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20 Best Free Adobe Premiere Pro Templates for News for 2023

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Read Time: 9 min

Breaking news video needs to grab attention and hold it, but it also can't be too distracting. Get the balance right with a template for Premiere Pro. Here, we take a look at some of the best free templates for news, as well as some premium options that might fit the bill.

1. Unfolding Titles

A neat set of title templates for Premiere Pro.

unfolding titlesunfolding titlesunfolding titles
Unfolding Titles. A free Premiere Pro template

Key Features

A title template with a simple, unfolding animation. Perfect for use as part of your breaking news intro, you can change the text size and the size of the boxed surroundings to suit your needs.

  • Application: Premiere Pro 15.3+
  • Plugins: None required
Unfolding Titles is available to download for free.

More Free News Templates for Premiere Pro

A free Premiere Pro particle reveal logo that would look great with your brand as part of your news intro. Swirling particles explode to reveal your brand.

3. Free Premiere Pro Title Templates

Sometimes you just want to keep it simple - nothing wrong with that! This free Premiere Pro template nails it, with 10 animated titles for use across any project, or your news intro.

4. Single Line of Text

A minimal free template for Premiere Pro featuring a line of text that you can use as titles, as part of an intro, or as lower thirds. There are 10 designs and animations to choose from.

5. Big Stretch Intro

big stretch a free intro template for Premiere Probig stretch a free intro template for Premiere Probig stretch a free intro template for Premiere Pro
Big Stretch - a free intro template for Premiere Pro

It's not a big stretch (see what we did there) to say this free Premiere Pro intro template would be great for news. Maybe not for serious story reporting, but it would be perfect for music, showbiz, and other upbeat news broadcasts.

8 Minutes

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    6. Creative Modern Opener

    A free opener for Premiere Pro featuring quick transitions and overlays. There's space for your logo at the end - why not give it a try with your news intro.

    7. Free Quotes

    If your news intro or broadcast features some vox pop style content, why not try this free Premiere template to add written quotes to your video? There are six different styles to choose from.

    8. Spinning Logo Loop

    spinning logospinning logospinning logo
    Spinning Logo - a Premiere Pro template, for free

    Create a stylish, looping logo with this free template for Premiere Pro. Even though it loops, this clever asset will never have your logo facing the wrong way!

    9. Double Headline Blocks Title

    Add drama to your breaking news video with this template for Premiere Pro - free from MixKit. It's upbeat, with a spinning title animation and bouncing text.

    10. Social Media Pack

    social media packsocial media packsocial media pack
    Social Media Pack - a free template for news for Premiere Pro

    Does your news intro need some social media prompts to encourage your viewers to seek out your other channels? We've got you covered with this free Premiere Pro template.

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    11. Corporate Opener

    A news intro template for Premiere Pro... free! This opener is made for corporate video but would also fit nicely with news broadcasts and video. There are 28 editable text layers and a placeholder for your logo.

    12. Lower-third Opener

    A minimal free Premiere Pro intro with bold text and translucent boxes. Just change the colours and text to fit with your news channel or broadcast.

    13. Animated Lower-Third Block

    In traditional colours, this breaking news video template is bold, eye-catching and serious. It features a simple left-to-right animation, so it won't distract from your headlines or messages.

    14. Titles Kinetic Typography

    If your breaking news intro is lacking a little punch, why not try this free kinetic typography template for Premiere Pro. There are 15 title animations to choose from and the link to the free font used is included.

    15. Phone Support Title

    Sometimes you might want to add a phone number to your news intro, maybe as part of an appeal for information, or to offer help with a support line. This news video template for Premiere Pro can do all the hard work for you.

    19 Minutes

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    Learn how to add captions and subtitles to your videos in Premiere Pro for use on Instagram, YouTube, and more. Quickly use the auto transcription tool to capture speech to text and then edit your captions easily in Premiere Pro! Export your subtitles baked into the footage or as a closed caption SRT file. 

      16. Premiere Pro Transitions

      Add a range of transitions to your video, including slide, spin, zoom, and more. This set of free Premiere Pro templates would suit a highlights video after a breaking news broadcast, or try it for a roundup feature.

      17. A Little Emphasis Mark

      Add some simple motion graphics to your breaking news with this Premiere Pro template, for free! These three animated lines are simple yet effective.

      18. Newspaper Headline Lower-Third

      Go old-school with this set of free lower thirds for Premiere Pro, in the style of newspaper headlines. They're made up of simple headings with a subheading, plus a solid background fill.

      19. Video Intro Templates

      video intro templatesvideo intro templatesvideo intro templates
      Free intro templates for Premiere Pro

      A free and fast-paced Premiere Pro intro template with 7 titles and 18 placeholders. You'll need Premiere Pro CC 2017 or above to use this, but no plugins are required.

      20. Rotating Play Button Opener

      "You want to focus on great design, not worry about adding credits or managing download limits. With unlimited downloads, you’re free to push your creative boundaries and try new things." - Envato.

      5 Top News Premiere Pro Templates from Envato Elements

      We love freebies, but sometimes you want a bigger selection of templates, designed by professionals. Why not try some of our best news templates from Envato Elements, where everything's included in a monthly subscription.

      1. Breaking News Intro

      A stylish breaking news Premiere Pro template.

      Key Features

      The perfect way to create breaking news video in Premiere Pro, this intro template is modern and eye-catching. It has 5 placeholders for your media, 5 for text, and one for your logo. Change the colours to suit your brand.

      • Application: Premiere Pro
      • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 (full HD)
      • Author: Motionsparrow
      Breaking News Intro is available as part of a subscription to Envato Elements

      2. News Opener

      A block-themed news opener template for Premiere Pro, where your text shifts about in squares around your media. Funky!

      3. Glitch Breaking Newsy

      A stylish breaking news Premiere Pro template with full colour control plus plenty of placeholders for your footage, images, and text. 

      4. News Intro

      A Premiere Pro breaking news intro with bold text and rich colours. It's easy to use, just add your media and text and you're good to go. You won't need any plugins to use this download, and it features animated geometric shapes.

      5. News Library - Broadcast Pack

      Why have one template when you can have a whole set? Made for Premiere Pro, this broadcast pack is full of assets you'll need for your news video, including lower thirds, titles, breaking news intro, infographics and much, much more.

      You'll Love Premiere Pro Templates From Envato Elements

      Envato Elements has thousands of templates to choose from when it comes to Premiere Pro, including more great assets for breaking news. For a monthly subscription, you can download and use as many templates as you like, plus other great video resources like fonts, LUTs, motion graphics, audio tracks, and much more.

      find thousands of Premiere Pro templates at Envato Elementsfind thousands of Premiere Pro templates at Envato Elementsfind thousands of Premiere Pro templates at Envato Elements
      find thousands of Premiere Pro templates at Envato Elements

      If you're making broadcast news video - or any other kind of video - you want the best, most professional results, and that comes with specially made resources that look the business. With Envato Elements, you'll save time and money, but even more than that, you'll get the confidence of adding the best quality to your work, every time.

      envato free filesenvato free filesenvato free files
      You'll find 12 free items each month from Envato Elements

      If you're looking for free Premiere Pro templates then it's worth checking Envato's free offerings first. Each month there are 12 free resources for you to download, and these include presentations, video templates, fonts, and more. 

      Check out this month's free items from Envato Elements.

      More Top Video Templates for Premiere Pro 

      If you'd like to see more when it comes to Adobe Premiere templates, no problem! Here's some inspiration to get you creating in no time.

      Learn More Premiere Pro Video Skills

      If you'd like to get to know Premiere Pro a little better, and develop your skills then give some of our free Premiere Pro tutorials and courses a try, they're available with Tuts+... for free! Here are some to get you going:

      We Love Free Premiere Pro Templates!

      We also love options though, and sometimes, it's nice to have the best of both worlds: some free Premiere Pro templates, plus those where you know you'll get that little bit extra, and that comes with premium templates. We hope you've enjoyed our Best Free Adobe Premiere Pro Templates for News for 2023 roundup here, as well as our Envato Elements Premiere Pro templates. We can't wait to see what you create!

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