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3 Free Resources to Learn Smartphone Photography & Video

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Smartphone cameras just keep improving, and there's no reason why you can't get professional quality photographs and video from them now. It's all about learning how to use what you've got in the most effective way, and we can help! Try our selection of free smartphone photography courses and tutorials to help you get the very best out of your smartphone camera.

3 Free Resources to Learn Smartphone Photography & Video

1. Better Video With Your SmartPhone

Take a look at your smartphone's video capabilities with Jordy Vandeput, as he takes you through 16 free lessons in how to make professional films with your phone. During the course, Jordy talks you through the mechanics of using your phone, and some of the limitations that can come with that. You'll then learn how to apply some of the basics of good video making while using your mobile: things like how to frame your shot, keeping continuity, and using natural light. Then, once you've nailed the basics, you'll get creative by adding extra equipment and trying out new apps, before moving on to editing the footage you've collected.

2. iPhone Product Photography

If you have a small business and need to take product shots, David Bode has the best free course for you to learn smartphone photography. Learn how to take amazing product shots with your iPhone. David will walk you through how to get the best images from your phone's camera, what extra equipment you can use with your iPhone to improve your shots, and how to set up your product shoot to make it look as clean and professional as possible.

3. How to Take DNG Photos With Open Camera on Android: Free, Open-Source App

Sometimes, your default camera app can actually be limiting what you can do, even if the camera you have is capable of more. Why not try the free and open-source app, Open Camera? In this free smartphone photography tutorial, learn how to get started with Open Camera, including which devices are compatible and what to expect when you first open the app. You'll also discover how to unlock features through Camera2 API, like being able to shoot in RAW and how to shoot HDR. Plus, there are nifty features like Burst Mode, grid overlays, focus peaking, and auto level. If you'd like to get much more out of your smartphone camera, then this is a great place to start.

How to Take DNG Photos with Open Camera on Android — Free, Open Source AppHow to Take DNG Photos with Open Camera on Android — Free, Open Source AppHow to Take DNG Photos with Open Camera on Android — Free, Open Source App
How to take DNG photos with Open Camera on Android—free, open-source app

Want to Take Your Learning Further?

If you're using your smartphone for pictures and want to edit on the go too, then why not try Lightroom Mobile? You can use filters and presets just like you would on desktop, even for RAW photos. In How to Use Presets and Filters in Lightroom Mobile, Duncan Clark takes you through the basics, including where to find presets, how to add and customise them, and how to experiment to create the perfect look for your photos.

More Phone Photography & Video Resources

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