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10 Top IGTV Templates: Create Instagram Videos in After Effects (Motion Graphics)

Instagram have developed IGTV over the last few years, adding new features that help content creators make easily consumable video in an engaging way. Here are ten of our favourite After Effects templates designed with IGTV in mind, to help you make an impact with your videos.

Top After Effects Templates from Envato Elements for IGTV

These seven Instagram TV templates are all included with a subscription to Envato Elements, so try them all!

1. IGTV — Stylish Promo

A chic and sophisticated After Effects template for Instagram TV, simply add your own images and text and you’re good to go. Animations are smooth and slow, and would suit professional, corporate styles.

2. Splatter Instagram version IGTV

A bright and fun promo for IGTV with a splatter ink transition effect. You won’t need any plugins to use this and it’s easy to change out the colours to suit your brand.

Splatter Instagram version IGTV
Splatter Instagram version IGTV

3. 80s Fever IGTV Version

If you love a little retro when it comes to your Instagram account then give this cool 80s style template for After Effects a try. It’s easy to customise and perfect to use for either IGTV or Stories.

80s Fever IGTV Version
80s Fever IGTV Version

4. IGTV — Simple Memories Slideshow

Keep it simple with a clean slideshow video with placeholders inspired by polaroid. You have a choice of cute emoji animations to go with each image, too.

IGTV  Simple Memories Slideshow
IGTV — Simple Memories Slideshow

5. Instagram Slideshow Pack - IGTV, Post, Stories

This cool Instagram TV pack for After Effects has everything you need to make high quality social media videos. There are plenty of slideshow options to choose from, so your videos will look fresh but still consistent.

Instagram Slideshow Pack - IGTV Post Stories
Instagram Slideshow Pack - IGTV, Post, Stories

6. IGTV Instagram Openers Pack

A nice variety pack of openers for IGTV, compatible with most versions of After Effects. There’s a video tutorial included to help you get started.

IGTV Instagram Openers Pack
IGTV Instagram Openers Pack

7. IGTV — Stylish Event Promo | Vertical and Square

If you have an event coming up, promote it in style with these trendy After Effects templates featuring a cool splash of colour and flipping animations.

 IGTV  Stylish Event Promo  Vertical and Square
IGTV — Stylish Event Promo | Vertical and Square

Top After Effects Templates from Envato Market for IGTV

If you prefer to pay as you go, then here are three templates from Envato Market

8. IGTV News Channel

A pack designed specially for news channels, these templates for After Effects have minimal design and clear text so that you can get your message across quickly and easily.

IGTV News Channel
IGTV News Channel

9. Clouder | Motion Pack for IGTV Instagram

A nicely designed motion pack including lower thirds, openers, titles and much more. It’s fast to render and you won’t need any plugins to use it.

Clouder  Motion Pack for IGTV Instagram
Clouder | Motion Pack for IGTV Instagram

10. Duotone Instaram Stories and IGTV

29 templates await you in this IGTV pack for After Effects and you won’t need any plugins to use them. The templates are set out in a modular structure, and are easy to edit.

Duotone Instaram Stories and IGTV
Duotone Instaram Stories and IGTV

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