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10 Top Tree-Themed After Effects Video Templates to Celebrate Biodiversity and Forests

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Trees are such an important part of the world's ecosystem. Their forests provide essential habitats for animals and other plants, as well as playing a significant role in slowing climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide. But still, each year, we lose an area of forest about the size of England.

International Day of Forests has been marked on 21 March since 1971 by the United Nations to help raise awareness of the importance of forests. Countries are asked to look at campaigns such as the planting of trees, or how we might take the connection to trees for granted—if we think about it at all!

If you’d like to create a video to help share your important forestry themes and messages, or if you have an event to share like a litter-pick at your local forest, then here are three of the best templates to help you create an eye-catching and professional video.

Top International Day of Forests Video Templates for After Effects

International Day of Forests Video Templates for After Effects

Use this beautiful template to reveal your logo across an animated forest. 

Key Features

This logo reveal template showcases your brand with beautiful landscapes and simple animation. It's the perfect International Day of Forests video template.

  • Applications: After Effects
  • Requirements: None
  • Author: allinavvanilla

Download and Try

On Envato Elements, you can find useful International Day of Forests status videos and much more. Increase the quality of your video projects by downloading unlimited creative assets of the best video slides and stock content. 

International Day of Forests Video Templates is available with a subscription to Envato Elements:

More Video Transition Effects from Envato Elements

By subscribing to Envato Elements on a monthly or yearly basis, you get thousands of After Effects video templates and other creative assets. Here are some more video templates available for download:

Slideshows for International Day of Forests 2023

If your organization is planning something amazing for the International Day of Forests in 2023, you should consider using this template. It has placeholders for text and images, as well as smooth transitions between slides.


International Day of Forests Brand Posts for Instagram

Use these Instagram templates to promote your campaign or events for the International Day of Forests in 2023. Just download and get 10 colorful International Day of Forests brand posts for Instagram. Customize them to your needs to fit your brand.


More International Day of Forests Video Templates From Envato Elements

Wildlife Journey Video for International Day of Forests 2023

Do you need to create a short film or presentation for International Day of Forests for 2023? This template includes the necessary slides for you to do so. Simply download and begin adding your media and information, and you're ready to go!

Realistic International Day of Forests Brand Posts

This complete pack includes 10 nature Instagram stories. They're perfect for all your International Day of Forests brand posts. This nature Instagram stories include drag-and-drop features for customizing your project and incorporating natural elements into your Instagram posts.

Save the Earth - International Day of Forests Video Template

Here's the perfect template for International Day of Forests 2023. Are you planning any volunteer activities, such as cleaning forests, planting trees or donations? These templates allow you to organize all of these activities into a video presentation.

Logo Reveal for International Day of Forests Brand Posts

Present your company's logo with this beautiful forest animation template. Download and get high-quality video that you can easily customize with a few clicks.

The Forest: Template for International Day of Forests 2023

This is a beautifully hand-drawn animation template for After Effects. Highly emotive, it’s a great project to make use of if you want to get across your International Day of Forests message. There are eight placeholders for your media content and 11 for text.

Forest Walkthrough

This is a simple After Effects template that would fit most ideas for International Day of Forests. Float slowly through a winter woodland while your message appears in the distance, before coming towards the camera and off screen.

Road Forest Motion Titles

This pack includes continuous video footage of a forest and a road. Go ahead and your texts and valuable information to the video. The best thing is it doesn’t require plugins and it's easy to use. 

Free International Day of Forests Status Videos from Mixkit

If you're looking for free options for stock video, you should give Mixkit a try. Here you can find many free videos for International Day of Forests 2023. Here's a freebie to try:

Forest Stream in the Sunlight

Drone footage moving backwards over a river in a forest.

Learning Resources from Envato

Improve Your After Effects Skills With Envato Tuts+ Tutorials:

Free Video Course on Adobe After Effects

Are you a visual learner? If you're new to After Effects, this free video course will teach you everything you need to know. Here's a glimpse of what you'll be learning:

  • After Effects interface
  • tools
  • workflow
  • key-framing
  • compositions
  • precomposing
  • shapes
  • masks
  • and more!

More Top Templates

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