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3 Top Android Video Editing Apps

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If mobile filmmaking is your thing, then you'll know how important it is to find a great app that will let you film and edit all in one place. Check out our three favourite pro recording video apps for Android.

3 Top Android Video Editing Apps

1. Video Editor & Maker - InShot

This is a highly rated video maker and photo and video editor app for Android, available with in-app ads or a subscription. InShot helps you make videos of all types, whether you’re just starting out with filmmaking or you’re a seasoned pro who wants to make movies on the go. Add filters and effects easily, create professional transitions, add music or sound effects, and much more. You can even combine and compress video without losing quality.

2. Film Maker Pro: Movie Maker

This free movie maker and video editor is ideal for professionals and beginners alike. Film and edit right in this Android App, with easy-to-use tools based on the type of video you’re creating: text animation, music video editor, lyric video maker, clip maker, and more. The free version has plenty of options, but if you start to feel limited, you can upgrade to a paid version to unlock more tools.

3. PowerDirector Video Editor

Whether you’re making cinematic-style movies or shorter clips for social media, PowerDirector will also let you shoot and edit right in the app, with a large selection of powerful editing tools. Film, edit and export in up to 4K, and try resources like the in-built video stabiliser, and chroma-key. It's one of the best Android video apps out there.

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