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15 Top Audio Tracks for Drone Videos

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Picture it now: graceful and exciting drone footage sweeping over a landscape. Now imagine the theme to Seasame Street playing over the top of it. That's an entirely different vibe, and it's why your choice of track matters.

Undeniable Awesomeness Vehicle

We've put together our 15 favourites from Envato's AudioJungle to help you find the sound that's right for your UAV video.

1. Timelapse Background

Timelapse Background is a modern, dynamic electronic track featuring cinematic sounds, breakbeat drums and deep bass; perfect for any creative video project.

 2. Inspiration Orchestra

A great inspirational composition for background music on your drone video. Instruments featured include: cello, violins, and brass.

3. Inspiring and Uplifting Cinematic Trailer

A hopeful, motivating piece that begins softly and builds into cinematic, positive and inspirational sounds. Piano and a full orchestra create a powerful simplicity that is meant to inspire, move and uplift. Includes pre-cut edits with no bleeds.

4. Firefly In A Fairytale

Representing the path of a firefly, this track makes use of bells and synth sounds to create something simple but ethereal. 

 5. Heaven On Earth - no longer available

Heaven on Earth is an emotional track, designed to complement a dramatic production. This track builds to provide power and drama. 

Drone image via Photodune

6. Inspiring Storytelling

This is an emotional and contemplative piano-based track, filled with uplifting sections, making it perfect as background for any inspirational project. The piece works well with sentimental, nostalgic or romantic projects as well as motivational or call to action video.

 7. Dubai

Dubai begins calmly, before transitioning into something more complex. The piece inspires imagery of Dubai: skyscrapers, heat and affluence.

 8. Chillout

Chillout is a clean and inspiring, ambient track with a strong and steady rhythm. Close your eyes and imagine flying over mountains to this piece. Then pop it over your drone video and you won’t have to pretend.

9. Uplifting Emotional Piano Pop

Suitable for a wide range of projects, is an inspiring, powerful, piano pop track. “Uplifting Emotional Piano Pop” climbs steadily with uplifting piano, echoey vocals, and atmospheric guitars.

 10. Emotional Indie Rock

This piece starts off slow and steady before building to an uplifting crescendo. Slow-mo your drone flying heart out to this one, before upping the pace and hitting them with the big finish.

New York Aerial ShotNew York Aerial ShotNew York Aerial Shot
Image via Photodune

11. Relax

Relax, as you might have gleaned from the name, is a calm, smooth and slow track, with some mid-tempo rhythm so your audience won’t drop off mid-film! 

12. Abstract Motion

Abstract Motion is a soft, electronic track featuring organic sounds and electronic textures.

13. The Epic

Stirring and emotional, think Hobbits finally reaching Mount Doom. If there are no hobbits (or wizards, or elves) in your production, then this would sound great over some stunning scenery.

14. Memories

This download includes four versions to suit your needs. Gentle piano music will provoke feelings of peace and nostalgia, so wipe the tear from your eye and add this to your emotional video for some heart-wrenching reactions.

15. Electronic

Electronic is a modern, upbeat and abstract piece and could easily be edited to loop if required. 

Droning On

Would you like some more help and inspiration with your drone projects? We thought you might, so here are some other tutorials we've picked to help you out. And, as a bonus, you can now download the high-quality drone video of your choice from Mixkit, completely free of charge.

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