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10 Spiffy Sports Video Templates for After Effects and Premiere

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Read Time: 4 mins

We're mad about sport. The daily scores and dramas are usually a part of every news broadcast. If you're looking to add sport to yours, whether that's football, basketball or even golf, there's something here for you.

We've put together ten great sport related video elements from Envato Market that are perfect for your broadcast.

Top After Effects Templates for Sports Broadcasts (from Envato Market)

1. Sport (After Effects)

Sport is a customisable Adobe After Effects opener which includes a range of ‘venues/surfaces,’ and balls, including (American) football, soccer and tennis.


2. The Sports (After Effects)

This template for After Effects is an impressive animation with placeholders so that you can easily replace the images with those of your choice. The author also offers the option to get the C4D files used, for free.

3. Sports Promo (After Effects)

With 16 placeholders, the Sports Promo opener for After Effects will give you plenty of options to pack some punch into your sports broadcast.

Sports PromoSports PromoSports Promo
Sports Promo

4. Sports Review (After Effects)

A really useful ‘all-in-one’ package, Sports Review for Adobe After Effects includes an opener, five video-holders, five text-holders, two transitions, lower third and final titles. This really is everything you need to get started if you don’t want to have to find elements individually.

Sports reviewSports reviewSports review
Sports review

5. Sports Opener (After Effects)

Sports Opener for After Effects comes with a video walk-through to help you easily customise your project. Add your logo and up to 6 other images, as well as changing scene colours and text to suit.

Sports OpenerSports OpenerSports Opener
Sports Opener

6. Sport Channel (After Effects)

A selection of funky sports openers for Adobe After Effects which includes car tyres, which many packages forget to include. The animations are pre-rendered meaning you can get up and running in no time at all.

Sport ChannelSport ChannelSport Channel
Sport Channel

7. Sport Screens (After Effects)

Sport Screens for After Effects is quite versatile. It’s great for live streaming of sports events when you want a quick rundown of a contestant. It also includes countdowns from ten and up from one to ten.

Sport ScreensSport ScreensSport Screens
Sport Screens

Top Adobe Premiere Pro Templates for Sports Broadcasts (from Envato Market)

8. Sport (Premiere Pro)

Sport, for Adobe Premiere Pro has 19 video or photo placeholders with fast-paced, energetic animation. There's a video tutorial included in case you get stuck.

9. Sport YouTube Channel | For Pr (Premiere Pro)

This template for Premiere Pro includes over 50 scenes suited to your YouTube sport channel. It's a comprehensive package with opener, transitions, lower thirds and much more. 

Sport YouTube Channel  For PrSport YouTube Channel  For PrSport YouTube Channel  For Pr
Sport YouTube Channel | For Pr

10. Broadcast News Essential Graphics | Mogrt (Premiere Pro)

A great package of everything you need for a broadcast, including a section for sport, Broadcast News Essential Graphics for Premiere Pro is full HD and includes a tutorial.

Broadcast News Essential Graphics  MogrtBroadcast News Essential Graphics  MogrtBroadcast News Essential Graphics  Mogrt

Extra Time: After Effects and Premiere Templates From Envato Elements

If you prefer to try a few options take a look at Envato Elements, where you can download unlimited resources for one low monthly subscription.

11. Sport Broadcast Opener (After Effects)

A fast, dynamic and visually impressive sports opener for After Effects, Sports Broadcast Opener contains references to most major sports including soccer, basketball, hockey and more.

Sport Broadcast OpenerSport Broadcast OpenerSport Broadcast Opener
Sport Broadcast Opener

12. Sports Pack (After Effects)

This pack for After Effects has 30 scene compositions and is fully customisable. Best of all, you won't need any plugins in use it!

Sports PackSports PackSports Pack
Sports Pack

13. Glitch Sport Opener (Premiere Pro)

Glitch Sport Opener for Premiere Pro is a modern template that exudes cool.

Glitch Sport OpenerGlitch Sport OpenerGlitch Sport Opener
Glitch Sport Opener

14. Soccer Opener (Premiere Pro)

A stylish opener or logo reveal, Soccer Opener for Premiere Pro is a great, upbeat way to start your sports video.

Soccer Opener - Premiere ProSoccer Opener - Premiere ProSoccer Opener - Premiere Pro
Soccer Opener - Premiere Pro

More Top Tutorials to Help Your Sports Broadcast 

If you'd like to take things further and start creating your own elements to include in sports broadcasts, here are two tutorials to get you started.

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