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8 Inspiring Motion Graphics Video Templates for After Effects

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Read Time: 3 mins

Motion graphics templates help to give your project interest and professionalism. They're easy to customise, so you add quality to your production without having to build things from scratch. Here are 10 of our favourite, inspirational motion graphics templates for Adobe After Effects, Premiere, and Apple Final Cut Pro from Envato Elements, where you can download unlimited resources on the monthly subscription.

1. Logo Segments Reveal

A clean, elegant and fun animation, the Logo Segments Reveal for Adobe After Effects is a simple and effective way to add interest to your brand. There’s detailed help included if you want to customise any of the elements.

Logo Segments RevealLogo Segments RevealLogo Segments Reveal
Logo Segments Reveal

2. Motion Graphics Pack

The Motion Graphics Pack for After Effects is a bundle with 100 animated elements, 24 placeholders for media and 25 for text. It also has nine ready-to-use scenes so you can get started straight away.

Motion Graphics PackMotion Graphics PackMotion Graphics Pack
Motion Graphics Pack

3. Video Displays in Motion

With six placeholders and the possibility of looping animation, the Video Displays in Motion template for After Effects is really versatile and fits with most projects.

Video Displays in MotionVideo Displays in MotionVideo Displays in Motion
Video Displays in Motion

4. Back to the 90s

Dust off your Nintendo 64, and remember to feed your Tamogotchi, because this After Effects template is dragging you kicking and screaming (who are we kidding, we’re going willingly!) back to the 90s! It’s easy to customise and you won’t need any plugins to use this. Now, who’s up for some Mario Kart?

Back to the 90sBack to the 90sBack to the 90s
Back to the 90s

5. Filmmaker Logo Reveal

Filmmaker Logo Reveal captures the art and science of digital film making with a dramatic movie inspired sequence revealing your company logo. For Adobe After Effects, just drop your logo into the placeholder, edit your tagline and render!

Filmmaker Logo RevealFilmmaker Logo RevealFilmmaker Logo Reveal
Filmmaker Logo Reveal

6. Timeless Confidence

Timeless Confidence for After Effects is a gentle, family tree style template with branches rolling out into images or text. This is a great one for corporate templates or family projects.

Timeless ConfidenceTimeless ConfidenceTimeless Confidence
Timeless Confidence

7. Parallax Moments

Parallax templates are a really nice way to add movement without actually needing video footage. Parallax Moments for After Effects is an elegant slideshow with a range of movements and added particle effects.

Parallax MomentsParallax MomentsParallax Moments
Parallax Moments

8. Eternal

Eternal for After Effects is a cinematic opener with seven scenes included. Making great use of light and movement, Eternal is an atmospheric addition to any project. There’s a video tutorial included in the download to help you get started, and the font is free.


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