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100 Free Lightroom Presets — Instant Image Filters and Photo Styles

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Who doesn't love free Adobe Lightroom presets? With just one click, you can borrow and tap into the style of other photographers. Presets can transform your images and add styles in a second.

As Lightroom's popularity has increased, so has the quality of presets to modify and enhance images. Because Lightroom is a "non-destructive" image editor, we can easily try out all types of presets and not change the original image file. This makes it easier than ever to experiment with applying effects to your photos.

We've tested one hundred the web's best free Adobe Lightroom presets. Plus, you'll see examples of premium preset packs that help your images look their best. The presets that you'll see in this post focus on Adobe Lightroom Classic, although some may include presets for other versions of Lightroom if the author included them.

Let's dive in!

How to Install and Apply Presets in Lightroom Classic

Lightroom presets can unlock potential in your editing workflow, but where to start?

5 Top Premium Preset Packs from Envato Elements

With an Elements subscription, you unlock everything in the Elements library, including the web's best Lightroom presets. Try Envato Elements for unlimited downloads on Lightroom presets

Let's look at just five of the most popular Lightroom preset packs on Envato Elements. Each of these downloads includes multiple Lightroom presets

ARTA - Vintage Film Lightroom Presets

Nostalgia doesn't have to wait for tomorrow when you apply each of these styles. You'll get Lightroom presets that add grain, tinting, and tone curves that emulate classic film styles. 

Arta Vintage film presetsArta Vintage film presetsArta Vintage film presets

Monochromatic Vol. 2 - 20 Lightroom Presets

Who says that black and white presets are all built alike? This package proves that there's no shortage of no color styles. With 20 Lightroom presets inside one download, you'll restyle your images in ways you might not have imagined.

Bright & Airy Lightroom Presets

It might be hard to describe "bright and airy" when it comes to images, but we all instantly know what it means. Think lifted highlights, high contrast, and warm tones. This preset pack captures that perfectly for landscape and cheery portrait imagery.

Retro Film: Lightroom Presets

Take your images back in time with the help of this ten pack of filmic presets. Most of these presets adjust the tone curve and color tinting to accurately mimic classic analog styles.

ARTA - Sepia Presets

The sepia style harkens back to yesteryear with soft brown tinting across the tonal range. Sepia comes in a few forms, and the four presets in this pack each apply sepia in a unique way.

Arta Sepia Lightroom presetsArta Sepia Lightroom presetsArta Sepia Lightroom presets

100 Free Adobe Lightroom Presets

Without further adieu, it's time to share the web's best free Lightroom presets. We've hand selected them and tested them on sample images.

Note: most of these presets were applied to images with minor corrections. Most presets add creative adjustments to already-corrected images. For more about corrections, check out this tutorial to kickstart your learning. 

1. Blood Brothers

1 blood brothers1 blood brothers1 blood brothers

2. Contrast Noir

Contrast NoirContrast NoirContrast Noir

3. Brighten

3 Brighten3 Brighten3 Brighten

4. Shadowze


5. Christmas Tree #2

5 Christmas Tree 25 Christmas Tree 25 Christmas Tree 2

6. Old Film Autumn

6 Old Film Autumn6 Old Film Autumn6 Old Film Autumn

7. Analog Look

7 Analog Look7 Analog Look7 Analog Look

8. Sincerely Yours

8 Sincerely Yours8 Sincerely Yours8 Sincerely Yours

9. Spring White

9 Spring White9 Spring White9 Spring White

10. Blood Sugar

10 Blood Sugar10 Blood Sugar10 Blood Sugar

11. Sweet Wedding

11 Sweet Wedding11 Sweet Wedding11 Sweet Wedding

12. Banff

12 Banff12 Banff12 Banff

13. Haze

13 Haze13 Haze13 Haze

14. High Tide

14 High Tide14 High Tide14 High Tide

15. When in Rome

15 When in Rome15 When in Rome15 When in Rome

16. Seeped in Sepia

Seeped in SepiaSeeped in SepiaSeeped in Sepia

17. Gibraltar

17 Gibraltar17 Gibraltar17 Gibraltar

18. Sunnylove

18 Sunnylove18 Sunnylove18 Sunnylove

19. Retro Style

19 Retro Style19 Retro Style19 Retro Style

20. Wedding Look

20 Wedding look20 Wedding look20 Wedding look

21. Pretty in Pink

21 Pretty in Pink21 Pretty in Pink21 Pretty in Pink

22. Vogue

22 Vogue22 Vogue22 Vogue

23. Bold Film

23 Bold Film23 Bold Film23 Bold Film

24. Sucker Punch

24 Sucker Punch24 Sucker Punch24 Sucker Punch

25. Creative Nights

25 Creative Nights25 Creative Nights25 Creative Nights

26. Cinematic HDR

26 Cinematic HDR26 Cinematic HDR26 Cinematic HDR

27. Haze Effect

27 Haze Effect27 Haze Effect27 Haze Effect

28. Autumn Forest

28 Autumn Forest28 Autumn Forest28 Autumn Forest

29. City Vintage

29 City Vintage29 City Vintage29 City Vintage

30. Lightroom Surf Photography

30 Lightroom Surf Photography30 Lightroom Surf Photography30 Lightroom Surf Photography

31. Real Estate

31 Real Estate31 Real Estate31 Real Estate

32. Cowberry

32 Cowberry32 Cowberry32 Cowberry

33. Mountains & Valleys

33 Mountains & Valleys33 Mountains & Valleys33 Mountains & Valleys

34. Beach Day

34 Beach Day34 Beach Day34 Beach Day

35. Take a Vow

Take a vowTake a vowTake a vow

36. Hipster

36 Hipster36 Hipster36 Hipster

37. 35mm Film

37 35mm Film37 35mm Film37 35mm Film

38. HDR Strong

38 HDR Strong38 HDR Strong38 HDR Strong

39. Cine Pack

39 Cine Pack39 Cine Pack39 Cine Pack

40. Dark Forest Tales

40 Dark Forest Tales40 Dark Forest Tales40 Dark Forest Tales

41. Sweet Tea

41 Sweet Tea41 Sweet Tea41 Sweet Tea

42. Legacy Pro 800

42 Legacy Pro 80042 Legacy Pro 80042 Legacy Pro 800

43. HDR Grand Hotel

43 HDR Grand Hotel43 HDR Grand Hotel43 HDR Grand Hotel

44. Sweet Baby

Sweet baby LR PresetSweet baby LR PresetSweet baby LR Preset

45. Preset 350

45 Preset 35045 Preset 35045 Preset 350

46. High Contrast Black & White

46 High Contrast black and white46 High Contrast black and white46 High Contrast black and white

47. Perfect Portra

47 Perfect Portra47 Perfect Portra47 Perfect Portra

48. Ursa Major

48 Ursa Major48 Ursa Major48 Ursa Major

49. Portrait Photography

49 Portrait Photography49 Portrait Photography49 Portrait Photography

50. Neopan 400

50 Neopan 40050 Neopan 40050 Neopan 400

51. Sun Flare

51 Sun Flare51 Sun Flare51 Sun Flare

52. Enter Sandman

52 Enter Sandman52 Enter Sandman52 Enter Sandman

53. Neptune

53 Neptune53 Neptune53 Neptune

54. One Click Wonder

One click WonderOne click WonderOne click Wonder

55. Shadow Detail Cool

55 Shadow Detail Cool55 Shadow Detail Cool55 Shadow Detail Cool

56. Autumn Landscape

Autumn landscape updateAutumn landscape updateAutumn landscape update

57. Cosmic Dancer

57 Cosmic Dancer57 Cosmic Dancer57 Cosmic Dancer

58. Driftwood Preset

58 Drfitwood58 Drfitwood58 Drfitwood

59. Summertime

59 Summertime59 Summertime59 Summertime

60. Rich Film

60 Rich Film60 Rich Film60 Rich Film

61. Faded Greens

61 Faded Greens61 Faded Greens61 Faded Greens

62. City Nights

City nights previewCity nights previewCity nights preview

63. Luc Besson

63 Luc Besson63 Luc Besson63 Luc Besson

64. Preset 248

64 Preset 24864 Preset 24864 Preset 248

65. Spring Flowering

65 Spring Flowering65 Spring Flowering65 Spring Flowering

66. Orange Fade

66 Orange Fade66 Orange Fade66 Orange Fade

67. Slumberland

Lightroom Look SlumberlandLightroom Look SlumberlandLightroom Look Slumberland

68. B&W

68 B&W68 B&W68 B&W

69. Tribal

69 Tribal69 Tribal69 Tribal

70. Dynamic Landscape Edits

70 Dynamic Landscape Edits70 Dynamic Landscape Edits70 Dynamic Landscape Edits

71. Santorini

71 Santorini71 Santorini71 Santorini

72. Booster

72 Booster72 Booster72 Booster

73. Vintage Vixen

73 Vintage Vixen73 Vintage Vixen73 Vintage Vixen

74. Wedding

Wedding Lightroom presetWedding Lightroom presetWedding Lightroom preset

75. Cinderelle

75 Cinderelle75 Cinderelle75 Cinderelle

76. Light and Airy Contrast

76 Light and Airy Contrast76 Light and Airy Contrast76 Light and Airy Contrast

77. Spring Pastel Portraits

77 Spring Pastel Portraits77 Spring Pastel Portraits77 Spring Pastel Portraits

78. Cinema

78 Cinema78 Cinema78 Cinema

79. Delicate Pink Fade

79 Delicate Pink Fade79 Delicate Pink Fade79 Delicate Pink Fade

80. Voodoo Lounge

81. Green Hills

Green HillsGreen HillsGreen Hills

82. Kodak Portra

82 Kodak Portra82 Kodak Portra82 Kodak Portra

83. Food Photography

83 Food Photography83 Food Photography83 Food Photography

84. Skyfall

84 Skyfall84 Skyfall84 Skyfall

85. Wonderland Pro

85 Wonderland Pro85 Wonderland Pro85 Wonderland Pro

86. Cold Sun

86 Cold Sun86 Cold Sun86 Cold Sun

87. Sport

87 Sport87 Sport87 Sport

88. Autumn Color Boost HDR

Autumn color boost HDRAutumn color boost HDRAutumn color boost HDR

89. Moody + Creamy

Moody and CreamyMoody and CreamyMoody and Creamy

90. Moody

90 Moody90 Moody90 Moody

91. Wedding Day

4 Wedding Day4 Wedding Day4 Wedding Day

92. Scenic Color

92 Scenic Color92 Scenic Color92 Scenic Color

93. Sharp Color Pop

93 Sharp Color Pop93 Sharp Color Pop93 Sharp Color Pop

94. Spearmint

94 Spearmint94 Spearmint94 Spearmint

95. The Bouquet

95 The Bouquet95 The Bouquet95 The Bouquet

96. Dark and Moody Landscapes

96 Dark and Moody Landscapes96 Dark and Moody Landscapes96 Dark and Moody Landscapes

97. Quiet Street

Quiet StreetQuiet StreetQuiet Street

98. A Faded Sunset

A faded sunsetA faded sunsetA faded sunset

99. Aged B&W Print

99 Aged B&W Print99 Aged B&W Print99 Aged B&W Print

100. Vintage Vibe

100 Vintage Vibe100 Vintage Vibe100 Vintage Vibe

How to Install Lightroom Presets

Now that you've downloaded your Lightroom presets, you might be wondering, "how do I use them?" First, you need to install the presets so that you can use them with your Lightroom catalog. It's easy to add and organize presets.

Learn how to install your new Adobe Lightroom Classic presets with the help of this tutorial:

Keep Learning Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom Classic has every feature you can imagine to organize, style, and share your images. There are tools for every part of the digital workflow, and with our tutorials you can master each step.

Learn more about Adobe Lightroom Classic with these tutorials:

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