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15 Awesome Analogue Templates for Adobe After Effects

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Who knew that so soon after the (almost) death of analogue, we'd be desperate to reproduce its most charming quirks, digitally. We miss the glitching, the fuzzy lines and the questionable colouring. 

Fear not, analogue effects seeker; we've put together a list of Envato Market templates that will give you your pre-digital fix.

Analogue Emulation

1. The Ultimate Glitch Logo Intro

The Ultimate Glitch Logo Intro gives you a touch of old fashioned analogue distortion (think a bad signal’ which you can customise with your own logo or title.

The Ultimate Glitch Logo IntroThe Ultimate Glitch Logo IntroThe Ultimate Glitch Logo Intro
The Ultimate Glitch Logo Intro by XFxDesigns and Envato

2. Insert VHS Title

Go old school with this Insert VHS Title sequence for CS5 and above. The download includes a link to the free font used in the demo and you won’t need any extra plugins.

Insert Vhs TitleInsert Vhs TitleInsert Vhs Title
Insert Vhs Title by Mizukovideo and Envato

3. The Printer

The Printer features glitch, organic effects with a retro flair, showcasing titles and pictures in a fluid way. Flat, with a touch of grunge and with an included soundtrack that really adds to the analogue feel.

The PrinterThe PrinterThe Printer
The Printer by CarlB and Envato

4. VHS Trailer (TV Interference and Typing Text)

Simulate analogue glitch effects with this VSH Trailer download. Relive the joy of 70s and 80s classics with flicking and added noise.

VHS Trailer TV Interference and Typing TextVHS Trailer TV Interference and Typing TextVHS Trailer TV Interference and Typing Text
VHS Trailer (TV Interference and Typing Text) by TimMG and Envato.

5. Technicolor Process

This project is based on reproduction of the old Technicolor workflow and the main project doesn’t use any colour presets. The original footage is separated into individual colour channels and then processed steps identical to the original analogue process, in order to achieve the final, flexible result.

Technicolor ProcessTechnicolor ProcessTechnicolor Process
Technicolor Process by GlowingBulbs and Envato

Retro Style

1. Lovely Slides

Display your photographs, video or portfolio with Lovely Slides. The template includes 75 placeholders and a scattering of light effects such as bokeh and lens flare.

Lovely SlidesLovely SlidesLovely Slides
Lovely Slides by ZuzuZa and Envato

 2. Memories II

This project enables you to add 204 photo or video files and 10 text phrases, with the option to add more if required. A handy instructional video will get you started on your retro journey.

Memories IIMemories IIMemories II
Memories II by Wayman and Envato

3. Kinetica

Kinetica can gets your message across using stylish and dynamic typography. With six built-in, contemporary colour schemes to choose from, there’ll be no shortage of options if you download this project.

Kinetica by SmallScreen and Envato

4. Vintage Projector Slideshow

Show off your pictures and videos with this projector animation. A projector cycles through your favourite pictures and videos. The template includes 40 placeholders and you can change the timing to suit the mood of your project.

Vintage Projector SlideshowVintage Projector SlideshowVintage Projector Slideshow
Vintage Projector Slideshow by Alex_watson and Envato

5. Formal Wedding Video Titles Template

This is a customisable, animated graphics template to use for cinematic wedding video openers or other video projects. It includes brush-in, formal, and ribbon animations with a mix of modern, retro, and vintage themed typography, simply change to suit.

Formal Wedding Video Titles TemplateFormal Wedding Video Titles TemplateFormal Wedding Video Titles Template
Formal Wedding Video Titles Template by GerardGerard and Envato

Vintage Templates

1. History in Photographs

This vintage opener is a great way to show off your videos or photographs. The download includes both a short version (1:06 with 19 placeholders) and a longer version (2:04 with 40 placeholders) and comes with a PDF tutorial.

History in PhotographsHistory in PhotographsHistory in Photographs
History in Photographs by 3uma and Envato

2. Vintage Memories

Vintage Memories includes both a photograph and video version in the download. You won’t require any plugins for this, just load it up and go! Includes some grunge overlays such as dust, scratches and light leaks.

Vintage MemoriesVintage MemoriesVintage Memories
Vintage Memories by Vcgmotion and Envato

3. Vintage Film Opener

With warm, soft lighting, Vintage Film Opener is 23 seconds of pure class. For CS5 or above, the logo is easily replaceable and the download includes a link to the featured font.

Vintage Film OpenerVintage Film OpenerVintage Film Opener
Vintage Film Opener by Dimka4D and Envato

4. Super 8 Bundle

The Super 8 Bundle was filmed with the impressive Red Epic 5K camera but has been converted to a more user-friendly 3k. This high-quality pack comes (refreshingly) with everything you see in the preview—including text and music.

Super 8 BundleSuper 8 BundleSuper 8 Bundle
Super 8 Bundle by PHANTAZMA and Envato

5. Vintage Color Film Look

Get the colour film vibe with this pack, which includes 25 colour compositions, 10 colour presets and 10 overlays. 

Vintage Color Film LookVintage Color Film LookVintage Color Film Look
Vintage Color Film Look by Ruslan-ivanov and Envato

That's All, Folks

I don't know about you, but all those analogue effects have given me the urge to pop into the loft for my Commodore 64.

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