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15 Best Quick Tutorial Video Templates on Placeit


Seeing something and following along is a great way to learn for so many of us. Video tutorials are a great way to do this, and can take a few forms: DIY ‘how to make,’ demonstration, and of course, personality-led learning channels.

How to Make Tutorials Using Video Templates

You might want to make your video tutorial in existing software, like Adobe After Effects or Premiere Pro, or if you don’t have access to those suites, you might want to try Placeit, where you can do everything right there on the site, without software.

15 Best Video Tutorial Templates on Placeit

1. Tutorial Slideshow Maker for a Makeup Tutorial

Create a video for a cool makeup tutorial with this Placeit video maker with music. It’s easy to change fonts, graphics and effects.

2.  Modern Slideshow Maker for a Countdown Video

Create a cool countdown for your tutorial building up to a product launch, or even just a tease to the tutorial itself.

3. Slideshow Maker for a Step by Step Studying Video

Share your knowledge with current students by making a step by step video on how to study effectively.


4.  Modern Slideshow Video Maker with Motion Graphics

Create a stunning slideshow tutorial video with music and text effects. This template would suit anything from a business tutorial to a cool brand video.

5.  Slideshow Video Maker for a Step by Step Jogging Tutorial

Get your audience into a fitness routine by creating a step by step video detailing how to do it safely and effectively.

6. Intro Maker with Minimalist Motion Graphics

Improve your brand’s identity by making a stand-out intro using this template. Choose from provided stock images or upload your own content.

7. Slideshow Maker for a Travel Step by Step Tutorial

Help your viewers catch the travel bug and say bon voyage, by sharing your knowledge of travel in a how-to video.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash
Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

8.  Product Overview Slideshow Video Maker for an Apparel Brand

If you have a product you’d like to showcase, try this product overview template from Placeit.

9. Intro Maker for an Urban Store Logo Reveal

Make an eye-catching intro for your tutorial video with this modern, urban-style intro maker template.

10.  Modern Slideshow Video Maker for Product Overview

Showcase an offer or create a quick tutorial video for a product with this template. It’s contemporary and vibrant!

11. Text on Video Slideshow Maker with Abstract Animations

Use abstract animations to capture the imagination with this template for a slideshow video.

12. Sales Slideshow Video Maker for a Clothing Sale Video

Although designed for a clothing sale, this template is really versatile and would work well with a short tutorial video too, just change out the colours and fonts to suit.

13. Slideshow Video Maker for a Step by Step Wedding Tutorial

Show off your know-how by making a step-by-step tutorial video for a wedding related skill.

14. Slideshow Maker for a Productivity Step by Step Tutorial

Turn productivity up to max by creating a video tutorial helping your audience reach their full potential.

15.  Slideshow Maker for a Recipe Step by Step Video Tutorial

Turn taste-buds on to your tasty recipes and cooking tips, with a step by step video tutorial. Choose your effects, add your content and steps and you’re cooking with gas.

Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel on Unsplash
Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel on Unsplash

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More Useful Video Templates on Placeit

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