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21 Cinematic Music Tracks to Inspire and Excite Your Next Video

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Your choice of music can be everything when it comes to your video project. We've put together some of our favorite pieces, loosely categorized to make it easy for you to find what you want.

If you need a single royalty-free track for your project, or you like to buy them one at a time, browse our extensive library of premium cinematic tracks from Envato Market.  Below you'll find our selection of the top royalty-free cinematic tracks. Note, this list is maintained by Tuts+ staff with new and notable tracks.

Melodic and Emotional Audio Tracks

1. Emotional Motivation Inspiring Cinematic Trailer

This cinematic track is one of our best-selling and top-rated items. The inspirational music is perfect for motivational videos and presentations. 

2. Emotional Blockbuster

Epic and emotional describe this cinematic track. The piece features soft orchestra and warm cinematic  piano notes. Listen to the positive mood and vibe of this premium track and add it to your project.

3. Magical

A mysterious and enchanting track. This piece evokes fairy tales and fantasy. It's great for personal videos and presentations.

4. Inspiring Piano And Emotional Orchestra

A beautiful and inspiring melodic piano piece, which kicks into rousing orchestra – perfect for films, presentations or YouTube videos that are ready to tug on the heartstrings.

5. Inspiring Moments

This track download comes with three versions of differing lengths to suit your project. It’s relaxing and emotional throughout.

6. Piano Trailer

Suitable for cinematic scenes, inspiring projects slow motion videos and much more, the Piano Trailer download comes with 5 versions.

7. Dreams

A light, magical and inspiring piece, this track is based on grand piano and an airy soundscape of electronic and acoustic instruments.

Depressed womanDepressed womanDepressed woman
Image from Envato Elements

Dramatic Audio Tracks

8. Hybrid Trailer

A modern Hollywood Marvel inspired trailer cue with an intense build up and dramatic, cinematic impacts.

9. Inspiring Cinematic Trailer

Motivational, powerful and inspiring cinematic orchestral music with a bright, triumphant and adventurous atmosphere.

10. The Cinematic

With 5 versions to choose from, The Cinematic is a powerful and intense piece, great for use in game trailers, film openers and much more.

11. Epic

A motivational orchestral piece featuring strings, horns and percussion. A calm introduction builds, calms, builds and finally calms again into a soft piano finish.

12. Epic Inspirational

Including three versions, this Epic Inspirational track is a powerful one for your video, commercial or media project.

13. Emotional Cinematic Trailer

With a straight build, to an epic climax, this track covers everything in order to cater to every need. It’s especially good for montage projects.

Girl Flower Enjoyment Refreshment Holiday Joy ConceptGirl Flower Enjoyment Refreshment Holiday Joy ConceptGirl Flower Enjoyment Refreshment Holiday Joy Concept
Image from Envato Elements

Uplifting and Inspirational Audio Tracks

14. Uplifting & Inspiring Emotional Adventure Trailer

With a longer and shorter version included in the download, the Uplifting and Inspiring Emotional Adventure Trailer piece will have you scaling the greatest of heights. Metaphorically of course.

15. Uplifting Indie Rock

An uplifting, cool, driving indie rock track. This piece carries the spirit of progress and positivity, in a very chill rock ‘n’ roll kind of way.

16. Inspiring

Inspiring is a strong, moving and emotional cinematic piece. Create a great atmosphere for your film, trailer, presentations and much more

17. Majestic Orchestra

This majestic, powerful and uplifting orchestral piece is the perfect fit for movies, games, trailers and more.

18. Gravity's Rainbow

Gravity’s Rainbow is powerful, melodic dubstep track with a catchy uplifting chorus. It contains multiple and different emotional builds.

19. Timeless City

Timeless City is a track that shares characteristics from different genres like downtempo, chill step, uplifting trance and chill out, all combined in a unique way.

20. Absorbed by Space

 Absorbed by Space begins with piercing, clear sounds, full of mystery. Sounds in this piece are varied, but the tones are rounded and polished in a way that resembles fluidity.

21. Hip-Hop Background Beat

A usefully looping track, Hip-Hop Background Beat is a light hip-hop track with a deliberately young, urban sound. 

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