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21 Top Animation and Workflow Scripts for After Effects

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Scripts add extra functionality and enhancements into Adobe After Effects, ranging from little things like better note-taking, to big things, like help with managing layers and keyframes in large compositions. It's a big program for complex work; using scripts in After Effects can make life easier.

Top Scripts for Adobe After Effects

Some impressive scripts have landed on Envato Market in 2022. In this article we highlight 21 of our favourite scripts from Envato Market to save you time and effort in After Effects.

Motion Type - Text Animator

Put the ease into custom text animation with this script; it includes 20 animation styles and you can change colors, offsets, randomize aspects, adjust font sizes, add tracking, and more. Supports left- and right-justified scripts.

Watercolor Motion Kit

Animate photos with artistic watercolor designs using Photoshop, After Effects, and this creative script.

Layer Manager 3

Layer Manager helps you manage your layers in a timeline and viewport, ideal for large compositions; saving you time scrolling back and forth to find required layers.

Layer Manager 3 script for After Effects
Layer Manager 3 by Tniich and Envato

Project Manager V1.0

Project Manager can be used as dockable palette or separate window. It’s an auxiliary tool for a project panel which can help quickly complete project file classification and arrangement.

Text & Keyboards

Display text in style with the Text & Keyboards script. It allows you to type text on-screen in any font. Everything can be changed, including the cursor. You can add sound effects to keystrokes, and the available keyboards are customizable in color and width. Adding additional keyboards, syncing typing to keyframes, and a lot more is possible with this download.

Shortcutter: The Ultimate AE Timesaver

Generate entire project structures in seconds, add multiple things quickly, create camera rigs and much more in just a few keystrokes. Create items from shortcuts, like adjustment layers, text layers etc and set layer properties immediately. 

Super Assistant

Super Assistant is used to manage the scripts, expressions, pre-sets, templates and effects, greatly improving your efficiency. Main features include quick search, script debugging, edit expression, renaming plugins and adding an item in favourites' list.

Easy Search Tool

Adobe After Effects is big and complex. This script allows you to quickly navigate After Effects and find exactly what you need. it works for both MacOS and Windows installs.

Boilerplater: Project Layout Creator

This script generates common project structures in a fresh way. Features include three common project types, letterboxing and the auto-generation of video placeholder comps.

Project Utility

Project Utility is an After Effects script designed to keep your project window nice and tidy. You can remove useless items, such as empty folders and comps, unused footage and more. 

Flash Renderer

Render your current frame without hassle with this After Effects script. You get a range of file types for exporting, as well as the ability to choose custom paths for rendered files.

Crow Browser

Use Crow Browser to explore the folders of your hard drives like you would usually do in Finder/Explorer. You can easily import files directly from the script into After Effects project, you can open folders and you can check help documentation as you need it.

Crow Notes

Crow Notes is a script that allows you to save, rename and access many different notes by using commands from dropdown menus. Doing this allows you to have your notes of any kind right on your After Effects interface to keep information about things to do, or payments, for example.

 Crow Notes
Crow Notes by Tbucci and Envato

Easy Keyframe

To have a good animation, you need to change the key frame interpolation, and Easy Keyframe lets you do that quickly and easily. It cuts out the need to open the speed graph, select the key frames, and manually change the interpolation and influence, simply select all the key frames you want, even from different layers and you’re done!

Magic Marker

Magic Marker is a project management tool designed to refine your daily workflow, no matter the project. Included features are: saving multiple presets for later use and the ability to copy and paste any marker from one layer to another.

Scheme Creator

Scheme Creator can generate block structures of any complexity. This script features detailed video and text instruction to modify blocks and line animation, give you full control of settings and much more.

Scheme Creator
Scheme Creator by Kogoduos and Envato

Credit Smith

Credit Smith allows you to create two different types of credits for your videos. The simple interface makes creating even the most complex credits, well… simple!

Beat Editor

Beat Editor will generate and extend a graph of your track, allowing you to better see where you need to make your animation or place layers. Add markers manually or automatically, change colour and position and much more.

Beat Editor
Beat Editor by Kogoduos and Envato

FX Tutor

FX Tutor is a dockable script that allows you to understand what each effect and its parameters do. Whether you are an After Effects beginner, or an expert who simply wants to have a quick resource to learn about effects, FX Tutor is the perfect tool for anyone. It features an easy to use interface, as well as easy access to helpful tutorials.

Layer Editor

Layer Editor can be used as dockable palette or separate window. Features include the ability to bath rename, sort layers into the order of your choice and much more.

Social Media Video Captions

Create, adjust, sync subtitles quickly and easily with this subtitles' editor for After Effects. Visually synch with markers, make live update adjustments and choose from a selection of clean styles to make your project stand out.

Social Media Video Captions
Social Media Video Captions by Accountable-Videos and Envato

Additional Learning Resources From Envato

We're not done yet! We've got more resources for you if you want to continue diving into the world of After Effects.

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Have You Found a Time-Saving Script?

If you've found a great After Effects script that you can't live without, then let us know on the Envato Forums!

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