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15 Top Slideshow Templates for Adobe After Effects


Slideshows are a great way to grab someone's attention, and hold onto it. We've selected some of the best After Effects templates from Envato Market to ensure your presentation makes the impact it deserves.

1. Slideshow

This simple After Effects slideshow is Full HD and fully customisable. The project lasts for just over a minute, with 16 placeholders and comes with a useful video tutorial to guide you through the setup process.

Slideshow by Lasha_Piliev and Envato

2. Mosaic Photo Reveal

Including space for a whopping 100 photographs, you can create an elegant video project for all occasions with this download. Some bonus texture images have even been included to use as backgrounds.

Mosaic Photo Reveal
Mosaic Photo Reveal by yeaboy and Envato

3. Parallax Slideshow

Parallax Slideshow is a very popular slideshow, and it's not hard to see why: this is a high quality, well organised and easy customisable template. The project has a modular structure, so you can easily change duration. Just drop your image or video into the project, edit the text, add audio and enjoy!


4. Awards Show Package

Although called Awards Show Package, this project has real flexibility. Great for countdowns or product presentations, this template contains an opener, slideshow, bumper, closing credits, three lower third options, a background and project overlays.

Awards Show Package
Awards Show Package by Dimka4D and Envato

5. Slideshow

Including a link to the free font used, this snazzy slideshow comes in three versions: short, medium or (you guessed it) long. You won’t require any additional plugins, and everything is designed around quick and easy customisation.

Slideshow by WINNVIDEO

6. IT Slideshow

This modern, funky slideshow is perfect for upping your presentation game. The template is easily customised and includes a tutorial to get you started.

IT Slideshow
IT Slideshow by Drev0 and Envato

7. Watercolor & Ink Slideshow

An artistic and creative slideshow which is perfect for holidays, birthdays or weddings. There are 30 paint, ink and brush elements included so you can create a truly special piece of art which is unique to you.

Watercolor  Ink Slideshow
Watercolor & Ink Slideshow by GraphicINmotion and Envato

8. Cinematic Slideshow

This project can be used as a slideshow, introduction, web presentation, home video or anything else you can think up! With 15 media and text placeholders, there are plenty of options to customise until your heart’s content.

Slideshow by DesireCreator and Envato

9. Modern Opener - Slideshow

This template includes 15 placeholders, with the option to create more, for real flexibility. The download comes with some special elements like dust and light leak effects which you can turn on or off to suit.

Modern Opener - Slideshow
Modern Opener - Slideshow by MotionMount and Envato

10. Dynamic Opener

Available in HD or stunning 4K, this project includes 35 placeholders and offers full control over the colours. A recent update has reworked the project structure from the ground up, ensuring this download is even easier to make your own.

Dynamic Opener
Dynamic Opener by Majoroff and Envato

11. Fashion Slideshow

Fashion Slideshow’s images move both horizontally and vertically. Use it as an opener, wedding video display or fashion gallery. Hard motions and soft luxury design mix to create this stunning project that you’ll love customising.

Fashion Slideshow
Fashion Slideshow by PixFlow and Envato

12. Artistic Parallax Slideshow

Fully customisable, Artistic Parallax Slideshow, is an elegant, cinematic, and simple photo gallery with a modular structure. Try videos rather than stills for a truly stand-out project.

Artistic Parallax Slideshow
Artistic Parallax Slideshow by Red-mouse and Envato

13. Handwritten Animated Font Slide Show

Create a beautiful message with the Handwritten Animated Font slide Show. This project contains an animated font and uses universal controls, plus individual character controls for real customisation. Banners, ornaments, numbers and punctuation are also included.

Handwritten Animated Font Slide Show
Handwritten Animated Font Slide Show by FluxVFX and Envato

14. Urban Opener

The Urban Opener template contains 33 media placeholders and 17 text placeholders. You won’t need any extra plugins and a help file is included to set you on your way.

Urban Opener
Urban Opener by MotionIdea and Envato

15. The Slideshow

With 22 placeholders working well with both video and still images, this project is a fast-paced, upbeat presentation, guaranteed to put your audience in a great mood!

The Slideshow
The Slideshow by Motion-Bear and Envato

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