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15 Top Templates and Resources for Fun Family Photographers


15 Top Elements Resources for Family Fun

As we embrace 2019, how oh how to keep the kids entertained this year? We’ve put together 15 of our favourite family-themed, fun downloads to inspire your creativity this New Year.

Here are our 15 top family fun choices from Envato Elements, where you can download unlimited creative assets on a simple subscription.

1. Monster Family Creation Kit – Project for Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator

A creation kit that has tons of potential. Make badges, banners, flyers… the only limit is your imagination! The download comes with a large amount of objects so that you and your kids can create your characters and scenarios again and again.

Monster Family Creation Kit
Monster Family Creation Kit

2. Family & Children – Presets for Adobe Lightroom

These presets are perfect for pictures of children and family portraits. They’re designed to give you a great, professional look in just one click, but you can also adjust to suit if you’re comfortable with Lightroom.

Family  Children
Family & Children presets for Lightroom

3. LeOsler – Font

A decorative, fun font which has the look of handwritten, slightly childish letters. The font oozes charm and kids will love using it to create special family projects. It would be perfect for a digital scrapbook!


4. Family or Baby Photo Album – Template for Adobe InDesign

Creating a photo album is a fun family task that everyone can get involved with. This template allows you to drop in your pictures, change colours and add text – then you’re ready to go to print!

Family Or Baby Photo Album
Family or Baby Photo Album

5. Kids Birthday Party Flyer and DVD Collection 03 – A Template for Photoshop

When the pressure is on to do something different for the kids’ birthdays, why not try creating a fun flyer and DVD with this Photoshop template. Film the birthday party and pop the DVD into the case and you have the perfect keepsake.

Kids Birthday Party Flyer and DVD Collection 03
Kids Birthday Party Flyer and DVD Collection 03

6. Motivation Lettering In Fairy – Template for Illustrator

Use the two hand-drawn, vector fairies to create some fun and inspirational cards with the kids. Get them to write down their favourite things, their aspirations or their friends and family; then print out and fill the house with insipration!

Motivation Lettering In Fairy
Motivation Lettering In Fairy 

7. People Kids Isometric Vector – Vector Illustrations for Illustrator

Like the sticker books we had as kids, where you created different scenarios, these cute isometric illustrations are perfect for keeping kids entertained. Create storybooks or even print onto sticky paper and do it the old-fashioned, analogue way!

People Kids Isometric Vector
People Kids Isometric Vector 

8. Cute Kids Seamless Patterns – Patterns for Illustrator

This set of 30, modern and fun patterns aimed at children are perfect for wallpaper, prints or scrapbooking. They’re all hand-drawn to have extra appeal for little ones and they’re easy to edit and customise to get the perfect result for you.

 Cute Kids Seamless Patterns
Cute Kids Seamless Patterns 

9. Camping With Kids Stickers / Icons and Logos – Photoshop and Illustrator

A sticker pack consisting of 12 kids stickers, 12 icons and a variety of infographics, this download is perfect for your wee adventure seekers. They’re all vector images so you can scale them without losing any of the definition or quality.

Camping With Kids Stickers  Icons and Logos
Camping With Kids Stickers / Icons and Logos

10. Pastels – Brush and Pallette Set for Illustrator

With 43 pastel brushes and 25 colours in five swatches, kids will love creating illustrations, grungy drawings and comics. And to think, we had to make do with Microsoft Paint!

Pastels brush set

11. Felt Craft - Stitches Styles & More – Add-on for Photoshop

A versatile pack of 32 felt layer styles, ten stitch brushes, patterns, textures and more, the Felt Craft set will keep the kids busy for hours – without the mess! Another great resource for family scrapbookers.

Felt Craft - Stitches Styles  More
Felt Craft - Stitches Styles & More

12. Kiddy – Presets for Lightroom and Photoshop

Whether a pro or amateur, this action pack will make your family photographs stand out. The results are easy to adjust and there are installation and usage instructions included with the download.


13. Crew Neck T-shirt Mock-up Kids Version – Template for Photoshop

Creating some fun t-shirts sounds like a great idea for a family project. Create some eye-catching designs and then see how they look on a tshirt with these four realistic mockups. If you like what you’ve created, go get them made!

Crew Neck T-shirt Mock-up Kids Version
Crew Neck T-shirt Mock-up Kids Version

14. Happy Kids – Website Template

While Happy Kids is geared at those who run child-related businesses, it’s also ideal for families to create their own online scrapbook or family blog. It comes with unlimited colour schemes and nine backgrounds that kids will love.

Happy Kids   Website Template
Happy Kids – Website Template

15. School Kids Set – Graphic Pack for Photoshop & Illustrator

School Kids Set is a colourful and playful pack including patterns, animals and school items. Make going back to school fun by getting the kids to make fun covers for their notebooks or gifts for their friends.

School Kids Set  Graphic Pack for Photoshop  Illustrator
School Kids Set – Graphic Pack for Photoshop & Illustrator

More Top Tutorials to Inspire Family Fun

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