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3 Top Hand-Drawn Animation Apps for Beginners & Pros on Android

Whether you're an established animator or just getting started, animation apps are a great way to create on mobile devices. Here are three of our favourite 2D animation apps for Android, available from Google Play.


This animation app for Android has everything you need to create traditional, hand-drawn animations. You can have an unlimited layers on your timeline, with adjustable exposure length for each drawing. It’s easy to scrub along the timeline and to preview playback. Add your own brushes to use, and with support for Samsung S-Pen and other pressure sensitive devices you’ll find this app offers you a lot of choice for your 2D animations.

Cost: $4.99
Developer website: https://roughanimator.com


Great for beginners and experimentation, FlipaClip for Android is a frame-by-frame 2D animation app where you can easily organise your projects into stacks and add content like photos, videos, music and more. Switch between dark and light modes and create art on custom canvas sizes with tools like brushes, lasso, eraser, frames viewer and onion skin animation.

Demo version adds watermark and restricts some features, the premium version costs about $15 and unlocks more layers, animation and export options.
Developer website: https://flipaclip.com

Clip Studio Paint

Create 2D animation that feels natural and unique with the Clip Studio Paint app. There are over 30,000 brushes available, created by professionals from around the world. If you’re new to art and animation, tools like Line Stabilisation will help you draw with accuracy, and you can place models on the canvas to use as references for those tricky angles. Clip Studio Paint also has a powerful desktop version for Windows and Apple computers.

About $2-$6/month, depending on the features you need 
Developer website: https://www.clipstudio.net/en/

Would You Like To Learn More About Animation?

If you're just starting out in animation, why not try our free tutorial series: Animation for Beginners, taught by the wonderful Pilar Newton-Katz, who's animated for Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, MTV and more. The great thing about this course is that it doesn't require any specific programme knowledge as Pilar walks you through all the basics, whether you're working in a traditional way, or digitally!

From How to Animate a Four-Legged Animal Walking by Pilar NewtonFrom How to Animate a Four-Legged Animal Walking by Pilar NewtonFrom How to Animate a Four-Legged Animal Walking by Pilar Newton
Animated Dog / How to Animate a Four-Legged Animal Walking by Pilar Newton

In this series you can start by learning how to animate a bouncing ball, a falling object, and a flying bird before moving onto slightly more complex themes like How to Animate a Character Walking From the Front View, and animating a turning head.

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