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5 Amazing Assets for Awesome Autumnal Photos and Video

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Autumn is approaching (at least here where I am in the North) and it's a footage and photographic dream! So, how to make the most of this gorgeous season? We've got five of our favourite assets from Envato Elements, as well as some tips to shooting in fall, to make sure you get some stunning imagery.

1. Autumn - Powerpoint Template

What better way to show off stunning autumnal footage and photographs than with the Autumn Powerpoint Template. There are five colour variations and the download includes over 100 slides – 20 for each colour.

Autumn - Powerpoint TemplateAutumn - Powerpoint TemplateAutumn - Powerpoint Template
Autumn - Powerpoint Template

2. Autumn Action

Autumn Action is a set of four look presets for Adobe Photoshop. Change even the greenest summer greens to stunning autumnal colours with rich warm reds, oranges and yellow. You can mask out where needed to keep your photos looking realistic.

Autumn ActionAutumn ActionAutumn Action
Autumn Action

3. Autumn Special Promo

Autumn Special Promo is a video project template for Adobe After Effects that’s rich in colour and tone. Including atmospheric falling leaves and a stunning golden wash over the whole template. You’ll practically feel the leaves crunching under your feet!

Autumn Special PromoAutumn Special PromoAutumn Special Promo
Autumn Special Promo

4. Autumn Leaf Fall

Sometimes you want to record footage but the season just isn’t playing ball: no snow in winter, no crunchy golden leaves in autumn. Stock footage isn’t cheating, we promise – and this Autumn Leaf Fall piece is a beautiful representation of the season.

Autumn Leaf FallAutumn Leaf FallAutumn Leaf Fall
Autumn Leaf Fall

5. Autumn Leaf Fall In A Puddle

This is a really lovely piece of footage, a single autumn leaf falling into a puddle, starting out of focus before coming into the foreground sharp as a tack.

Again, each asset here is from Envato Elements, where you can download unlimited resources for a monthly subscription.

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