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100+ Hot Video Templates on Envato Elements — June 2018

Video Templates and Assets Now on Envato Elements

Video templates have arrived on our sister site, Envato Elements! A subscription to Elements gives you everything you need to create polished video projects, with minimal effort. Don’t start from scratch: if you're a designer, videographer, or animator, Envato Elements makes creative work easier.

We've collected 100 of the best templates on Elements to give your next project a creative boost: titles, broadcast packs, elements, infographics, logo stings, openers, product promos, and video display templates. With an Elements subscription, you get all of the templates on this page—and the rest of the growing Elements library (including all of our video courses).


A title template is a great way to quickly add production-value and style to your video. Here are 20 title templates from Envato Elements to get your video started right:

Title Templates for Adobe Premiere Pro

  1. Simple Mogrt Graphics Titles by Elmake
  2. Minimal Glitch Titles by Visual_A
  3. Short Quotes by Treedeo
woman leaning backward weaing a blue dress in a photo studiowoman leaning backward weaing a blue dress in a photo studiowoman leaning backward weaing a blue dress in a photo studio

Title Templates for Adobe After Effects

  1. Hud Cinematic Titles by Pixflow
  2. Liquid Animation Titles by Aniom
  3. Future Action Titles by Motionvids
  4. 130 Titles Lower Thirds by Voxyde
  5. Arabic Titles by AE-Rocket
  6. Futuristic Cinematic Trailer by Videokracy
  7. Red Thrilla by Treedeo
  8. Simplicity Title Pack by Dyomin
  9. Titles by 3uma
  10. Typography Vol.1 by Videokracy
  11. Typography Intro by Therealist
  12. Titles Composer by Therealist
  13. Stylish Animated Typeface by Space-Dog
  14. Cinematic Logo & Title by Edum
  15. Lower Third by Power_Bank
  16. Motion Titles Maker by Planky
  17. Lovely Parallax Slideshow by Space-Dog

Broadcast Packages

Broadcast packages include all the visual assets you need to complete the look for a YouTube series or television show—from baking blog to broadcast news.

Broadcast Packages for Premiere Pro

  1. Popcorn Broadcast Package Essential Graphics | Mogrt by AE-Rocket

Broadcast Packages for After Effects

  1. Dynamic Broadcast by MotionRevolver
  2. Travel Broadcast Package by 3uma
  3. Flat Broadcast Pack 2 by AE-Rocket
  4. Sports Plus - Broadcast Package by 3uma
  5. College Basketball Bracket Madness by Voxyde
  6. Flat Broadcast Pack by MotionRevolver
  7. Ultimate Broadcast News Pack 2 by AE-Rocket
  8. 80s Madness by 3uma
  9. Promo Channel by Sonorafilms
  10. Broadcast News Package by Premiumilk
  11. Broadcast Identity Pack by EFEKT_Studio
  12. Broadcast | Your Blog by AE-Rocket
  13. Ultimate Broadcast News Pack by AE-Rocket
  14. News 10 Pack by EFEKT_Studio
  15. Hyper Music Festival by 333pix
  16. Cook With Us - Cooking TV Show Package by Pixflow
  17. Urban Broadcast by 3uma
  18. Cutting Edge Titles and Lower Thirds by AE-Rocket

Video Elements

Video elements is a broad category of helpful little assets to round out your productions and complete the look for your video. Here are our picks:

Video Elements for Premiere Pro

  1. ActionFX | Fire Smoke Water Effects for Premiere Pro by Aquavitae
  2. Minimal Lower Thirds by Motionvids

Video Elements for After Effects

  1. Punch Drunk by MotionRevolver
  2. Modern Transitions 5 Pack Volume 6 by Aniom
  3. Earth Zoom Toolkit by 3uma
  4. Modern Transitions 5 Pack Volume 5 by Mocarg
  5. Toons Tool 2 (FX Kit) by AngryAlpacaTv
  6. Transition Wood by Dyomin
  7. Paper - Grotesque Shady Animated Typeface by Hramovsky
  8. Liquid FX Animation Pack by Pixflow
  9. Distorted Transitions (Glitch Tool) by Motionvids
  10. Hand Drawn Summer by Dyomin
  11. Call Outs by AngryAlpacaTv
  12. Lower Third by Therealist
  13. 150 Splatter Animations + Opener by Therealist
  14. Earth Horizon by 3uma
  15. Evolution HUD Infographic by Mocarg
  16. Particle Builder | Sand Pack: Dust Sand Storm by D-ASH
  17. Statistics by Pixflow


Infographics help illustrate complex data or ideas—an important but sometimes laborious job. Check out these handy infographic templates to save you time (all require After Effects):

  1. HUD Builder by Hypha
  2. Flat Infographics by 3uma
  3. Statistician - Massive Info Graphics Kit by Aquavitae
  4. Light Trails 4K by Hypha

Logo Sting Templates

Have a nice logo? Give it a quick animation: try these great logo sting templates!

Logo Sting Templates for Apple Motion

  1. Epic Logo - Apple Motion by Creativelab

Logo Sting Templates for After Effects

  1. Elegant Flame Logo by Creativelab
  2. Light Bulb Signs by Visual_A
  3. The Eye by Marcobelli
  4. Map Your World by Creativelab
  5. Projection Mapping | Logo Reveal Pack by Bank508
  6. B&W - Glitch Logo Reveal by Microzooms
  7. Superhero Logo by Secondfalseiteration
  8. 3D Frame - Modern Logo Reveal by Ultinato
  9. Quick Fire Swish Logo by Secondfalseiteration
  10. Logo Build by Creattive
  11. Elegant Fire Logo (No Plugin) by Ultinato
  12. Quick Clean Bling Logo 5 by Reactorenergy
  13. Fresh Glitch Logo Build 2 Pack Volume 1 by AngryAlpacaTv
  14. Fresh Logo Build 2 Pack Volume 1 by AngryAlpacaTv
  15. Hi-Tech Logo Reveal 02 by AngryAlpacaTv
  16. Funky Strokes - Logo Reveal by MotionApe
  17. Quick Logo Sting Pack 08: Glitch & Distortion by EFEKT_Studio
  18. Clean Abstract Streaks Reveal by Creattive
  19. Architect Logo Reveal (3 Versions) by Creattive
  20. Gate of Heaven 4K by EFEKT_Studio
  21. Universal by Creativelab
  22. Epic Logo Bunde (5-Pack) by Creativelab
  23. Logo With Style by EFEKT_Studio
  24. Get Real Logo Bundle by EFEKT_Studio

Opener Templates

Opener Templates for Premiere Pro

  1. Dynamic Upbeat Opener by Eugene-Langre

Opener Templates for After Effects

  1. Internet Search Engine Screen Close-Up by 3uma
  2. Dynamic Slideshow by 3uma
  3. Multipurpose 3D Promo by 3uma
  4. International Typography by Marcobelli
  5. Own the Night by Sonorafilms
  6. Triangular Opener by 3uma
  7. Glitch Media Opener by Levmotion
  8. GRAVE ENCOUNTERS: The Living Dead Bundle by TranSMaxX
  9. DARK MATTERS: HauntedWorx Collection V1 by Phantazma
  10. Funky Party 2 by Phantazma
  11. Opener Logo Trailer by 3uma
  12. Urban cinematic Media Opener by Power_Bank
  13. Techno Time 2049 Media Opener by TranSMaxX
  14. Open Event by TranSMaxX
  15. Sliding Slideshow by AE-Rocket
  16. Summer Party by AE-Rocket
  17. Instagram Toolkit by Sonorafilms

Product Promo Video Templates

A quick video for social media and the website? No problem, promoting your product or website is as easy as firing up one of these templates.

Product Promo Templates for After Effects

  1. Slides Typography by Planky
  2. Flat Animated Story by Planky
  3. Stylish App Promo Kit by 3uma
  4. Super Dynamic Website Promo by Iluzie
  5. Bright Colorful Fashion Slideshow by 3uma
  6. Trendy Minimalistic Web Promo by TranSMaxX
  7. Future Website Promo 2in1 by 3uma
  8. Website and App Promo by Videostones
  9. Modern Website Presentation by 3uma
  10. Dynamic Website Presentation by Aquavitae
  11. Lopo | Isometric Explainer Kit by ConceptCafe
  12. Elegant Web / App Presentation by 333Pix
  13. App Presentation Kit by AngryAlpacaTv
  14. Milano Magazine Promo by 3uma
  15. Website Promo Presentation by Motionvids
  16. Pixity Land | Character Animation Explainer Toolkit by Yeremia

Video Displays

Video Display Templates for Premiere Pro

  1. Fast Slideshow Premiere Pro by VProxy

Video Display Templates for Apple Motion

  1. Minimal Corporate Slideshow - Apple Motion by Edum

Video Display Templates for After Effects

  1. Simple Slideshow Tower Promo by MotionMount
  2. Ultimate Slideshow Construction Kit by Bank508
  3. Massive HUD Pack 3 by Edum
  4. Kitten Loft by EFEKT_Studio
  5. Transition Unfold by Ultinato
  6. Wonderful Memories Photo Slideshow by Hramovsky
  7. Black Wall by Donvladone
  8. BoxRoom by 3uma
  9. Subway by Creativelab
  10. Minimal Page Flip by Motionvids
  11. Creative Slideshow by Madlistudio
  12. Fashion Colors Elegance Slideshow by Premiumilk
  13. Mission Possible by TranSMaxX
  14. Backstage by EFEKT_Studio
  15. In Business Slideshow by AE-Rocket
  16. Demo Reel by Iluzie
  17. Slideshow Memories by AE-Rocket
  18. Modern Opener - Slideshow II by Hramovsky

Get Learning!

Envato Elements also includes hundreds of courses from Envato Tuts+. Here are a few lessons from some of our favourites:

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