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18 Top Real Estate Video Templates for After Effects

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Templates for Adobe After Effects let you create customised video projects without the hours of work required to build your own. Here, we've put together our favourite templates from Envato Elements and Envato Market to help you to create stunning promotions for your property or real estate business.

Top Templates for Realtors from Envato Elements (Unlimited Downloads)

These three After Effects templates for realtors are available as part of a subscription Elements: once you're subscribed you can download and use as many as you like!

1. Realtor Promo

A neat animation for After Effects is a great way to advertise your estate agent or realtor services without using specific properties. It's a simple slideshow format with eye-catching colours and bold text.

2. Clean Real Estate Pack

A modern and stylish After Effects template with a render time of less than 30 minutes, Clean Real Estate Pack lets you change the colours easily and make use of unlimited slides by duplicating existing ones.

3. Call Out Titles

Call out titles are really useful if you need to label your video, particularly in real estate when you might want to point out specific features of a house or furniture that's included. 

15 Top Real Estate Video Templates for After Effects from Envato Market

1. Real Estate Pro

Promote single or multiple properties in your choice of three styles: Elegant, Modern or Classic. This template includes a design control panel so that you can make changes in a quick and flexible way.

Real Estate ProReal Estate ProReal Estate Pro
Real Estate Pro

2. Real Estate Full Video Pack

Winner of Envato’s Best Real Estate AE Template and Best Multi-Property Showcase Template, this is the all-in-one tool for creating top notch real estate presentation. Includes map elements and a video walkthrough feature to help you share and sell your property. 

3. Elegant Real Estate Presentation

Elegant Real Estate Presentation can be used for promotional purposes or to present property for sale. You don’t need any plugins to edit or customize this template, simply create your own video presentation and start promoting your business the creative way.

Elegant Real Estate PresentationElegant Real Estate PresentationElegant Real Estate Presentation
Elegant Real Estate Presentation

4. Real Estate Promotion With Kinetic Typography

This is a simple, clean template made especially for anyone who wants to display and present a service, website or business in an attractive way. You can use each scene separately, and reorder as needed. 

Real Estate Promotion With Kinetic TypographyReal Estate Promotion With Kinetic TypographyReal Estate Promotion With Kinetic Typography
Real Estate Promotion With Kinetic Typography

5. Real-Estate SlideShow Pro

Feature up to eight properties in one loop, each with four image placeholders, three text holders and one badge. With easy design control, it only takes a few clicks to modify your layout.

Real-Estate SlideShow ProReal-Estate SlideShow ProReal-Estate SlideShow Pro
Real-Estate SlideShow Pro

6. Buy a Dream Home

This is an AE project best suited for real estate promotion and the concept of buying a dream home. The animation could easily be used for new house sales, mortgage or loan for a house, house insurance, commercials, promotional videos and much more.

7. Slideshow II

If you need to show pictures with descriptions then this is the template for you. There are three versions included, allowing for up to 75 photographs and the download comes with a handy instruction video to tell you everything you need to know.

slideshow IIslideshow IIslideshow II
Slideshow II

8. Urban Skyline

Best suited to projects involving real estate DVDs or dealing with buildings and city life. Changing the shape of a building is simple, just draw a mask in the respective layer in the project.

Urban SkylineUrban SkylineUrban Skyline
Urban Skyline

9. Real Estate

This project will help you to explain the details and look of your house. The template comes in full HD resolution and renders quickly, ensuring you can get on with the important things – like selling property!

Real EstateReal EstateReal Estate
Real Estate

10. Real Estate Presentation

A simple to use, fast rendering presentation for a real estate agency. Real Estate Presentation allows for flexibility, so you can adjust colour and style to suit your needs.

Real Estate PresentationReal Estate PresentationReal Estate Presentation
Real Estate Presentation

11. Real Estate Promo

This real estate template comes with two project files for extra placeholder options. A simple modular structure makes it easy to adjust and it comes with a video tutorial to guide you through the process.

Real Estate PromoReal Estate PromoReal Estate Promo
Real Estate Promo

12. Real Estate Presentation

Real Estate Presentation is a simple, clean and well organised template. Just add your text; import your media and logo, and change colours to suit. A handy video tutorial will help you get started. 

Real Estate PresentationReal Estate PresentationReal Estate Presentation
Real Estate Presentation

13. Real Estate Agency

Create a simple media gallery in ten minutes with the Real Estate Agency template. With a variety of style options and elegant animation, you’ll be spoilt for choice when creating your project. A nifty PDF tutorial will set you on your way.

Real Estate AgencyReal Estate AgencyReal Estate Agency
Real Estate Agency

14. Presentation House

Fully customisable and simple to use, this template doesn’t require any plugins and is well organised, with a fast rendering time. Add your own music to give your real estate project a unique touch, suited to your business.

Presentation HousePresentation HousePresentation House
Presentation House

15. Real Estate Property Showcase

Real Estate Property Showcase is a simple and elegant template designed to display real estate properties with professional style. No plugins are required and the template contains three different styles, each individually customisable.

Real Estate Property ShowcaseReal Estate Property ShowcaseReal Estate Property Showcase
Real Estate Property Showcase

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