethearts Photoshop ActionValentinum - Sweethearts Photoshop ActionValentinum - Sweethearts Photoshop Action
Valentinum - Sweethearts Photoshop Action

9. Infrared Photoshop Actions

Infrared is a cool effect and you can recreate it here with Infrared Photoshop Actions. Perfect for fine art photographs or even just to have some fun with your every day snaps, there are five infrared styles included, and 12 film noire.

Infrared Photoshop ActionsInfrared Photoshop ActionsInfrared Photoshop Actions
Infrared Photoshop Actions

10. Glow in the dark Photoshop Actions

Create an ethereal glow in the dark image from your photograph with Glow in the Dark Photoshop Actions. The download includes a bonus set of light leak actions.

Glow in the dark Photoshop ActionsGlow in the dark Photoshop ActionsGlow in the dark Photoshop Actions
Glow in the dark Photoshop Actions

 More Awesome Photoshop Actions

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