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20 Top Slideshow Video Templates for Final Cut Pro


Slideshow videos can be a stunning way to show photos and information to your audience, but the process of making one can be time-consuming. You can save time without losing a professional touch by using a slideshow video template.

Great Slideshow Video Templates for Final Cut Pro From Envato Elements (2020)

Create stunning slideshows with this selection of 20 Final Cut Pro slideshow templates from Envato Elements, where you can download an unlimited amount for one low subscription cost.

Final Cut Pro Slideshow Video Templates Envato Elements

With the subscription you get full and unlimited access to the Envato Elements library: unlimited slideshow video templates, custom fonts, sound effects. It's a great choice for anyone who need lots of design assets. Elements includes hundreds of premium slideshow video templates for Final Cut Pro X and Apple Motion.

1. Colorful Slideshow | FCPX

The bright and lively Colorful Slideshow makes your photos stand out. Its modular structure is easy to use and understand. Just add your images and text for a nice finished slideshow. It's a nice option for promoting your new clothing brand.

Colorful Slideshow FCPX
Colorful Slideshow | FCPX

2. Freestyle Slideshow | For Final Cut & Apple Motion

Freestyle Slideshow is a top option if you want to create a dynamic piece for marketing or a portfolio. Its unique look can be used in many industries. 

Freestyle Slideshow For Final Cut  Apple Motion
Freestyle Slideshow | For Final Cut & Apple Motion

3. Ink Slideshow

You'd be surprised how easily creative image and video masks can elevate the look of your slideshow. Just look at this Ink Slideshow template. It adds a stunning inkblot effect to your media. You won't need any plugins with this choice. Just drag, drop, and export.

Ink Slideshow
Ink Slideshow

4. Simple Slideshow

Simple Slideshow is clean and minimal but dynamic enough to grab the attention of your audience and hold them captive! Perfect for high-energy projects like travel, fashion and lifestyle.

 Simple Slideshow
Simple Slideshow

5. Simple Slideshow Tower Promo 

Create a cool slideshow tower of your images or footage with the Simple Slideshow Tower Promo. Great to use as a funky portfolio or as a video promo for your business.

Simple Slideshow Tower Promo - Apple Motion Create a cool sli
Simple Slideshow Tower Promo

6. Clean Slideshow

A modern and minimal template, Clean Slideshow makes use of a subtle shifting effect to add unique movement. Great for accessible corporate projects, as it’s professional, but fun!

Clean Slideshow
Clean Slideshow

7. Glitch Slideshow

This dynamic slideshow for Final Cut Pro makes use of the popular glitch effect. You won’t need any plugins to use this template and it’s packed full of energy – your audience will love it.

Glitch Slideshow
Glitch Slideshow

8. Colourful Summer Slideshow

Capture the colours and joy of summer with this Colourful Summer Slideshow. A chunky font and bright, bold colours help to make this a really eye-catching and striking template.

Colourful Summer Slideshow
Colourful Summer Slideshow

9. Parallax Slideshow Opener

Parallax is a nifty way to add movement to a still image, and the Parallax Slideshow Opener does just that, making clever use of shape, texture and style to really pull you into the images shown.

Parallax Slideshow Opener
Parallax Slideshow Opener

10. Simple Slides

Keep it simple with this smooth, clean template for Final Cut Pro. Perfect as a promo, opener or title sequence. It’s easy to customise with colours that suit your project.

Simple Slides  FCPX or Apple Motion
Simple Slides | FCPX or Apple Motion

11. FCP Zoom Transitions

Enjoy cinematic zoom effects with the Zoom Transitions video template. Seamlessly move through your footage with fast transitions and dizzying tumbles.

FCP Zoom Transitions
FCP Zoom Transitions

12. Glitch Design Opener

Another glitch template, but this time one that really goes for it and makes full use of the effect! You won’t need any plugins to use this and it comes with a tutorial to help you get started.

Glitch Design Opener
Glitch Design Opener

13. Summer Opener

Easy to use and edit, with no plugins required, Summer Opener is a delight for the eyes. Brightly coloured and full of upbeat energy, it’s bound to be a hit with your audience.

Summer Opener
Summer Opener

14. Sports Opener

Sports Opener is a dynamic slideshow that fits well with fast-paced sports projects like motor racing, or with music videos. It’s easy to change up elements of the template to suit your needs.

Sports Opener
Sports Opener

15. In the Round

Spin your audience right round, baby, right round with In the Round for Final Cut Pro. As you might have guessed, the template features a carousel of placeholders that spin around before highlighting a piece of footage.

In the Round - Apple Motion
In the Round 

16. Stylish Fashion Slide Show

Packed with glitter and bokeh, Stylish Fashion is a slideshow filled with glitz and glamour. The download includes ten video placeholders, 15 text holders and a place holder for your logo.

Stylish Fashion Slide Show
Stylish Fashion Slide Show

17. Valentines Day Wishes

Love is in the air with this Valentines Day Wishes template. It’s well-organised and easy to use, with roses and petals included in the download.

Valentines Day Wishes
Valentines Day Wishes

18. Fast And Dynamic Slideshow

A simple but dynamic, multi-purpose opener with 18 placeholders for photo or video, this slideshow would work with everything from a commercial project to a fun, personal slideshow for friends and family.

Fast And Dynamic Slideshow
Fast And Dynamic Slideshow

19. Minimal & Clean Slideshow

There's a fine line between minimal and dull when it comes to slideshows. But when done right, like with the Minimal & Clean Slideshow template, the results are fantastic. It's modern and stylish, and includes a video tutorial if you need help.

Minimal  Clean Slideshow
Minimal & Clean Slideshow

20. Bold Slideshow

We round out our list with the Bold Slideshow. This template features a high-quality look with its soft pink and blue tones. Change everything by quickly adding your images and text. You also get complete color control to use your brand's colors.

Bold Slideshow Final Cut Template
Bold Slideshow

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