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30 Top Items From the VideoHive Front Page, Winter 2018

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This post is part of a series called Market Watch: Current Styles and Hot Trends in Video.
30 Top Items From the VideoHive Front Page (Winter 2018)
55 More Useful and Stylish Video Templates for After Effects (5 Free)

Envato's quality team always hand-picks the best items. A small number of these items make it to the coveted "featured items" spot at the top of the VideoHive home page. In this article, discover the video project files and stock footage clips that have featured on VideoHive in the past six months:

Glitch Transitions 4K

20 glitch transitions, for simple impressive looks. 4K UHD 3840×2160 resolution, 29.97 fps. Easy to use, compatible whit Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut, Sony Vegas, Movie Maker, Avid & other editing software.

Glitch transitions green on blackGlitch transitions green on blackGlitch transitions green on black
Glitch Transitions 4K

Short Clean Logo

Simple logo reveal. Full HD and 4K resolution, no plugins required. Two versions included, works with any language, tutorial included. Everything is made with masks and shapes, so you get a full controller and easy customization. Very fast render.

Light Leaks Pack

This is a unique set of elements that can be folded as a constructor for unobtrusive and beautiful light leaks. 32 light leaks to exquisitely decorate your videos. Full HD resolution, easy to use in Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut, Sony Vegas, Movie Maker, Avid and other editing software.

Skateboarder with light leaksSkateboarder with light leaksSkateboarder with light leaks
Light Leaks Pack

Harbor With Cargo

This simple—but striking—overhead drone video provides a colourful view of the backbone of global trade: ocean-going shipping containers.

Shipping containers sit beside a harbourShipping containers sit beside a harbourShipping containers sit beside a harbour
Harbor With Cargo

Parallax Media Opener

This After Effects project is useful for creating promos and intros with an engaging parallax effect. Well suited to creating demo or promo reels, presentations, television or other media openers.

Features full HD 1920×1080, easy global control of particles, titles and the opacity of lines, texture and light leaks. Uses a modular structure, each scene has its own control layer to change the colors of texts and shapes. No third party plugins required, no pre-renders. The project is well arranged with markers and comments, and is simple to use, modify and customize. Includes PDF help file with reference images and font details.

Parallax style media opener titlecardParallax style media opener titlecardParallax style media opener titlecard
Parallax Media Opener

Gold Particles Background

And here's our nominee for the category "Best Background in Awards Show Video": Gold Particles Background. It's a awesome seamless loop of luxuriously spinning gold particles at full HD, 30 fps.

Clean Business Company Profile

The perfect After Effects project for introducing a service, product, timeline, or company profile. Full HD, 29.97 fps, no plug-ins required, easy to customize. Video tutorial included.

Real Estate Pro

Create your own real estate video with this amazing template. Promote properties with three styles: elegant, modern, and classic. Design control panel included—change the design with a few clicks. The flexible structure allows you to create unlimited sets of properties, with ten units pre-built.

Dancing Particle Lower Third

Add some sparkle to your show, movie, documentary, presentation, or video project with this lower thirds template. Full HD, broadcast quality, with Alpha channel. Three different colors included, in three separate files.

Ice Freezing Pattern

Watch as freezing ice crystals creep quickly across a black background. It is a physical effect, not computer generated: a chemical reaction that looks likes freezing water on window. This reaction takes four minutes. You get two version of the same video:

  • One version is accelerated to 20 seconds with png compresion and prekeyed with alpha
  • The original footage (h264 compression) in real time (4 minutes and 9 seconds), perfect to change the speed and made it as fast as you want. This version has no alpha channel but it has a black background that's easy to blend by selecting Screen mode.
Ice crystalsIce crystalsIce crystals
Ice Freezing Pattern

Red Conference

Apple Motion template: create an intense, dynamic conference video.

Design Overhead Desk with Wireframe and Computer

Overhead desk view of designer working at a wooden desk. Wireframing and web design happening on a computer in the distance while designer focuses on another monitor. Part of a series of stock videos by the author, brianckaufman, on hipster designers at work.

Santa’s Christmas Newsletter

Follow Santa as he relaxes in front of his fireplace at home shortly before Christmas, leafing through his favourite newspaper. But wait a minute! Santa’s newspaper is your family newsletter, full of your own photos, headlines and articles covering the exciting year you’ve had.

Santa’s Christmas Newsletter is an Adobe After Effects template that’s easy to customize, even if you’re an After Effects novice. There’s a detailed video user guide and a step-by-step PDF guide, too.


Three unique, Ultra HD, seamlessly loopable snow and snowflakes overlay animations. A transparent with Alpha, Snow works well with all editing programs: drag-and-drop video or photos, and render. Easily loop for any duration.

Student Fun

"Two young, healthy and attractive people are studying together in university or college library. They are reading books and collecting information for paper work or conspectus. This learning process is preparation for an exam session. Girl is telling very funny story or joke and they both are laughing. Boy smiles and tries to be silent. His companion is very energetic woman and she cant stop having fun in reading room.

"Footage is very cheerful, energetic, romantic. It fits themes like human communication, youth flirt, having fun and crazy classmates. Friendship joy, girlfriend and boyfriend, beautiful emotions and college adventures."

FCP YouTube Essentials

This project includes everything you’ll need to brand your videos for social media, especially YouTube. It includes four lower thirds, eight logo reveals, six transitions, six end screens, three box-screen placeholders, five half-screen placeholders (left and right side), and five full-screen placeholders (left and right side). Video tutorial included with project files to guide you through using all the various included items.

Bright Modern Broadcast Package

What it says on the tin!

Bright Modern Broadcast WomanBright Modern Broadcast WomanBright Modern Broadcast Woman
Bright Modern Broadcast Package

Promo Torn Sheets

An upbeat, stylish opener.

Woman dancingWoman dancingWoman dancing
Promo Torn Sheets

The Classic

A classy corporate slideshow and presentation template for After Effects.

Birds flyingBirds flyingBirds flying
The Classic slideshow.


An elaborate, spooky, Hallowe'en-themed logo sting template for After Effects.

4K Flight Through Blue Space Nebula

This item is tagged with the following: abstract, astrology, astronomy, backgrounds, cosmos, flight, galaxy, heaven, nebulae, sky, space, stars, sun, travel, universe, effects, particle, planets, sci-fi, god, screen saver, wallpapers, constellation, design, science, nebula, outer space, spaceship, solar, solar system, eclipse, milky way, black hole, mercury, meteor, meteorite, comet, asteroid, satellite, cosmonaut, astronaut, orbit, heavently, telescope, raumsonde, gravity, deep, black, far away, fantasy, shooting stars, aliens, infinity, space, beautiful, astronomer, attraction, explosion, eternity, chaos, big bang, hubble, nasa, suspense, bekgraund, splash, creative, flight, motion , clip, bright, colorful, color, divine.

We think that's pretty awesome! Check out the author's portfolio for more flights through space.

Dark Logo

Dark Logo is a dark and stormy logo reveal that's perfect for all kind of dark, cinematic, superhero, Hallowe'en and horror type projects.

All Around Glass Rig

The All Around Cinema 4d Rig is a set of four presets that allow Cinema 4D users to quickly and easily create short text animations of glassy text. The presets allow a great deal of customization and they come with easy built-in controls so that you can modify them in no time. It works like a studio set-up, but no lighting required. Includes rendering presets. Works with After Effects CC+Cinema 4d Lite.

Roboto TV

Roboto TV is intense: 23 seconds of a whole lot of animation! Use this for an intro or opener for your program! Simply replace the pictures, change the text, and it's yours.

Wind-up robot toyWind-up robot toyWind-up robot toy
Roboto TV

Cooking Healthy Food

The template will help you to create a design for a healthy cooking and culinary show. Includes many separate, high-resolution images of vegetables and fruits. Perfect for TV, YouTube channel, or website: the modern design template allows you to beautifully present the recipe for any dish. The template is constructed so that adding recipes and cooking videos is simple and easy.

Happy And Cheerful Childhood

Slow motion stock footage of two children, a boy and a girl, running along the path in a park.

Summertime Opener

Tell vivid story about fashion, travel, and adventure with this fresh, flashy opener template for Adobe After Effects.

Person wearing a brightly coloured watchPerson wearing a brightly coloured watchPerson wearing a brightly coloured watch
Summertime Opener

Animated Flower Titles

A beginner-friendly slideshow, promotion, advertisement, and visual montage template. Features: ten design templates, easily editable text placeholders, and an organized project file.

50 Quotes Titles and Lower Thirds

Call attention to some wise words with this Apple Motion and Final Cut Pro X template.

Design Logo Animation Pack

This project includes three different, but equally stylish, vibrant and dynamic animated openings that will make memorable your logo, brand or any other content. In each of the three styles you can choose four color options or adjust the color to your tastes in just one simple step. Changing of the logo and the text it’s also very simple, no advanced knowledge of After Effects required.

the Envato logo in nine stylesthe Envato logo in nine stylesthe Envato logo in nine styles
Design Logo Animation Pack
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