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21 Top Motion Graphics Templates for Adobe After Effects in 2020

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Read Time: 5 mins
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A good template can not only save you time, it can add professionalism and appeal to your project. Here, we show you 15 of the best Adobe After Effects Motion Graphics Templates from Envato Market and Envato Elements (where everything is included within your monthly subscription) you can do just that. Here are some great examples of what you can find.

Top Motion Graphics Templates From Envato Elements

1. YouTube Channel Pack

Perfect if you're an avid Youtuber—this After Effects pack contains lower thirds, an intro, titles, text inserts and much more. You'll also be able to make use of 15 animated elements and 10 looping backgrounds.

2. Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is an After Effects template packed full of energy and with 30 different options to choose from, you'll easily find something that suits your project.

Instagram StoriesInstagram StoriesInstagram Stories
Instagram Stories

3. Original Titles

Original Titles is a title sequence for After Effects, with MOGRT files included for use with Premiere Pro, too. The template contains 30 text animations and boasts a fast render time.

4. Neon Logo | Titles

This beautifully made After Effects template in neon style will add cinematic drama to your production. 

Neon Logo  TitlesNeon Logo  TitlesNeon Logo  Titles
Neon Logo | Titles

5. Original Call-outs

With 20 animated call-outs and five measurement lines, this motion graphic template for After Effects is perfect for a wide range of video projects. The template is full adjustable and you won't need any plugins to use it.

6. Music Event Promo

Use photos or video footage with this After Effects template designed especially for creating event promotions. It's easy to customise the text to suit your music event.

15 Best Adobe After Effects Motion Graphics Templates

1. Clean Flip — Logo Sting Template

Clean Flip Logo is, well, clean! Enjoy a minimal, simple, corporate sting for After Effects that will give your logo a clear, professional look. The optical flares are pre-rendered so you won’t need any plugins to use this template.

Video Thumbnail

2. Showtime — Broadcast Identity Package

Pop your shades on because Showtime is seriously bright. Grab your viewers’ attention as you stun them with your project using this epic, motion graphic template.


3. Shapes — Motion Elements

This package contains over 300 compositions, and over 1000 shape layers; plenty to keep you busy creating a fantastic project to wow your audience.


4. 199 Transitions Pack v1.2

199 Transitions contains, well… 199 transitions – you knew that. What you might not know is there’s a nifty preview of them all to make it easy to find one you want to use, and each is super-easy to customise!

199 Transitions Pack v12199 Transitions Pack v12199 Transitions Pack v12
199 Transitions Pack v1.2

5. Cinematic Trailer Titles — Project Template

Cinematic Trailer Titles is big-time movie title drama, complete with flying particles, lens flares, camera shake, and moving lights. There are two versions of the project and with pre-rendered elements you’ll be good to go quickly and easily.

Cinematic Trailer TitlesCinematic Trailer TitlesCinematic Trailer Titles
Cinematic Trailer Titles

6. Logo Equalizer — Logo Sting Template

Equalizers aren’t just for the club, enjoy Logo Equalizer for After Effects and add some uptown funk to your project. The EQ reacts to your chosen audio and you can customise colours, camera animations and backgrounds.

Logo EqualizerLogo EqualizerLogo Equalizer
Logo Equalizer

7.  The Underground — Opener

The Underground has some very cool 3D motion tracked footage with added 3D and 2D graphic elements. Just include your own text or logo to get started.

The UndergroundThe UndergroundThe Underground
The Underground

8. 35 Animated Titles

With a huge variety of styles, 35 Animated Titles really is a one-stop-shop for your project title needs. Edit text, colours and animation timing and simply drop your own images in as a background—easy peasy!

35 Animated Titles35 Animated Titles35 Animated Titles
35 Animated Titles

9. Create Pack

Get ready to make just about anything with this enormous After Effects pack of over 3,600 elements including typography, emojis, lower thirds, call-outs and much, much more.

Create PackCreate PackCreate Pack
Create Pack

10. VoluMax—3D Photo Animator

Create movement in your stills with Volumax for After Effects using the popular parallax method. There are comprehensive tutorials included with the download to help you get the best out of the template.

VoluMax - 3D Photo AnimatorVoluMax - 3D Photo AnimatorVoluMax - 3D Photo Animator
VoluMax—3D Photo Animator

11. Videolancer's Transitions—Original Seamless Transitions Pack

2000 dynamic transitions for a multitude of video projects, including geometry zoom, split, and particle effects.

Videolancers Transitions - Original Seamless Transitions PackVideolancers Transitions - Original Seamless Transitions PackVideolancers Transitions - Original Seamless Transitions Pack
Videolancer's Transitions—Original Seamless Transitions Pack

12. Transitions Pack

Great for less confident After Effects users, many of these presets can be applied in one click. They can also be used in conjunction with one another, for a variety of unique looks!

Transitions PackTransitions PackTransitions Pack
Transitions Pack

13. RTFX Generator [1000 FX elements]

These hand-drawn FX animations include effects like fire, smoke, and liquid. Apply them to your film to create an instant comic book style, or just to add a dash of fun.

RTFX Generator 1000 FX elementsRTFX Generator 1000 FX elementsRTFX Generator 1000 FX elements
RTFX Generator [1000 FX elements]

14. Photomotion X—Biggest Photo Animation Toolkit (5 in 1)

Create realistic and engaging movement with your still photographs with Photomotion X. Five categories ensure that you can choose the method and movement that best suits your picture and desired outcome.

Photomotion X - Biggest Photo Animation Toolkit 5 in 1Photomotion X - Biggest Photo Animation Toolkit 5 in 1Photomotion X - Biggest Photo Animation Toolkit 5 in 1

15. Graphics Pack

Ready to use graphic elements and sound FX are in Graphics Pack, with full colour control and a fast rendering time. Tutorials are included with the download if you need a little extra help.

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