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3 Top Eco-friendly Travel Video Templates for After Effects

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In this round-up, check out three of our favourite video templates from Envato Elements and Envato Market to help you create video that encourages your customers and followers to think about sustainable, evironmentally-friendly travel.

Slow Travel: Growing Demand for Sustainable Options

Travel seems cheaper and accessible to more people than ever before, but more and more people also now ask if the way we travel is environmentally responsible, and how to travel in more ecologically sound ways, big and small.

On the big end of scale, the world needs to square its carbon use with its carbon budget—we're using more fossil fuels we can safely use. However, until governments start making changes to significantly reduce emissions, we are left with each doing our part to set an example for those in power and create support for real reform. Travel is a big part of that equation.

Train Travel by Paul Schlemmer via Envato ElementsTrain Travel by Paul Schlemmer via Envato ElementsTrain Travel by Paul Schlemmer via Envato Elements
Train Travel by Paul Schlemmer via Envato Elements

Tourists have a big role to play. Try vacationing closer to home, and, particularly if you’re traveling within your own country, take public transport. Trains are usually a more eco-friendly form of travel, compared to cars and flying, and they’re a nicer way to see a bit more of the country to boot.

Businesses of all sizes can adopt flexible practices like remote work, car-pooling, or job sharing, and include benefits plans that support mass transit, like family bus passes or money off a bike. As with tourism, take the train or coach to domestic conferences rather than international flights.

There are more ways to think about travelling responsibly than just switching transport modes, too. Check out 12 Ways to Travel Responsibly That You Need to Know About.

Top 3 Video Templates for More Eco-friendly Travel, Tourism and Business

OK, let's get to some top templates for eco-travel and tourism.

1. Train Logo Reveal (Envato Elements)

Train travel can be a wonderful way to see more of a country. Encourage travelling by rail with this high-quality train logo reveal for After Effects. There’s a link to the sound effects used in the example, too.

2. Public Transport (Envato Market)

Using public transport can often be a more eco-friendly way of travel than taking your car. Choose from this large selection of public transportation, with the animation divided into start, run loop and stop, to make it easy to choose and control your options.

3. Ecological Lower Thirds (Envato Elements)

Add information to your eco-transport video with these environmentally themed lower thirds. You can change the colour of the background to suit your project.

More Video Resources from Envato

Eco and Environmental Inspiration Video Resources from Envato Tuts+

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