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6 Top Real Estate Video Templates for After Effects

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Read Time: 4 mins

Templates for Adobe After Effects let you create customised video projects without the hours of work required to build your own. Here, we've put together our favourite templates from Envato Elements and Envato Market to help you to create stunning promotions for your property or real estate business.

Featured After Effects Templates for Realtors from Envato Elements (Unlimited Downloads)

These three After Effects templates for realtors are available as part of a subscription Elements: once you're subscribed you can download and use as many as you like!

1. Real Estate Promo 

This neat promo for After Effects lets you showcase your properties. There's room for adding details of amenities, list price, and pictures of the space. The download also opens and closes with a professional logo reveal.

Top Features

This real estate promotion video template comes in at the stunning 4K resolution. You get full control of the intro and outro, as well as the layers for each slide.

Real Estate Presentation

This Real Estate Presentation is like a modern slideshow. It features decorative elements as it transitions through, making it a nice showcase of your listings.

Real Estate Titles

Just about every video project will need titles. This download lets you create text titles that have a distinct real estate theme.

Creative Assets for Real Estate Videos From Envato Elements

One of the best benefits of an Envato Elements subscription is the unlimited downloads you get. If you're looking for even more assets to tweak and round out your real estate video, you won't need to head to any other platform. Here are a couple downloads you can try while creating your After Effects real estate project:

Brinnan Sans Serif Font

If you haven't found a stock font that fits your project, give Brinnan a try. This typeface comes with multiple weights that can fit a variety of projects. There's a genuine weight to its look, making it ideal for branding.

Brinnan Sans Serif FontBrinnan Sans Serif FontBrinnan Sans Serif Font

Daydream Lo-Fi Hip-Hop

Add some background music to your real estate promo video. Daydream is a cool choice. The lo-fi beat blends into your footage, letting the audio and visual complement each other.

Cool Real Estate Video Templates for After Effects from Envato Market

1. Clean Real Estate Instagram Stories

Instagram isn't the only social media platform where vertical video rules. If you want to post about your listings and properties to your different profiles, use Clean Real Estate Instagram Stories.

2. Real Estate Animation Scene Pack

These professional animations can be useful for explainers or as scenes in your video project. You'll get a number of unique animations that fit a variety of scenarios with this download.

3. Real Estate Pro

Promote single or multiple properties in your choice of three styles: Elegant, Modern or Classic. This template includes a design control panel so that you can make changes in a quick and flexible way.

Additional Resources for After Effects

Are you looking to get more familiar with working in After Effects? Check out this section for videos, articles, and tutorials that will have you set up with the right resources for your learning journey.

After Effects FAQs

After Effects Courses and Tutorials From The Envato Tuts+ YouTube Channel

Visual learners rejoice, because Envato Tuts+ has many popular courses available on YouTube! You can learn about a number of topics, including After Effects, on everyone's favorite video platform. This tips, tricks, and hacks video is a great example of what you can find on our YouTube channel:

More Resources to Help Make Real Estate Videos

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