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3 Top Tree-Themed After Effects Video Templates to Celebrate Biodiversity and Forests

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Trees are such an important part of the world eco-system – their forests provide essential habitats for animals and other plants, as well as playing a significant role in climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide. But still, each year, we lose an area of forest about the size of England.

International Day of Forests has been marked on the 21st of March since 1971 by United Nations to help raise awareness of the importance of forests. Countries are asked to look at campaigns such as the planting of trees, or how we might take the connection to trees for granted – if we think about it at all!

This year, International Day of Forests has a theme of ‘Forests and Biodiversity.’ If you’d like to create a video to help share your important forestry themes and messages, or if you have an event to share like a litter-pick at your local forest, then here are three of the best templates to help you create an eye-catching and professional video.

3 Top Video Templates to Celebrate International Day of Forests

1. The Forest

This is a beautifully hand-drawn animation template for After Effects. Highly emotive, it’s a great project to make use of if you want to get across your International Day of Forests message. There are eight placeholders for your media content and 11 for text.

2. Forest Walkthrough

This is a simple After Effects template that would fit most ideas for International Day of Forests. Float slowly through a winter woodland while your message appears in the distance, before coming towards the camera and off screen.

Forest WalkthroughForest WalkthroughForest Walkthrough
Forest Walkthrough

3. Digital Forest

This comprehensive pack includes all video footage and doesn’t require plugins to use. It’s easy to use and because of the variety of film included, could also be used for other environmental projects.

If you liked these templates, you can find more great options at Envato Elements and Envato Market.

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