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15 Fab Fashion Photography Actions and Presets


Graphic River has a wealth of actions to choose from when it comes to giving your images extra impact. Here are 15 of our favourite fashion actions and presets by elite author Zipixa.

Fab Fashion Photoshop Actions

Vogue Fashion Action

Give your fashion photographs the Vogue treatment with this non-destructive set of actions. Combine multiple actions in the pack for a unique, bespoke look.

vogue action
Vogue Action by Zipixa/Envato Market

Max B&W Action

Look no further for a one-click, dramatic black and white look. Fully customisable, you can make changes to each layer to get the look you want.

max b and w
Max B&W Action by Zipixa/Envato Market

Smart Vibrance Action

Add pop to your images with this instant boost of contrast and saturation. This vibrant preset will give your photographs drama and impact.

vibrance action
Smart Vibrance Action by Zipixa/Envato Market

Pastel Actions

These 16 different effects will add a soft and dreamy look to your photographs. Work non-destructively and combine actions for different effects depending on your needs.

pastel action
Pastel Photoshop Actions by Zipixa/Envato Market

Glowing Portrait Action

Give your photographs a soft, saturated glow with this action. Perfect for that late afternoon light or warm, hazy summer days.

glowing action
Glowing Portrait  Action by Zipixa/Envato Market

Film Tone Actions

This set includes 6 different film inspired effects to add to your photographs. Whether you’re aiming for the look of a dystopian future or harking back to 70s film, you’ll find something here for you.

film tone
Film Tone Actions by Zipixa/Envato Market

Summer Haze Action

If you’re dreaming of warm summer days to photograph, then don’t despair. You can add a touch of summer to your images with this summer haze action.

summer haze
Summer Haze Action by Zipixa/Envato Market

Dark Mystery Action

Add a touch of intrigue to your shots with the Dark Mystery Action. Instantly creating a dark, split-toned look, your photos will certainly stand out. 

dark mystery
Dark Mystery Action by Zipixa/Envato Market

Purify Action

Similar to the Dark Mystery Action, but with a richer tone and contrast, Purify Action adds instant appeal to your photographs.

Purify Action by Zipixa/Envato Market

Tungsten Light Action

Pack up your lightbulbs and re-adjust your white balance, because this Tungsten Light Action will give you a warm glow… see what we did there?

tungsten light
Tungsten Light Action by Zipixa/Envato Market

Vintage Radiant Actions

A typical matte, vintage look but with the bonus of added contrast and saturation where you need it. Now you can have the retro feel with a contemporary twist.

vintage radiant action
Vintage Radiant Action by Zipixa/Envato Market

VSCO Film Action

An homage to the look of VSCO, replicate the style with this Photoshop action. Choose smooth, or add grain for extra drama.

VSCO Film Action
VSCO Action by Zipixa/Envato Market

Lightroom Presets for Pro-Level Portraits

Fashion Chromium Presets

Two presets to give your photographs a chromium look. Try the colour version for an elegant, muted look or give black and white a go, to achieve a timeless look.

Chromium Action by Zipixa/Envato Market

Soft Natural Tone Presets

Enhance your images with a variety of presets designed to give your photos an airy, gentle look, in both colour and black and white.

soft natural tone
Soft Natural Tone Presets by Zipixa/Envato Market

Cover Girl

Similar to the Vogue action above, but for Lightroom: give your images a trendy, retro, magazine feel. This customisable preset will cut your editing time and give your photographs instant old-school charm.

Make Them Your Own

We hope you've enjoyed our selection of fashion actions and presets. If you try out any of the actions we've mentioned in this article, or there's anything in particular you'd like to see featured, we'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback in the comments below.

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