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20 Top Slideshow Templates for After Effects

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Slideshows are a great way to grab someone's attention and hold onto it. We've selected some of the best After Effects slideshow templates from Envato Elements and Envato Market to ensure your video presentation makes the impact it deserves.

How to Create a Slideshow

How to make an effective slideshow will partly depend on what your intention for the video is and how you'll share it, but there are some good practices you can follow to get the best results.

1. Make Different Versions

Slideshows are usually flexible, which is great! You still need to make bespoke versions for most of the platforms you'll share on, though. Social media channels in particular have different requirements, timings, and formats that you might have to juggle a little to get the perfect mix. For example, Twitter will currently only let you upload a video of two minutes and 20 second in duration, whereas Facebook prioritises videos that are over three minutes.

2. Scale it Down

Try using a slideshow as a means to promote something upcoming—like a teaser, or create a short one to use as an opener for your social channels.

3. Easy on the Animation

Consistency with animation is usually best, stick to a minimal amount of movement and make that animation in the same style. If you're using transitions for example, stick to classics like fade; don't be the person who wants to try one of each style in the same slideshow.

4. Add Closed Captions

If your slideshow includes any speech or narration and you're intending to put it on social media, add closed captions. Studies have shown that significantly more people will watch a video (particularly on Facebook) if it includes subtitles.

Free After Effects Course

Need a refresher on how to use After Effects? Watch our free six-hour video course, in which Dave Bode takes you through every essential feature of this powerful software. And why not complement it by picking up some free After Effects slideshow templates from Mixkit?

The Best After Effects Slideshow Templates on Envato Elements (Subscription Service)

Need a cool slideshow effect? Discover hundreds of the best video slideshow templates on Envato Elements, with a great offer: download as many as you want for one low price.

Each of these project downloads has tons of professional and creative options. While stacked with pro effects, design features, and great visual animations to choose from, they're also quick and easy to work with. They come with ready-to-use designs to showcase your photo video presentation, marketing or promo presentation, company or project intro video, show opener, movie trailer, or any creative video work.

Just add your company logo, text, images or video, edit the effects according to your needs, and render out your project.

1. Emotional Watercolor Slideshow

One of the newest After Effects slideshows to join Envato Elements is Emotional Watercolor. It does a great job of blending your photos with cool watercolor effects. This template works in After Effects with no additional plugins needed.

2. Online Education Slideshow

The Online Education Slideshow template can help you show the best parts of learning on the web. It works without any plugins and is full 1080p resolution. The After Effects template comes with a lot of placeholders for text and videos too.

3. Ink—Cool Slideshow After Effects Template

Ink - Cool Slideshow After Effects TemplateInk - Cool Slideshow After Effects TemplateInk - Cool Slideshow After Effects Template
Ink—Cool Slideshow After Effects Template

Put your message into motion with a very visually appealing video style. This multipurpose Ink slideshow is a great one for your template arsenal. With no plugins required, it's easy to use and a colour controller is provided to make it super easy to customise.

4. Winter – Adobe After Effects Presentation Template

This winter-themed video template is perfect for Christmas, New Year or just cold weather  presentations. Create your seasonal story with this magical winter wonderland, you can almost see your breath... brr!

5. Modern Photographer Picture Slideshow Template

Looking through a viewfinder is a beloved and acceptable visual cliché, and this clean, modern  slideshow template makes great use of that effect.  Add your text and images in this simple-to-use, multi-purpose template, and your project is good to go.

Modern Photographer Picture Slideshow TemplateModern Photographer Picture Slideshow TemplateModern Photographer Picture Slideshow Template
Modern Photographer Picture Slideshow Template

6. Lightbox Photo Gallery – Picture Slideshow Template

This unique picture slideshow template has a clean and colourful style that shows off your photographs in the best possible light. Designed to emulate the glow of medium format slide film, it's perfect for weddings, events, travel videos, and much more!

Lightbox Photo Gallery  Picture Slideshow TemplateLightbox Photo Gallery  Picture Slideshow TemplateLightbox Photo Gallery  Picture Slideshow Template
Lightbox Photo Gallery – Picture Slideshow Template

7. Subliminal – Grunge Adobe After Effects Slideshow

With grungy and gritty effects, Subliminal is the perfect slideshow for any a movie trailer, or promotion. Simply insert your own images, video and text and prepare to blow your audience away.

Subliminal  Grunge Adobe After Effects SlideshowSubliminal  Grunge Adobe After Effects SlideshowSubliminal  Grunge Adobe After Effects Slideshow
Subliminal – Grunge Adobe After Effects Slideshow

Sign up for Envato Elements and you get access to thousands of creative graphics and templates, with unlimited use, from stock images to royalty-free audio tracks and sound effects to After Effects slideshow project downloads, and more—all for one low price. Download as many creative assets as you want, and customize them to fit your project.

8. Corporate Profile With Hand Gestures

Create a unique corporate video slideshow with this After Effects template. What sets this one apart is the cool hand gestures that come with each scene.

15 Best After Effects Slideshow Templates From Envato Market (Pay-as-You-Go)

Not into subscriptions? We also have you covered. If you need to buy one template at a time, try our video slideshow template category on Envato Market. Here are a few creative examples from our best-selling Adobe After Effects slideshow templates:

1. Slideshow

This simple Adobe After Effects slideshow download is Full HD and fully customisable. The project lasts for just over a minute, with 16 placeholders, and it comes with a useful video tutorial to guide you through the setup process.

Slideshow by Lasha_Piliev and Envato

2. Mosaic Photo Reveal

Including space for a whopping 100 photographs, this download lets you create an elegant video project for all occasions. Some bonus texture images have even been included to use as backgrounds.

Mosaic Photo RevealMosaic Photo RevealMosaic Photo Reveal
Mosaic Slideshow Photo Effect Reveal by yeaboy and Envato

3. Parallax Slideshow

Parallax Slideshow is a very popular slideshow, and it's not hard to see why: this is a high quality, well organised, and easily customisable template. The project has a modular structure, so you can easily change duration. Just drop your image or video into the project, edit the text, add audio, and enjoy!

Video Thumbnail

4. Awards Show Package

Although it's called Awards Show Package, this project has real flexibility. Great for countdowns or product presentations, this template contains an opener, slideshow, bumper, closing credits, three lower-third options, a background, and project overlays.

Awards Show PackageAwards Show PackageAwards Show Package
Awards Show Package by Dimka4D and Envato

5. Slideshow

Including a link to the free font used, this snazzy video slideshow with great photo effects comes in three versions: short, medium, or (you guessed it) long. You won’t require any additional plugins, and everything is designed around quick and easy customisation.

After Effects slideshow download by WINNVIDEO

6. IT Slideshow Effect

This modern, funky slideshow is perfect for upping your presentation game. The template is easily customised and includes a tutorial to get you started.

IT SlideshowIT SlideshowIT Slideshow
IT Slideshow by Drev0 and Envato

7. Watercolor & Ink Slideshow

This is an artistic and creative slideshow which is perfect for holidays, birthdays, or weddings. There are 30 paint, ink, and brush elements included, so you can create a truly special piece of art which is unique to you.

Watercolor  Ink SlideshowWatercolor  Ink SlideshowWatercolor  Ink Slideshow
Watercolor & Ink Slideshow by GraphicINmotion and Envato

8. Cinematic Slideshow

This project can be used as a slideshow, introduction, web presentation, home video, or anything else you can think up! With 15 media and text placeholders, and stylish video slideshow photo effects, there are plenty of options to customise until your heart’s content.

Slideshow by DesireCreator and Envato

9. Modern Opener—Slideshow

This template includes 15 placeholders, with the option to create more, for real flexibility. The download comes with some special elements like dust and light leak effects which you can turn on or off to suit.

Modern Opener - SlideshowModern Opener - SlideshowModern Opener - Slideshow
Modern Opener—Slideshow by MotionMount and Envato

10. Dynamic Opener

Available in HD or stunning 4K, this project includes 35 placeholders and offers full control over the colours. A recent update has reworked the project structure from the ground up, ensuring this download is even easier to make your own.

Dynamic OpenerDynamic OpenerDynamic Opener
Dynamic Opener by Majoroff and Envato

11. Fashion Slideshow

Fashion Slideshow’s images move both horizontally and vertically, with cool slideshow effects. Use it as an opener, wedding video display, or fashion gallery. Hard motions and soft luxury design mix to create this stunning project that you’ll love customising.

Fashion SlideshowFashion SlideshowFashion Slideshow
Fashion After Effects slideshow download by PixFlow and Envato

12. Artistic Parallax Slideshow

Fully customisable, Artistic Parallax Slideshow is an elegant, cinematic, and simple photo gallery with a modular structure. Try videos rather than stills for a truly stand-out project.

Artistic Parallax SlideshowArtistic Parallax SlideshowArtistic Parallax Slideshow
Artistic Parallax Slideshow by Red-mouse and Envato

13. Handwritten Animated Font Slide Show

Create a beautiful message with the Handwritten Animated Font Slide Show. This project contains an animated font and uses universal controls, plus individual character controls for real customisation. Banners, ornaments, numbers, and punctuation are also included.

Handwritten Animated Font Slide ShowHandwritten Animated Font Slide ShowHandwritten Animated Font Slide Show
Handwritten Animated Font Slide Show by FluxVFX and Envato

14. Urban Opener

This is one of the most easy-to-use Adobe After Effects presentations, with quick slideshow photo effects. The Urban Opener template contains 33 media placeholders and 17 text placeholders. You won’t need any extra plugins, and a help file is included to set you on your way.

Urban OpenerUrban OpenerUrban Opener
Urban SlideShow Effect Opener by MotionIdea and Envato

15. The Slideshow

With 22 placeholders working well with both video and still images, this slideshow photo effect project is fast-paced, has cool slideshow effects, and is guaranteed to put your audience in a great mood!

The SlideshowThe SlideshowThe Slideshow
The Slideshow by Motion-Bear and Envato

There are plenty of ways to create a professional slideshow to showcase your project. Browse our huge selection of After Effects video slideshow template files from Envato Elements or AE slideshow templates from Envato Market, and grab the one that’s right for you. Then customize it quickly and wow your audience.

Free After Effects Slideshow Templates for Mixkit

If a premium After Effects slideshow template isn't in your budget, you can always find a great free option from Mixkit. This Envato service has a lot of free templates to choose from, like these:

1. Photo Frame Slideshow

This minimal slideshow After Effects template is free and easy to use. It has a lens flare for added effect.

2. Polaroid Photo Slideshow

Go retro with the simple Polaroid Photo Slideshow. It lets you drop in your photos into placeholders and add a tagline to each image.

Want to Learn More About After Effects?

Great, here are a few tutorials you might enjoy:

Editorial Note: We update this post regularly to add the best new slideshow templates.

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